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Updated 08 february 2023
Author: James Burton
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Featurespace Casino Fraud Protection Software: Buy the Multitasking Product at Casino Market

For the seamless operation of any resource, it is essential to detect and block fraudulent attacks. Machine learning is the basis of the Featurespace software, which analyzes large amounts of data and accepts up to 10 thousand transactions per second.

Featurespace casino fraud protection software

Casino Market offers its clients to purchase products of this famous developer.

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About the Provider

Featurespace is the founder of the ARIC platform, which is used by many companies in the financial and insurance sectors, as well as in retail and gambling spheres.

Broad Market Coverage

The manufacturer works closely with:

  • banks;
  • payment service providers (PSP);
  • independent software vendors (ISV),
  • organizations that offer acquiring services;
  • casino operators and bookmakers.

Among the clients of the company, there are such well-known brands as Betfair, Vocalink/Zapp, Worldpay, and TSYS. In total, the software processes 50.4 billion events per year in 180 countries.

Worldwide Recognition

The provider's headquarters is located in Cambridge (the UK), where the company was founded 12 years ago. Another representative office is situated in Atlanta (the US) since the Featurespace software is actively used by operators from North America.

This product has received the following prestigious awards:

  • FStech Awards (Anti-Fraud or Security Solution of the Year 2018/2019);
  • CogX Events 2020 (Best Innovation in Predictive Analytics Award);
  • The Card & Payments Awards (2019 Category Winner), and others.

ARIC Risk Hub ― the Leading Solution in the Industry

The Featurespace software is a key component of any profitable and reliable gambling club.

It performs several tasks:

  • detection and prevention of fraud, including the discreditable practices with authorized push-payments;
  • identification of abnormal behaviour of gamblers and business partners of the website;
  • fight against multi-accounting and collusion of users;
  • illegal distribution of bonuses and rewards;
  • hacker attacks the aim of which is to crack a virtual resource and steal personal data;
  • fight against money laundering in accordance with the international principles of AML (Anti-Money Laundering);
  • detection of financial crimes by monitoring all the transactions;
  • recovery of the hacked accounts;
  • automation of decision-making in real-time;
  • minimization of the false system actuation and the number of chargebacks.

Why the Product Introduction is Beneficial

Featurespace casino security can resolve a wide range of issues.

According to the results of the customer survey, the described product:

  • reduces fraudulent operations by 75%;
  • decreases false positives of a gaming site by a factor of 5;
  • increases the operational efficiency of the gambling resource by 52%;
  • reduces losses from fraud by 40%;
  • reduces fake transactions or transfers with the absence of important details by 75% (it is very important because as a result of such actions, payments can be returned or blocked in the future).

How to Connect the Featurespace Verification for the Casino

Featurespace verification for the casino

The ARIC Risk Hub module identifies not only visitors to a casino but also all transactions carried out within the project.

The program works with payment processors as Faster Payments, BACS, API, etc. Moreover, the developer uses cloud SaaS deployments of individual components, including MongoDB, Kafka, Elasticsearch, and PostgreSQL.

Let us name the systems and technologies that play an important role in the operation of the security system:

Network analysis and the link check

The visualized networks between objects (the IP address of a gambler, website hosting, payment gateway) can:

  • check the related accounts;

  • find fraudulent networks;

  • identify suspicious activity;

  • detect the potential fraud with apps

Open modelling environment

The world-class modelling studios help specialists who analyze data (Big Data) to roll out their own models in several standard programming languages (Java, Python, PHP, C#, and others)

Standardized models of the banking level

You should connect the Featurespace casino fraud protection for the sake of a well-thought-out payment verification policy.

Elements of this solution:

  • models that can detect credit and debit cards scams;

  • resources for the protection of banking applications integrated into the gaming site;

  • AML services;

  • monitoring of points of sale (for land-based locations)

Profiling tools

The Featurespace id verification for a casino studies the activity of users, ranging from the login procedure to the withdrawal of prizes.

People can play on the virtual platform without fear that their personal data will be lost

Adaptive behavioural biometrics

The security system of this brand relies on behavioural data of websites and mobile apps.

Their aim is to instantly detect the abnormal activity and prevent the following attacks:

  • malicious software;

  • MITM (one of the types of a cryptographic attack when an intruder changes the connection between the parties — the gambler and the online casino);

  • phishing attack

Positive Aspects of the Software

Featurespace software: benefits

The Featurespace casino protection software is a perfect choice for those brands that are looking for a reliable and multitasking product with many useful settings.

Characteristics of this solution:

  1. Worldwide coverage. The product is suitable for both land-based operators and owners of online platforms. It analyzes behavioural data by all channels, from the moment a player fills out a registration form to the history of launches of previous applications downloaded from a specific API.
  2. Simple installation. You can activate the verification system within the space of a few minutes. The manufacturer uses API technologies that do not depend on the source code of an online gaming site.
  3. Good performance. The system processes more than 10 thousand events per second, which is an impressive result for the security software. The server hardware is located in the US and UK, ensuring the full coverage of the European and North American markets.
  4. Availability of a demo version. This option is offered along with automatic updates of the software, which is now available in the v3.17version. Its release took place on August 18, 2020. The company is constantly improving the existing solution by constantly releasing an improved modification.
  5. Integrated approach. Operators can manage several business projects (a casino, a betting site, and a poker room) on the basis of one platform. It reduces the expenditures for the infrastructure when the same data is automatically analyzed across all business areas of an entrepreneur.
  6. User-friendly interface. Despite the multitasking service, the Featurespace casino protection software has a clear back office for comfortable product management. A laconic design with a logically structured hierarchy of the menu simplifies the work of an operator of a virtual casino.

Universal Reports Module

The software offers 3 levels of reports:

  1. Out-of-the-box. This system includes standard reports, detailed analytics of performance and financial risks, and the KPI calculation.
  2. System Performance. Data extraction tools come in a variety of formats and visualization techniques. The received data is connected with the existing business intelligence settings or with the software for the preparation of personalized reports.
  3. Tableau. These are information panels with dynamic diagrams. Operators can customize the hierarchy of clients and apply the established models and rules for the analytical configuration groups.

The id verification from the provider checks multiple events simultaneously, regardless of when they were processed (for example, in real-time or in a batch mode). Based on the information of the behavioural profile and graphics algorithms, the service automatically estimates the level of risks and identifies interconnections and abnormal behaviour.

The Main Things About the Featurespace Casino Security Software

This British company creates universal security software, which is extremely popular with businessmen who work in gambling, banking, insurance sectors, and online trading sectors.

  • The solution successfully fights against fraud and money laundering, identity theft, and other actions of intruders.
  • During the development process, the provider used cutting-edge solutions, including network analysis methods, profiling tools, and adaptive behavioural biometrics.
  • It is worth connecting the solution due to its high performance and adaptability, simple integration, and a free demo version. It is also worth noting that this company is constantly updating its product. The latest release took place in August 2020.

Casino Market can develop any HTML5 slot machine and turnkey gambling platforms (casinos, lottery websites, online poker resources), and we also offer software from the world’s leading brands (Microgaming, XProGaming, Ezugi, Amatic and others).

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