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What UK Gambling Review Delays Mean for Operators in 2022

11 january 2022
Author: James Burton
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Recent news broke out that the evaluation of existing gaming laws has been delayed until the first three months of 2022. The news was a total shock for some operators who consider it to be potentially problematic in the future.

What UK gambling review delays mean for operators in 2022

Review of Current Laws

The plans to review existing laws go all the way back to 2019 when the Conservatives made an ambitious promise to do so. 2020 was the year when in-person gambling revenue was 14 billion, while online activities of the same kind were worth 3 billion. After that, some groups began demanding a review of laws, as well as certain actions that could assist the regulation of gaming.

Even though this proposition was about to come into effect, it was later revealed that the government postponed it until 2021. However, just when it was finally supposed to happen, another delay took place, and now a tentative review date was early 2022. Certain sources report that it will only be ready in February.

Carolyn Harris, Labour MP who runs a group responsible for enforcing fair gaming regulations and eliminating any harm connected to it, stated that the process took a little too long. In her words, the government promised to reform laws in 2019, and a lot of time has passed since then, in which plenty of people suffered from the badly regulated online gaming industry.

The government itself has responded that the administrative problems and issues with staff prevented it from reviewing this project. Nowadays, Chris Phillip, who is in charge of the evaluation, promised to protect people who became affected by unregulated gambling.

Current Regulations and Changes

At this time, the British gaming industry is regulated by the law that came into effect in 2005. It influenced a variety of businesses, including betting, casinos, and lotteries. Recently, some people began fearing that there are not enough measures taken to prevent the harm that gambling could bring upon people.

A lot of inquiries asked the government to emphasise the harm of weakly regulated gambling, the damage that it can cause individuals and their loved ones, the economic and societal issues related to gaming addiction, and the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on it.

The statistics show that most of the avid gamers have higher education, official employment and come from neighbourhoods that are not poverty-stricken. However, people, especially young men who are struggling to find a job and improve their financial situation, may be vulnerable to the risks of getting addicted to gambling. Additionally, lack of control when it comes to gaming may affect people who have unstable mental health conditions, such as depression.

Last summer, the new measures to regulate online gambling were announced by the UK Gambling Commission. These included limitations on the number of spins, banning features that make the casino game run faster and celebrating losses as victories. Specific attention was brought to slot games, which statistically have the highest number of losses per player and are known for their intensity.

In 2020, the use of credit cards in relation to gaming affairs was prohibited. This restriction took place after a large part of British players were deemed to have a problem with gambling. Therefore, the implementation of all these measures means that groups advocating for changes are gaining success.

A lot of British operators are worried about the new laws. This is why a lot of them have already left when Brexit became a thing, and some others are still exploring the option of getting a licence in a different jurisdiction.

Despite everything, all the online operators have a set of rules and policies to follow that can assure fair and safe gambling for all. The same main standards work in every jurisdiction: banning gamers who are underage, implementing policies on voluntary exclusion, and aiding people who are in need of help.

However, many British operators tend to seek professional assistance in the future of their business. In these uncertain times, it is crucial to receive as much insight into your upcoming plans as possible.

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