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Facebook Casino Promotion: Effective Audience Attraction Method

17 march 2020
Online casino, Marketing
Author: James Burton
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Facebook is a great advertising platform. It is constantly being improved. Therefore, it is up-to-date, beneficial, and incredibly promising to promote online casinos on this social network today. This approach will increase the profitability of your business, and make the brand popular and recognisable.

Facebook casino promotion: attraction method

Facebook Casino Advertising: Key Benefits

Social networks are a powerful generator of high-quality online traffic. This is associated mainly with the increased popularity of such communication platforms. Every day, millions of users go to their profiles in search of interesting and useful content, communication and entertainment.

For this reason, Facebook casino advertising remains a promising method for attracting solvent traffic.

Facebook casino promotion is characterised by several advantages:

Huge Audience

A high-quality target audience for gambling projects is concentrated on Facebook. These are men aged 25–55 with stable, well-paid jobs. For them, online casinos are rather a way to have fun than another source of income. They are not afraid to take risks and play a game with high bets. This is an ideal target audience for operators. It always brings good profits.

Fast Response

It is quite easy to launch a Facebook casino advertising campaign. The site allows you to achieve good results in the shortest possible time. It is enough to catch the audience’s attention with 2–3 exciting posts. People will share interesting ideas on similar public pages and communities.

Adequate Expenses

The profit from the Facebook casino promotion significantly exceeds the costs of creating and launching a campaign.

The final sum depends on the selected approach. An operator can advertise its product independently or use the services of external specialists. The method of promotion also plays an important role here. Some techniques are cheaper and, conversely, some approaches are more expensive. However, no matter what strategy a company chooses, the costs usually pay off with a vengeance.

The Adherence to Trends

The coming decade is the time of virtual communication. Therefore, casino Facebook advertisements become a prerequisite for any successful gambling brand. Only laymen do not use this method of promotion, given its high payback.

FB Traffic Arbitrage

Facebook casino traffic arbitrage

Unlike search engines (for example, Google, Yahoo, etc.), advertising on FB for casinos is based on arbitrage technology. Its essence lies in the purchase of online traffic (visitors) on one site (in our case, Facebook) and its resale to another resource (an online casino).

Traffic is redirected by affiliates. These are both private webmasters and large marketing companies. They earn on the difference between their funds spent on advertising and the income received from the customer — an online casino owner.

An operator pays only for a specific result. It is measured by the involvement of the target audience.

An arbitrator's fee is calculated using such methods:

  • CPL (cost per lead). This is a fee for standard registration on a casino website. The offer (contract) often prescribes the obligatory indication of clients’ data or e-mail confirmation. In this case, a webmaster has the right to expect higher rewards for his or her work.
  • CPA (cost per action). Most often, this refers to the fee for making a deposit. The offers indicate the minimum amount of account replenishment, which will bring remuneration to an affiliate.
  • RevShare (revenue share) is a certain percentage of the income that an attracted user brought to a casino. The interest rate is agreed in advance.

Webmasters prefer to pour traffic following the first two schemes. However, operators obtain an advantage from interaction based on the third option. In order for both parties to benefit, it is crucial to prescribe as flexible terms of cooperation as possible.

Facebook Arbitrage Methods

Casino Facebook advertisements involve several methods of attracting the target audience. Experts recommend using the maximum number of options, paying particular attention to 1–2 methods.


Facebook arbitrage methods: targeting

Promotion on Facebook for casinos is inextricably linked with targeting. The tool provides direct contact with the target audience. Therefore, the traffic obtained by this method is characterised by good quality and high player involvement.

The technology of working with targeting can be divided into 3 stages:

  1. The collection of information using cookies. The data provided by users during registration on FB is taken as a basis. Subscriptions and membership in various groups are also interesting to operators.
  2. The formation of the target audience. To do this, special programs are used. They can quickly process a huge amount of data and select the target core. An entrepreneur should be guided by it in the subsequent promotion on Facebook.
  3. The creation and placement of an advertisement. The target audience parameters obtained at the previous stages are considered.

Interestingly, Facebook provides the option to target similar users in advance. In practice, this allows an operator to increase public coverage without significant financial costs. The target audience is determined by the social network. That is why the engagement of the advertising page manager is not required.

Direct Advertising

A customer can buy advertising from opinion leaders. As a rule, these are popular bloggers and high rollers (professional gamblers). They place posts about an online casino on their pages (always with referral links) for a particular fee.

You can also collaborate with popular communities and popular groups. The algorithm of actions is identical. At the same time, it is better to prepare the content for publication yourself or entrust this work to marketers.

Before starting cooperation, you should carefully study the statistics of the desired community. As for bloggers, it is better to focus on people with over 5,000 followers.

Free Promotion

It is possible to promote a gambling site on Facebook with minimal costs. However, this approach requires significant labour contribution. The most obvious way is the creation of a thematic group and its gradual promotion.

Many people look for discussions related to the iGaming area. They add links to online casinos in the comments.

To attract 50 users, you need to devote all day to such work. Therefore, free methods are used by small casinos most often. At the same time, targeting is more suitable for large platforms.

The Tools for Launching a Campaign

Operators can manage Facebook casino ads independently. The social network offers two affordable and easy-to-use services. Their mechanics are understandable even for a beginner:

  • Ads Manager provides access to basic functionality. It is ideal for periodic campaigns. It is also a great tool for entrepreneurs who have not set up ads before.
  • Business Manager is designed to work with multiple projects at the same time. It allows connecting a huge number of performers with different access levels. The instrument also implies the integration with popular payment modules. They are extremely convenient for instant transactions.

When launching a campaign, an operator should configure several standard parameters:




Select the traffic conversion indicator. The list of the options offered by the system also includes brand awareness and leads (engagement, generation, and views). The choice of these indicators is appropriate for working with services or retail


Indicate the desired parameters (age, gender, hobbies, location, languages, etc.)


Set the minimum cost for one target action, the total budget, and spending limits for the ad group


Establish the display schedule and conversion window, as well as start and end dates


Choose the desired types of devices for generating online traffic. The optimal combination for the iGaming niche looks as follows: 70% — gadgets, 30% — desktops

The Legality of Facebook Promotion

Facebook online casino advertising is allowed. This is the official position of the international company’s administration. However, to avoid a ban, an operator must adhere to such rules:

  1. Obtain written permission from the administration to promote an online casino.
  2. Attract traffic only in countries allowing gambling at the legislative level.
  3. Address advertising only to persons over 18 years of age.

Compliance with all these conditions will help a gambling site to attract interested users quickly. In this case, getting a good income is a matter of time.

The Main Things about Casino Advertising on FB

The promotion of gambling projects on Facebook is based on traffic arbitrage. An operator can attract gamers independently or use the services of professionals.

Casino Market offers a comprehensive advertising strategy for your iGaming project. It includes working with search engines, teaser tools, as well the use of the unlimited social networks’ possibilities.

You can order a turnkey online casino from us. The product includes a well-thought-out affiliate program. This will greatly facilitate the promotion of the platform in the future. High profits and quick payback are guaranteed.

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