Gambling in the UK vs Europe: What Is the Difference?

15 may 2023
Author: James Burton
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Most of the European nations are actively engaged in gaming. This includes the UK but there are some distinctions in operations between the country and the rest of the region. Casino Market experts describe similar and different peculiarities of the two industries.

Gambling Popularity

Gambling in the UK and Europe: nuances

The concept of gaming is widespread all over the continent, and it has a very rich history. Practically all local nations permit this activity and have billions of residents desiring to try their luck every day. 25 out of 29 European nations have strong business sectors, while the remaining 4 operate through a monopoly.

The GGR of regional gambling is quite impressive, standing at € 108.5 billion for 2022. Meanwhile, the UK made £14.08 billion during the same period, which makes it Europe's greatest entertainment sector, beating the runner-up Italy.

Web gaming is a consistently rising pattern in both the continental and island part of Europe. Activities in offline casinos generate more income than digital amusements. Nevertheless, in the UK, the internet sector creates almost 50% of the state’s GGR. European gamers prefer to go to ground establishments due to their need for socialisation.

Great Britain is a giant when it comes to gambling, even though other nations may have an advantage in their territory size and population.

In 2020, these lands came right after the UK in the rating of the biggest amusement sectors:

Gaming Tendencies: Age, Gender and Product Preferences

Fundamentally, players in the region are men 30−44 years old. In 2020, a sudden growing pattern in female punters emerged.

Some statistical facts:

  • while men begin gaming around 20, women usually start at 34;
  • male participants deposit more money but less frequently;
  • in the UK, women tend to lose smaller sums per year.

It is casino amusement in Great Britain that produces the biggest revenues. Regardless of specific regulations, such content is the most profitable in Europe as well. The betting sector is also thriving in terms of earnings. The vast majority of players use smartphones to enjoy gaming activities. There is also the distinction in lottery usage. It accounts for 1/3 of overall GGR in the UK while demonstrating 1/5 in the mainland.

Regulation and Taxes

Gambling regulation and taxes

There are also no common legal rules for gambling activities throughout Europe. This implies there is a significant difference between the standards in most of the states.

The UK has consistently had a more accepting position on gaming compared to some other lands in the region. It was the only country that welcomed large-profit bookmakers. Rules on advertising are also easier than in some European destinations. The UK was a headliner on the continent in making internet activities legitimate in the year 2005. In comparison, many other states legalised gambling only in the 2010s, with some doing it to this day.

The taxation rate for entertainment also varies depending on the country. For instance, it is 35% in Greece, which is considered to be a lot. The UK's figures are among the lowest, standing at 21%. Some other countries are either in-between these numbers or less, like Sweden with its 18%.

New Regulation Dynamics

Many gaming business sectors of Europe are currently in the initial phases of development. All the markets have a separate way of regulating the activities, which will likely lead to further divergence.

A lot of European nations have executed a few levels of guidelines and gathered information about various aspects of gambling. Nonetheless, data-collecting strategies often vary since certain lands use surveys and some do not.

European guidelines are often rather restricting. This is valid for the UK as well, as a lot of rules on promotions and game-specific regulations have been introduced there. The ways of offering bonuses were also considered. In the UK, this has prompted the ascent of gambling projects that propose free games and rewards with no particular limitations.

Soon, Great Britain may follow the examples of other nations in such areas:

  • affordability (implemented by Norway and the Czech Republic);
  • management of bonuses (practised in Denmark), etc.

Casino Market offers assistance in launching a profitable gambling project in Europe and obtaining a prestigious gaming licence. Contact our professionals to start a lucrative collaboration.

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