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ASAP Secured
Updated 08 february 2023
Author: James Burton
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ASAP Secured Casino Fraud Protection: Purchase Effective Products for Your Business

The success of gambling projects depends on the reliability and security of the software and its structural components significantly (payment gateways, services for working with affiliates, content supply systems).

Casino security software from ASAP Secured

Casino Market recommends you to order the casino security software from ASAP Secured. This product is one of the best offers in the international market. It is a leading solution in the iGaming niche for an effective fight against hacker attacks and other malicious actions.

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Your casino business will be in good hands with our support. We offer an individual approach and comprehensive service for operators at all stages of cooperation.

Important Information about the Provider

A.S.A.P. Secured Inc. is a pioneer in the field of strategic and operational security, working mainly with the B2B segment. The company is based in Milton, Ontario. It was founded in 2005. The firm employs about 800 specialists.

Initially, the manufacturer of security solutions cooperated only with the land-based businesses, providing insurance services in the event of fires, floods, and other disasters of a natural and man-made nature. Since 2012, the provider has begun to release well-thought-out software.

Today, the company has partnerships with representatives of various industries, including such sectors as banking, retail and logistics, residential and commercial real estate, insurance, and online services. The ASAP security products are used in such an unusual industry as mining.

The provider offers to connect the ASAP secured software to protect casinos from unforeseen fraudulent activities, for example, card fraud, bonus abuse schemes, code reverse engineering.

The company presents multitasking software for land-based and online gaming zones and perform some other tasks:

  • conducts operations throughout Canada (B2B permits are issued in eight provinces);
  • works with European and North American operators.

How to Connect the ASAP Secured Verification for Casinos?

ASAP Secured verification for casinos

VERITAS is a set of tools and components for administering casino websites and instant data exchange between key responsibility centres.

The system can be customised based on the needs of different target markets. The ASAP Secured casino protection software was created to respond to incidents and provide simple online access to up-to-date information about the reliability of the business.

The components of VERITAS

Working with incidents

The ASAP Secured casino security software detects suspicious transactions (logins, money transfers, mass use of bonuses) very quickly and sends them for additional verification. Then VERITAS allows or blocks these operations

Key contacts

Get instant and simple access to information about the personnel and contacts of persons responsible for technical support of VERITAS

User preferences

The system of ID verification for casinos from ASAP Secured identifies gamers based not only on their personal information but on their gaming preferences too

Document management

This module contains all reports and documentation related to the project (information about rejected attacks, potential risks, blocked applications, etc.)

The Advantages of the Gambling Software

The ASAP Secured ID verification for casinos has the following advantages:

  1. Round-the-clock support. The company has an innovative operation centre located in the Greater Toronto area of Canada. Customer support representatives are available around the clock to meet any customer requests and needs. The centre is equipped with modern computer systems for ensuring the best service in the gambling industry.
  2. Fast installation. The ASAP operations centre provides simplified integration. It is possible to connect the ASAP Secured verification for casinos in a few minutes thanks to the use of universal API solutions. Flexible software interfaces do not change the principles of the original software’s operation, improving its reliability and ensuring trouble-free work.
  3. Good performance. The ASAP Secured casino security is supported by backup power systems. They will allow you to work even in the most unfavourable conditions (for example, poor Internet access, the high load of data channels, increased risks, etc.).
  4. Flexibility. You can connect the ASAP Secured software to protect the casinos working in h land-based and online sectors. The product can be adapted to the peculiarities of local markets associated with legal regulations, user preferences, and the general level of business security in the chosen jurisdiction.
  5. The availability of a demo version. Connecting the verification for casinos from ASAP Secured for free (a demo version) is a good opportunity to test the functionality of the product without overpaying. The software is available for 30–45 days. Then, the operator should make the final decision about buying the product. 

Progressive IT Components

ASAP Secured casino fraud protection

The ASAP Secured casino fraud protection works using various modern IT tools:

  1. Firewalls. These products are designed for filtering Internet traffic and rejecting suspicious logins, attacks, exchanges of key information. The firewall provides a reliable connection to the Network, guarantees flawless anti-virus protection, blocks malicious websites, monitors network traffic, etc.
  2. FRT technologies. The system of ID verification for casinos from ASAP Secured is based on biometric face recognition and fingerprint identification services. The technology scans biometrics during the registration on a gambling website. Then, it authenticates gamers at each subsequent login using algorithms allowing the system to determine the object from the picture.
  3. Anti-fraud systems. These are tools aimed at deep verification of money transactions within the casino website. The casino security software ASAP Secured excludes any types of fraud related to the theft of funds, the accrual of bonuses, illegal traffic inflation, access to confidential information, etc.

Additional Services from the Producer

The company offers such options:

  • eTime Xpress. The system automates scheduling and tracks employee attendance. The product can be integrated into the ASAP Secured casino fraud protection, minimising internal attacks and financial losses in the event of staff incompetence.
  • SCORE. This is a virtual website performance management program. The solution is designed to monitor, measure, and reward performance using objective and quantifiable data. The service analyses such indicators as operating revenue, total income, return on investment (ROI), etc.
  • Voice Xpress. The service contains an automated voice response system (a virtual operator). It is advisable to use the system to improve your casino support service, offering gamers the best conditions for a fair and profitable play.

The Main Things about the ASAP Software

A.S.A.P. Secured Inc. is a Canadian developer of security systems that are successfully used in key sectors of the world economy (banking and insurance sectors, real estate, gambling, mining, etc.).

  • The ASAP Secured casino fraud protection is a well-thought-out service VERITAS that combat hacker attacks and the actions of intruders instantly. Gamblers can play games of chance with complete confidence that their money and personal data are protected.
  • The program is characterised by high power and speed of request processing, fast installation, the presence of a free demo version, and simple adaptation to local markets.
  • The additional products from the company will simplify the casino website management process, solving lots of business efficiency issues.

You can order the provider's security products from Casino Market.

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Besides, you will be definitely interested in our efficient solutions for creating gambling websites from scratch. We offer software for the bookmaker, casino, slot machine, and poker projects’ owners, juridical and consulting services, as well as assistance in obtaining and renewing licences.

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