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Effective Player Acquisition and Retention Strategies from the Casino Market team

Updated 03 june 2021
Online casino, Marketing
Author: James Burton
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Upon the launch of an online casino, a lot of inexperienced operators consider that the most important part of work is done. Little do they know that obtaining an audience is similarly significant since it determines the profit and platform success. The main notions about getting new players are acquisition and retention. The first term indicates inviting new punters while the second — ensuring they return to your club for more.

Player acquisition and retention strategies

Casino Market has been continuously working on improving our acquisition and retention strategies. New advertising methods become available and substitute those that are outdated. We offer professional services in promoting your online gaming portal on the operational market. Order the finest advertising solutions from Casino Market.

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Looking for the Right Audience

Before an operator starts to use various marketing channels, it is essential to figure out whom he will target. Usually, the focus is shaped with the particular targeting parameters. This information helps find out the audience’s main features that will eventually bring to the right selection of advertising tools.

The primary concern that operators ought to keep in mind when setting up targeting parameters is the significance of consolidating data from various sources.

A knowledgeable casino administrator will focus on data collection from:

  1. First party. It is gathered through immediate communication with people and viewed as the operator’s unprejudiced data. When punters register on the platform they specify their name, address, age, etc. This type of data is vital for further analysis.
  2. Third parties. The information is obtained by somebody without an immediate relation to your customers. It is a huge consolidation of data from several sources that online casinos can purchase from special companies.

Several social networks permit obtaining the necessary information through their environments. Facebook and LinkedIn, for instance, know a ton about their clients and can allow utilising this data. Experian and numerous other financial organisations additionally gather public information and make it accessible to such venues as online casinos.

Their key targeting parameters include:

  • geographic — the consideration of potential punters in explicit zones;
  • technographic — the significance of specific gadgets players use;
  • social — sorts of personal patterns a target group follows;
  • web-based — specific sites that punters visit and how important they are;
  • logical — the kind of setting that is inferred by a possible customer;
  • language — the speaking and cultural relation of the intended interest group.

The process of creating a target audience needs to consider these parameters. Operators take every one of those segments and add them up. Small groups grow into the necessary audiences by joining targeted layers. At the same time, the more pieces managers consolidate, the more costly the monitoring will be.

The correct balance is the key to the efficient acquisition. If an operator works in a limited market and narrows the targeting parameters too much, his chances for including gathering stable traffic are minimal due to insufficiency of people. Therefore, it is necessary to keep focusing more extensively.

Digital Marketing Instruments

Virtual gambling portals need a steady number of new contributing players. In order to get them, operators utilise various acquisition and retention instruments. The Casino Market team wants to present a review of the most widely recognised promotional methods for obtaining and holding clients.

Affiliate Systems

Digital marketing instruments: affiliate systems

If an online gambling portal registers with a new program, affiliates start working on popularising it on their website. When visitors are interested in the offer and click on the ad banner, they are usually taken to the page with an instant registration to save as much time as possible.

There are three fundamental models for how partners are paid when they effectively direct new leads to online casinos:

Revenue share

Affiliate get a part of the lifetime income produced by the player they forwarded to the gaming portal

CPA (cost per acquisition)

Partners are paid each time the forwarded player deposits the first sum and wagers through it


It is a combination of previous methods that utilises features of both types of payment

CRM Systems

Customer Relationship Management possibilities gather integral information about individual players. The specially designed firmware allows monitoring how frequently a punter visits the casino, the amount they wager overall, and what games they invest the most energy playing.

This data makes it possible for operators to offer custom fitted prizes, rewards, and other customised offers to upgrade the punters' experience, urging expanding their lifetime esteem.

Live marketing (the most contributing part of CRM) provides offers and advancements to particular clients at a perfect time by investigating behaviour with the chosen activity.

VIP Programs

Online gambling clubs regularly make different loyalty offers for VIP visitors. These promotions make it possible for players to earn points with just spending money on games, taking part in competitions, and performing different significant gaming activities. Casino visitors climb through the levels of a VIP program, gaining advantages for new achievements.

Tangible and intangible prizes are usually the main focus of loyalties. They present a component of gamification. Punters acquire rewards and mental pleasure from moving to new levels. It makes them strive to return and play more.

High-stakes players who deposit bigger amounts and visit the club regularly are contributing identities. Gambling managers reward them with corresponding prizes in addition to free spins and in-game credits. Numerous gaming portals infer a lot of their incomes from high-stakes players and ensure they are satisfied with their casino experience.


Online gambling portals give a wide range of bonuses to keep players entertained. Those mainly are:

  • welcome rewards;
  • encouragement gifts;
  • first deposit bonuses;
  • loyalty perks.

CRMs (particularly live promotion) can help administrators realise when to offer rewards. Giving punters bonuses can urge them to resume playing or engage in other activities they have never played.

E-mail Marketing

This promotion is a great retention tool, embracing players who already shared their e-mail addresses. Operators usually send such punters individual offers, encouraging them to visit the casino again.

The acquisition of new players is also possible with this marketing means but the purchase of e-mail databases shows little conversion rate. Moreover, the majority of people consider these letters as spams and barely react to them. Only the most elaborate databases with e-mails that belong to real players prove their worth.

The latest innovation in this type of marketing is customised messages per client division with suggestions to take action (unlike general offers that the mail systems recognise as spam).


Digital marketing instruments: SMM

Social networks are places where individuals search for new, captivating entertainment. Numerous online platforms attempt to offer it. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are incredible spots to share content and advance advertising offers. Social networks make it possible for portals to match players’ expectations.

The possibilities to boost acquisition and retention rates are diverse, and it is important to utilise them to their fullest. Casino Market has extensive experience in developing advertising strategies for obtaining new and engaging returning players. Our experts complete all orders on an individual basis. Order the best promotional services from Casino Market to ensure your gambling platform stands out from others.

The Main Things about Player Acquisition and Retention

The abilities of a casino manager to attract new punters and keep the existing ones satisfied are the most valuable skills to have. It comes with time, and a lot of operators make mistakes during this period. Casino Market offers you to avoid those unpleasant errors and ensure high acquisition and retention rates immediately after the platform launch.

Contact our specialists and we will discuss all significant promotion aspects, including:

  • the correct setup of targeting parameters to configure advertising tools for the benefit of your online casinos;
  • available digital marketing instruments in the area of your operation;
  • the value of affiliate programs as well as the differences between CPA, revenue share, and hybrid models;
  • efficient live marketing as the main aspect of CRM systems;
  • loyalty and VIP programs, the configuration of their levels, and correct distribution of prizes;
  • an old-fashioned, yet efficient mass e-mailing promotional method, the ways to avoid spam-indication;
  • legal usage of social networks for the favour of the online gambling establishment and its boost in the acquisition.

Casino Market takes care of all our clients individually. Every acquisition and retention strategy is developed with the consideration of peculiarities that operators might have. Order our efficient advertising services and ensure your flow of players is steady and profitable.

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