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Daniel Kustelski: 2021 a Big Year for African Sports Betting

11 january 2022
Author: James Burton
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The CEO of Chalkline, Daniel Kustelski, has evaluated the situation of the African betting industry. Additionally, he noted a few industry trends that became crucial in the rise of this market and commented on its outstanding progress in the conditions of the pandemic.

Most of the time gambling business is focused on North America and its local market which is steadily developing. However, Africa deserves no less credit for making it in the industry almost from scratch. The expansion of the local market is stable and the gross gaming revenue in betting reached a whopping $ 600 million only in the last year.

CEO of Chalkline, Daniel Kustelski

These changes in the market led to a few big company acquisitions and a few prominent businesses increasing their stakes in major betting operators. There are some significant trends that contributed to the extension of the African market, and below, you can read more about them and Kustelski’s industry expectations for 2022.

Moving to Digital Options

The major tendency that influenced the gambling industry in Africa is the local shift to digital service. The quality of regional mobile and internet providers have been through some serious improvement over the last few decades. An increasing number of people own smartphones, which means mobile betting apps have become more accessible than ever.

Due to the digital shift, the online market in Africa continuously keeps growing, and the revenue is predicted to rise significantly in the next couple of years. A large part of the operators contributes to the shift by producing free-of-charge titles for their clients to try out. This is beneficial for gamers, especially beginners, as it helps them to get accustomed to the online betting principles before wagering real money on it.

More Operators

In the past, a lot of Europe-based operators had their subsidiaries in different countries and regions of the world. However, nowadays, with the expansion of the African market, you can often observe smaller companies getting their time to shine. Betting operators from such countries as Kenya and Tanzania gain influence in other countries and have plans to broaden their domination even more.

Without a doubt, it can be challenging for companies to adapt their services and products to every local market, which can be remarkably different from their home one. Nowadays, one of the popular strategies is suggesting games that are personalised to a certain group of bettors, based on their location and specifics of their country.

Brand New Products

For the last year, a lot of operators focused on mobile games have offered cutting-edge products that gamblers were happy to engage with. Some of the new releases included virtual sports games and live casino titles.

Many companies also continue focusing on their successful free-to-play offers, since these help punters try things out before starting to put their money on a stake.


Daniel Kustelski drives his musings to a close by stating that he is positive about the African market expanding even more in 2022. In his opinion, the main objective of the operators is being focused on customer needs. He confesses that he sees major potential in the continent’s betting industry, and the new year will establish its international status even more.

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