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Updated 08 february 2023
Author: James Burton
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Yoti Casino Fraud Protection at the Casino Market Studio

The casino security from Yoti works based on a unique identification system, electronic signature and technologies suppressing attempts of unauthorised actions of users on websites.

Digital QR-identifiers created by the developer exclude the possibility of personal and payment data theft. The system of ID verification for casinos from Yoti is a good choice for operators thinking not only about the security of their businesses but also about the well-being of their customers.

You can buy or rent high-quality software from this reliable supplier by contacting the Casino Market team. Leave a request to place an order.

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Interesting Facts about the British Developer

Yoti online casino protection software

The firm was founded in 2014 in London. The company specialises in the development of security and verification modules for internet users. The brand offers services to entrepreneurs conducting businesses in the online space.

The Yoti casino protection software is in demand in such industries as finance, marketing, insurance. Moreover, this is a great variant for gambling resources.

The company's mission is to create the most reliable identification system in the world. The manufacturer’s team has coped with this task successfully. The first free application was created back in 2014. It has been downloaded by more than 8 million users.

The company employs over 250 people. In addition to good programmers, researchers and scientists work in this team. The firm works closely with political consultants, analysis centres, humanitarian organisations. It pays special attention to feedback from end-users of its products and services.

Although the casino security software from Yoti is popular mainly in European countries, the brand's solutions are known in North America, China, Japan, South Korea, and other regions.

Peculiarities of Products Appreciated by the Company’s Partners

A unique technology has been introduced into the complex casino security software from Yoti. It blocks access to personal information of customers for unauthorised persons. The modules of the program can identify each user and determine his or her age.

The system ID verification for casinos from Yoti will allow you to create digital signatures and protect them from counterfeiting. This method will ensure the safety of your customers and help build a positive image of the company.

The SOC2 certification body of the American Institute of CPA (AICPA) has recognised the company's B2B products as effective and trustworthy software.

The program components were checked according to the following criteria:

  • the security;
  • the availability;
  • the quality of data processing;
  • level of information protection.

The Yoti casino security complies with all the principles of trust service established by SOC2.

Functional Features of the Software

The Yoti casino fraud protection can solve the following tasks:

  1. Protection from malware and hackers. The gambling industry is characterised by intense competition. Not all operators adhere to business ethics. The use of viruses and DDoS attacks that can disable websites is common practice. This security system suppresses such incidents.
  2. Preventing multi-accounting. To get an advantage in the game, unscrupulous casino visitors can register several accounts. These actions cause financial and reputational damage to gambling resources because they affect the results, scaring off honest clients. The Yoti software verification modules verify the identity of each visitor very carefully to minimise the likelihood of such situations.
  3. Ensuring the safety of intellectual property. Unique services, content and customer database are of great interest to competitors. The Yoti casino fraud protection prevents information theft, reverse engineering, and piracy.
  4. Checking the age of visitors. Operators working in regulated markets adhere to the rules of the target jurisdictions strictly. Some countries allow users over 18 years old to use gambling services. Other states provide this opportunity for people from 21 years old. If the operator let a younger gamer visit his or her website, the company may lose its licence. The software is built on algorithms that can define the age of a visitor without a complete person’s identification.
  5. User data security. The system asks for only the most necessary information during the registration on the website. This peculiarity increases the level of customers’ trust. Many people do not want to disclose their personal and payment information. In addition, the software components do not allow third-parties to obtain this data.

The provider applies the best practices of the IT industry. The Yoti casino fraud protection considers all possible risks and helps to organise the operation of gambling websites following the norms of regulatory jurisdictions.

Five Benefits of the Security Module

Yoti security module: five benefits

Virtual technologies develop rapidly. Cybercriminals are constantly developing new methods of stealing money and information. Security software manufacturers must always stay one step ahead and produce reliable security systems. Yoti copes with these tasks perfectly.

Provider’s module has the following advantages:

  1. Frequent updates. The developer monitors gambling novelties and technological changes, improves its products constantly. The company's partners receive the software that can resist any threats.
  2. Flexibility. Operators of virtual gambling establishments often replenish the assortment of their websites with software from different manufacturers. Besides, their needs may vary depending on the size of their businesses and the specifics of working in different markets. The Yoti casino security software can be adapted to any task easily.
  3. Multifunctionality. The software controls all segments of the platform automatically. It protects the money and information of both the casino and its customers equally effectively.
  4. Intuitive control panel. You do not need to have specialised knowledge to use the software. The manufacturer provided a user-friendly interface, simple navigation, lots of additional settings and useful filters. Even novice operators will figure out the functionality quickly. In case of any difficulties, you can always contact the round-the-clock technical support service.
  5. Fast integration. The provider applies API protocols. It means that you can connect the verification for casinos from Yoti almost instantly. The system can be integrated not only with traditional sites but also with mobile platforms.

Why Is It Worth Connecting the Yoti ID Verification for Casinos?

The main advantage of the provider's software is a special identification system, which excludes information theft and multi-accounting. This result can be achieved thanks to a multi-level verification of the user’s identity.

The developer offers three identification options. The operator can choose one of them, or connect all tools at the same time.

The Yoti ID verification for casinos implies three levels:

Multi-factor biometric authentication

This is a multi-factor authentication solution, a kind of biometric key. Its main benefit lies in the impossibility of hacking.

Even if fraudsters gain access to a user's computer or mobile device, they will not be able to steal information or money protected by biometric ID instruments

Age verification

The provider uses a solution called Prove Your Age.

This unique technology will let you determine the correct age of a client, without checking his or her identity.

This method is widely used to identify casino customers as well as when selling alcohol and cigarettes.

The system cannot be hacked. It means that the gambling operator should not worry about the age of visitors and compliance with the current legal regulations.

The AI-based solution works incredibly efficiently. Moreover, it received a BBFC certificate, confirming its impeccable quality

Identity verification

It is worth connecting the Yoti verification for casinos of this level if you need to make sure that the client is the person he or she claims to be.

The system verifies the authenticity of documents provided by users for analysis (identification cards, passports, certificates, contracts, payment receipts, etc.)

Good news for entrepreneurs who decide to connect the Yoti software to protect their casinos is in the fact that the provider presents its database of verified gamblers. The identity of each client has already been confirmed. Users can register and log into their accounts using Yoti ID keys. This means that after the integration of the security system, they will be able to play games of chance on your platform.

The Main Things about the Security Systems of the English Provider

Security systems from the Yoti provider

The specialists of the company Casino Market recommend connecting the Yoti software to protect the casino to ensure one hundred per cent security of your gambling website.

  • The software prevents hacking and the introduction of dangerous programs. This feature guarantees the safety of the data of both the gambling establishment and its customers. Information theft and reverse engineering are not possible. Due to the continuous improvement of the product, it remains relevant and effective, despite the rapid development of data hacking technologies.
  • The software identifies visitors and verifies their identity very attentively. One user will not be able to create multiple accounts and gain an advantage in the game. This peculiarity will equalise the chances of gamers to win decent prizes and improve the casino's reputation.
  • The security system is easy to connect and fast to configure. No special skills are required to work with the software. The modules are well compatible with products from other manufacturers. The software can be adapted to the needs of the business and the settings can be adjusted if the need arises.

You can buy or rent software from this and other providers at the Casino Market studio. We guarantee high quality of program components, fast connection and setup.

We offer comprehensive solutions for creating gambling businesses. You can order a slot machine website, a bookmaker project, Bitcoin, live, or VR casinos on a turnkey basis.

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