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EveryMatrix: The Bigger Picture of Bonuses in iGaming

11 january 2022
Author: James Burton
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iGaming is an industry that is gradually growing and undergoing various changes due to following recent trends. The CEO of Casino Engine, Stian Enger Pettersen, analysed the influence that these trends have on gaming rewards in particular.

EveryMatrix: bonuses in iGaming

The highly-ranked executive states that rewards are a crucial part of the casino gaming industry and their effectiveness can sometimes be taken as given. Nonetheless, sometimes it can be useful to change the ways of presenting bonuses to people since it gives the company an advantage over their competitors. This needs to be taken into account by both casino brands and software developers, as it helps to see some issues more clearly and move forward.

Data and Marketing

In technical retail services, there is a common practice of gathering data to target personalised ads towards the customers.

The Amazon company has a few successful business practises, such as demonstrating ads to their customers based on their payment methods and history of ordered purchases. In addition, they utilise data through personally adjusted recommendations, which make it easier for clients to buy things they might be interested in. This leads to a significant increase in sales.

The iGaming industry has borrowed this method for their websites, and nowadays, there are special technologies that suggest customers specific titles that they might enjoy. Pettersen thinks that this could be taken even further by applying the method for promotional offers. For instance, the company could use a reward advertising campaign to attract consumers that might have been engaging with similar information in the past.

There is a lot of data that the industry could successfully use. It has come to the point that the casinos could figure out their next campaigns by simply conducting an analysis of information they have about their target audience. It has unlimited potential in relation to promotional campaigns and reaching people who could show interest in them.

It is not an innovative scheme to analyse the preferences of the customer base. However, focusing on data analysis could bring even more success to the sector of rewards. So far, there are some limitations on dividing player groups, which is mostly based on how much money they spend or how often they gamble. The new methods can dive deeper and personalise promotions based on their age, whereabouts, and preferences regarding games.

Figuring out and analysing how players respond to bonus offers may be beneficial for the casinos in terms of learning what approach is the most effective and expanding on it. The analytics are not only meant to examine the players, but also some important data that would be crucial in keeping the company on the right track.

Automation is also a key thing in data analysis since it assists with handling targeted bonus promotions. The creation of targeted programs that are run by automation and have a specific set of rules could be a breakthrough solution in generating advertisements that would effectively reach intended audiences.

Similarly to the social media algorithm in which the user is getting ads in accordance with their experience, gamblers could be exposed to the bonuses that are most fascinating for them.

Software Collaborations

The iGaming software developers have a specific mission to supply the industry with the sort of production that enables the creative side of operators. It also leads to a sentiment that bonus offer platforms have to be swift enough to meet the needs of customers and businesses, and be capable of adjusting to certain changes in the gambling field.

Fortunately, the current model of operating is already showing positive results. Due to the contribution of iGaming, casino businesses can fully devote themselves to their primary occupation, instead of investing time and money in becoming owners of their used software.

The next thing that the iGaming industry has to focus on is developing a complex business model involving partnerships. It would be advantageous in creating modern applications and implementing features that everyone would later benefit from. This way could lead to producing a customisable system that can take client feedback into account and operate with third-party solutions. Its flexibility could result in an easier flow of work for both iGaming professionals and the betting managers.

Increasing Customer Involvement

The information above can be of great assistance to businesses that are just starting to develop their reward system and need clients to target. It can be used to make bonus promotions personal for every player, such as figuring out what part of a customer base is interested in games with a certain theme and creating a special event inspired by it.

Automation could assist you in making a system of bonuses. Additionally, the technological solutions from third-party platforms can be integrated, if they are right for your business. This method will also help you attract people who have the right reasons to be involved, rather than those who are in it purely for abusing promotional offers. Every business has a goal to appeal to a genuine audience.

If you intend to promote, expand and develop your business, the EveryMatrix software ordered from the studio Casino Market will be useful for you. Make sure to buy decent and reliable programs right now. Our specialists will help you to make the right choice.

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