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Italy Gambling License: The Right Way To Go

A business license is a kind of passport for the right to conduct any activity, be it construction, bookkeeping or gambling. Without the official permission those types of activities are simply not possible and is pursued by law. Casino licensing is a separate issue of this matter, because casinos are prohibited in many states. Those aspiring to buy Italy casino license need to find out which countries allow gambling. Today online casino license became an exclusive solution offered by many casino companies.

Italy online gambling license

Casino Market experts note that when it comes to matters of how to obtain casino license they are the absolute pros and can get the Italy online gambling license formalized fast. The company studied issues regarding the gambling company registration, in which it succeeded and now offers its numerous customers to buy turnkey casino with license.

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Italy Online Gambling License: The Highlights

Online casino license is a fundamental document in the gambling industry because without the permission of the authorities no casino is allowed to work, and if it tries to it will mess with possibility to cease its existence in no time. At the same time, gambling is developing successfully in those regions, which authorities decided to lift the ban. The list of such territories includes states qualified for offshore zones.

Offshore is a kind of sanctuary for international companies with no large taxes and some benefits in effect. They offer the perfect environment for casino licensing and successful activities. Curacao, Alderney, Kahnawake, the Isle of Man, and are some of these countries, which quantity is amounted to several dozens in the world.

The jurisdictions, which operate here welcome the casino's activities since they make money on annual registration fees, which go into the budget from gambling clubs.

Gambling company registration presupposes:

  • the opportunity to carry out international activities;
  • entering the European market;
  • strengthening business reputation in the marketplace;
  • EU reference number;
  • admission to cooperation with large foreign companies;
  • the right to work without paying taxes or reporting regularly to the Supervisory Commission.

Moreover, by deciding to buy Italy casino license you agree to comply with all the requirements of the legislation in return for the guarantee of reliability and security by the Government of the offshore countries.

Specificity Of Gaming Licensing In Italy

All offshore jurisdictions assign their special requirements to a potential licensee. You only need to recognize which one suits your desires and intentions the best way, because you have already identified your target audience and set a budget for the new casino.

In this article we elaborate on online casino license issued in Italy, which has its own operating laws. However, to buy Italy casino license is a very good decision.

There are many Italian enterprises dealing with the gambling activities. Those include Internet gambling clubs, entertainment establishments, poker rooms, lotteries and game halls. They all have the right to work granted by the Italy online gambling license.

The Italian gambling permission is issued by the State commission of the Autonomous administration of state monopolies (AAMS). Its powers include not only the registration of casino companies but also control and regulation of gambling activities. The Commission is actively engaged in fighting illegal business by finding clandestine objects of unregistered casinos. And the law enforcement agencies close them down and even initiate criminal proceedings. Violation of the law by licensees is also severely punishable: a license is confiscated or suspended.

The primary duty according to AAMS is to protect the players against deception, non-payment of winnings, fraud, obligation breaches of operators.

Types of Casino Licensing

The Commission issues the following licenses:

  1. A general document allowing a club to operate gambling games (inclusive of online mode).
  2. Online casino license (licensee has to be the organizer as well).
  3. Permission for watersports betting.
  4. A license for horse racing betting.

Italian laws regarding gambling are somewhat different from the common-European, but there is no supernatural rigidity in it: all requirements are possible to comply with.

  • A license is granted for nine years in this country. Offshore jurisdictions do not always establish such a long period of validity for documents.
  • The cost of the authorization is 250 000 Euros exc VAT, which should be paid upon the receipt of a license.
  • All business owners who work in the European Union, Iceland, Norway, or Liechtenstein can apply for online casino license.
  • EU representatives are granted the opportunity to own Italy online gambling license and register the business in any country, while other non-resident companies do not have such opportunity.
  • Internet casino with Italy online gambling license is allowed to receive users of this country if it has a registered resource with the .it domain. This platform was designed specifically for operators and is linked to the Commission's central Internet site, which can control gambling.
  • The Commission forbids casinos of Italian operators having a .com domain to provide services to foreign companies.
  • The servers of licensees can be located both in Italy and other EU states, with the proviso that they will be linked to the platform of the AAMS Commission for online monitoring.

The operation procedure established by AAMS for online casinos is to be strictly observed, otherwise an operator runs the risk of receiving a fine of up to €5000 and even get arrested for a period of up to one year. In such case it does not matter whether you have online casino license or not.

Interestingly, online casino license is offered to newcomers, as well as to companies, which activities are far from gambling. There are two main requirements to fulfill:

Applicants are obliged to pay the bank's guarantees to the Commission in the amount of 1.5 million Euros.

The results of the software testing should confirm the innovative level of an online casino.

Level Of Online Casino Taxation In Italy

According to the tax laws, entrepreneurs have to share a certain percentage from profits (depending on the type of gambling).

A single tax (20% of gross income) is paid by online casino operators, bookmaker Internet offices with virtual betting, owners of exchange betting clubs, organizers of poker halls, and ring games.

Besides it, a general sales tax is provided in the country.

Types of games and the size of duty:

  • sports betting – about 3.5%;
  • horse racing betting – 10%;
  • gaming machine betting – 3%;
  • Lotto Bingo – 11.5%.

The AAMS commission announced new requirements for online gambling organizers a short while ago.

The document states that they are required to:

  • renew the online casino license within the specified time limit;
  • certify all games and programs functioning on the website;
  • register new online establishments in AAMS and issue a permission for each one when launching them.

Gambling company registration

The List Of Required Documents For Obtaining A License

In addition to applying for Italy online gambling license there is a sufficiently voluminous document portfolio to be submitted to the jurisdiction.

You need to file:

  1. The company statute and the decision of the Board of founders on the appointment of Directors (copy).
  2. Decision (or order) to assign the company a name (copy).
  3. Passports of the employees (scans).
  4. The proof of having a website created and operating under the given a name (copies of agreements).
  5. The evidence of having an office, paying for the rent, making the utility payments (copies of the bills).
  6. Contracts and agreements with partners (copies), all data on these partners (copies of their company registrations).
  7. Original request document for Italy online gambling license.
  8. Original bank letter confirming your account with money means.
  9. Consultations of experts in the sphere of finance (e.g. state regulators) proving your validity sufficient to be the owner of a casino club.
  10. Description and tech characteristics of the software installed on the game resource.

A detailed plan for casino development, which contains such information:

  • what kind of gaming platform you have (manufacturer, principle of action, payment services, etc.);
  • descriptions of all games (developer, name, game process, guarantee of honesty);
  • financial capacity (estimated expenses and profits);
  • characteristics of the payment programs, their quality, and the financial guarantees of transactions.

On this basis, it can be concluded that the AAMS Gambling Commission strictly implements the principles, which ensure the safety of the players and prevents the diversion of money beyond (land-based clubs are located at the borders with other states and stand in the way of gamers to foreign establishments).

Italy Online Gambling License: Conclusions

To sum it up, Italy online gambling license grants many advantages to a businessperson.

  1. Italian license ensures legitimacy and openness of the business.
  2. The prestige of the company is enhanced by the excellent reputation of the Italian Commission on the international market.
  3. The business owner receives the Payer's Identification Number in the EU market.
  4. The company becomes international and can collaborate with European banks and partners.
  5. Subjection to loyal legislation and no predatory taxes.

As can be seen from the list of documents necessary for gambling company registration in Italy, it may take a long time to collect and properly formalize those. But time is a very serious factor. When you finish preparing the documentation, the market may have changed, and we orientate towards the most relevant indicators.

So the right conclusion is as follows: if you do not know how to get a casino license you’d better use the services of competent people, rather than deal with casino licensing on your own. Casino Market can consult on how to get a gambling license for casino in any of the available jurisdictions or buy it for you. This organization is ready to assist you in all matters regarding casino licensing.

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