Dr Brett Abarbanel: "There Are No Static Recommendations to Regulate eSports Betting"

11 january 2022
Author: James Burton
Source: www.yogonet.com
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Dr Brett Abarbanel, who works at a newly established eSports Technical Advisory Committee (Nevada), described the existing iGaming situation and the reasons why the members felt compelled to gather this group.

Regulation of eSports betting

Evolution of eSports Gambling

Abarbanel states that there are various ways for gamblers to place their bets, including, of course, the digital way. Through this, they can easily interact with other players, bet on certain events, and reach out to the operator if they have any issues. Ever since the pandemic took over the world, online gambling has become even more prominent, basically replacing the in-person way and becoming a crucial part of every player’s life.

In the committee member’s opinion, eSports is a huge ground for exciting competitive events, which are broadcast worldwide. One example of such proceedings is the League of Legends championships. However, apart from the international events that garner plenty of attention from all around the planet, there is a significant growth of local competitions. This means that the evolution of gambling is already happening.

One of the ways in which gaming is changing its course is the eSports integration. Intertwining it with the usual methods of gambling leads to including more titles that are based on skill, instead of solely depending on chance.

Establishment of the Committee

After observing the recent developments, the eSports Technical Advisory Committee became an official thing, inspired by a few existing committees in Nevada that have the interests of other branches of gambling in mind.

Abarbanel evaluates the pros and cons of such a decision, naming increased attention to the ethical aspects of gaming as an advantage. The disadvantages, in her opinion, are organising such a big event in the state of Nevada and following all the extra steps.

The specialist considers the group to be open-minded when it comes to following vague recommendations regarding the event, instead of establishing some strict rules. This, according to the committee member, sets up the ground for collaboration and healthy communication between the participants.

Seven eSports officials, including Abarbanel herself, are involved in the work of the committee. They are expected to remain there until late 2024, and also plan to meet to discuss their further strategies in early 2022.

Further Regulations

The Committee is dedicated to their plans to broaden the horizons of eSports gaming. Abarbanel admits that some unexpected problems can appear in the process of gaming evolution, and the team will have to deal with them for the first time.

A few of such issues is internet security and integrity of playing, which the speaker considers one of the weakest sides of the industry. A lot of the time, people have trust issues regarding the openness and fairness of gambling. That is why the committee plans to focus on extra security measures, which will inevitably lead to raising people’s confidence in this business.

Abarbanel thinks that the integrity of the industry in general directly depends on the integrity of eSports overall.

Business Development

Abarbanel strongly believes that for the gambling businesses to be successful, they need to take a lot of factors into account and perform deep research on them, instead of merely focusing on what is currently popular.

The specialist considers it important to recognise your strengths as an operator and use them to separate yourself from the controversial things, as well as focus on your main audience’s needs. The committee member also emphasises protecting customers from irresponsible gaming is different in the eSports industry than it is in usual casino businesses.

Additionally, the expert stresses that it is a significant rule for every business to integrate new eSports titles by taking the audience’s preferences into consideration. In her words, every space that is created as a gambling den needs to be accommodating to the recent trends and people’s latest inclinations.

The mentioned specialist believes that nowadays, it is possible to make a real connection with customers if the main emphasis is made not only on the variety of products but also on client protection.

Since eSports have their own set of rules, there are plenty of wagering opportunities that break the limits of the usual pool of events. With the rise of their popularity, Abarbanel is worried about young children being invested in sports and gambling, as she already notices a trend of kids observing games. She stresses the importance of customer protection in these situations and says paying attention to this component may be in the plans.

Source: www.yogonet.com
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