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Denmark Amasses 552 Million DKK in Total Gaming Revenue for August

06 october 2022
Author: James Burton
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The GGR of Denmark for August has gone through a significant rise. The online gambling sector has brought the country a 12% growth in profits.

The general revenue of the country’s gaming industry was 552 million DKK (72 million USD). This sum emerged from both online and offline types of activities. However, with the shift towards internet gambling, there has been a significant decline in the land-based field.

Danish gaming revenue in August 2022

Casino Market will have a look at the profits from the following fields of the region:

The Division of Profits by Industry Sector

Due to the current rise of online businesses, they were the ones that brought the most financial growth to the budget of Denmark in August. Because of the success reached by multiple internet companies, the segment amassed 233 million DKK. In comparison to last year’s numbers, which was 221 million DKK, the profits grew by 6%.

Meanwhile, the popularity of land-based establishments has slightly fallen in recent months. The Danish casino goers brought 29 million DKK to the country’s assets, which is 10% less than last year’s statistics.

The popularity of gambling machines also desires better. It has fallen by 13% compared to last year’s 113 million DKK, gaining only 98 million DKK this time. However, the betting sector has something to be proud of, as it was enhanced by 50% and gained 192 million DKK to add to the country’s resources, compared to the previous 128 million DKK.

Yearly Statistics

Despite the monthly statistics drop, the land-based entertainment industry continued to grow from the obstacles posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The internet casino segment is also rising but slowly, while betting is going down.

After looking at the statistics from the 8 months of this year up to August, the ground establishments received a whopping revenue of 226 million DKK, which is a 120% rise compared to last year. In all fairness, it needs to be mentioned that stationary casinos were shut down for the first 4 months of 2021.

The overall stats of slot machines are also favourable, as players have brought 759 million DKK into the country’s budget this year due to ground slots alone. This was a yearly 97% rise compared to 2021.

The online gaming sector has not had significant growth, and the official statistics say that it has gone up only by 0.5%. Nonetheless, the numbers are already rather impressive. From the first until the eighth month of 2022, this part of the industry has gained 1.9 billion DKK. In the previous year, there has been 15% growth in this field. Also, the GGR of betting fell by 7%.

2022 marks the 10th anniversary of Denmark’s legalisation of internet gambling. The authorities consider all the accomplishments reached in this timeframe to be a large success.

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