Gambling Trends 2022: What Content Attracts Players

13 july 2021
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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A record jump in the popularity of the iGaming market has made the industry the fastest-growing segment of the economy in recent years. The online sector's revenue has already exceeded $66.72 billion, and the expected annual market growth exceeds 11.4%.

The Casino Market team will tell you how to launch a gambling business in the new realities, and what trends will evoke the maximum response from the audience.

Gambling trends in 2022: what content attracts players

The development of an online casino will not cause any difficulties. We guarantee comprehensive support at every stage of starting a business, and you just have to follow our tips and grow your customer base.

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The Situation in the Gambling Market: Increased Control of the Industry

In recent times, the entire industry has undergone global changes. Innovations affected not only the technical capabilities of the online segment but also legal regulation.

With the growth of the iGaming sector, governments in many countries have begun to implement legislative amendments aimed at tightening market control regulations and improving responsible gaming policies.

The trend is associated with a significant increase in the number of online players and includes the following amendments:

  • increased control of age restrictions on access to gambling;
  • restrictions on the amount of daily and monthly deposits at the state level;
  • the mass introduction of programs to limit the time of visiting slot machine sites (both turnkey casino operators and users themselves can set time limits for access to games);
  • release of content with clock icons for self-control of the session time;
  • massive restrictions on the advertising of gambling products and services in media networks, on radio and the Internet;
  • active implementation of turnkey casino business programs of self-exclusion and temporary blocking of access to games, and more.

Technological Innovations in Online Gambling

Online gambling: technological innovations

The iGaming industry is changing and improving much faster than any other online commerce industry.

The most popular turnkey casino solution examples for developing gaming platforms of the new generation are:

Full-Scale Market Mobilisation

According to H2 Gambling Capital reports, in 2017, mobile users accounted for only 10% of the industry's turnover. And according to the results of 2020, more than 45% of the digital traffic was attracted through mobile devices.

By the middle of 2021, the volume of this market for the first time exceeded desktop traffic, reaching 50.8%. According to forecasts, by 2025 the turnover of the mobile sector will be more than 58.2% of all digital traffic, and the figure will continue to grow.

The reasons for the rapid popularisation of the mobile industry:

  • continuous development and reduction in the cost of technologies for the production of user devices;
  • mass transition to a new generation of 5G communications with a higher quality of network connection;
  • access to new markets and turnkey casino software.

The rapid growth of the market has led to the Mobile-First phenomenon — gambling products are first created for mobile users, and only then scaled up for the desktop audience.

Virtual Reality Gaming

VR technologies are specialised tools for creating a completely artificial digital world that gives the illusion of complete immersion.

Virtual reality in gambling was first created in 2015 by the SlotsMillion corporation. The studio has developed a full-scale digital casino where you can not only play your favourite entertainment but also walk around the hall, chat with other users and staff.

There is also VR content in the Microgaming lineup. The world's largest developer of gaming software has created a virtual roulette with unusual functionality and the effect of complete immersion.

Today, virtual technologies are most firmly intertwined with the live format. Broadcasts from the studios are conducted from high-tech panoramic and 3D cameras, which ensures maximum realism of the picture. Plus, a special headset gives an additional immersion effect.

All world manufacturers are working on improving the tool and making it as cheap as possible. For example, a special VR application is already on sale in the Google store, the price of which is only 14–19 dollars, while the first models cost from several hundred to thousands of dollars.

Cashless Payments and Cryptocurrency

Modernisation did not only influence technologies for creating game content. Those innovations also affected the financial sector.

The most popular trend of 2022 is the full-scale transition of the online market to cryptocurrency settlements.

Advantages and unique features of cryptocurrency transactions:

  1. Anonymity. To complete the operation, you do not need to specify personal data, just the wallet number is enough.
  2. Security. Transfers cannot be interrupted or cancelled and client wallets cannot be frozen.
  3. Transparency. The transaction history is available upon request. Moreover, with the help of blockchain technologies, you can not only control user transactions but also find out the balance of the institution itself, the size of its reserve fund, the number of paid winnings, etc.
  4. Speed. The system is capable of processing several hundred operations per second. Such speed is provided by decentralisation technologies — program components are stored by different users of the Network, which reduces the operational load on the underlying platform.
  5. Low limits. Creating an online casino with cryptocurrency wallets allows you to attract novice users and people who do not like to risk large sums into the game. The minimum bet threshold in coins is from $0.01.
  6. No geographic restrictions. You can accept cryptocurrency payments from anywhere in the world. You can pay for bets with digital coins even from regions where gambling is prohibited.

Artificial Intelligence Technologies

One of the most popular options for using AI tools in gambling is chatbots. These are built-in interactive assistant programs, whose tasks include:

  • general control of behavioural reactions of the audience;
  • acceptance of bets and control of payments;
  • notification of customers about current events and promotions;
  • assistance in the search and selection of content;
  • providing recommendations and tips on how to play the game.

Chatbots can be used not only as a component of a gambling session but also to optimise internal business processes, including:

  • automation of the financial structure;
  • personalisation of advertising offers;
  • prompt customer support with quick answers to standard questions.

Provable Game Fairness

Blockchain tools have allowed playground operators not only to optimise the financial sphere of their business as much as possible but also to provide end-users with guarantees of transparent and safe gaming.

One commonly used method is MD5 cryptographic algorithms. This is an interactive packet data hashing program that allows you to evaluate the fairness of any game for money — from roulette to lotto and online emulators.

Scheme of operation of cryptographic tools

Information fingerprint generation

The program starts before the session starts and generates a sequence of values ​​that drop out during the round

Hashing and data protection

The finished code with game combinations is encrypted and takes the form of a random set of Latin letters and numbers. The generated chain is transferred for storage to a secure remote server

Giving a fingerprint to a user

After the end of the session, the player gets access to the verification code and an individual key password to decrypt it

Result control

Having received a chain of values ​​dropped during the game, the user can check them with the session history manually or use any independent third-party resource.

The administration of the gambling establishment is not related to the code generation program and cannot influence the result of the check, thereby guaranteeing the absolute honesty and transparency of the game

New Generation Gambling Content

Gambling content: interactive developments

Given the level of competition in the market, the main task of the operator is to offer customers unique gaming solutions that provide the maximum level of involvement.

Traditional fruit mixes have given way to interactive developments, including:

Themed Slots and Gamified Content

Story games based on comics, popular blockbusters, political events, show business, etc. are becoming increasingly popular with the audience. Moreover, in addition to the main plot, side branches and several difficulty levels are often found in such machines.

New casino content is getting closer to the canons of computer games. Now users have an opportunity to:

  • choose a character;
  • complete side quests and missions;
  • unlock new levels of difficulty;
  • participate in PVP battles;
  • increase their rating and character skills.

Live Games

The decision to buy an online casino with live games is a great way to attract a multi-million audience and guarantee them an unforgettable experience.

Live content accounts for approximately 23–25% of the entire gambling industry. And with the advent of the ability to combine a live game with VR technologies, the number of market adherents will increase exponentially.

Here is an interesting fact: it was live casinos that became a popular alternative to betting during the cancellation of mass sports and social events in 2020–2021.

Tournaments and Multiplayer Sessions

Multiplayer is one of the main drivers of the video game industry in 2022.

The advantages of such developments include:

  • a minimum set of equipment for participation (content is supported by almost any mobile or desktop device);
  • constant informal communication between users;
  • the ability to unite in groups to achieve great results;
  • the ability to upgrade your character and hone your gaming skills.

Social Casino

A unique branch of the entertainment industry that combines all the qualities of gambling, but does not involve payments to participants in real money.

The principle of social content monetisation is fundamentally different from any other iGaming format and allows you to introduce several sources of income into the program at once:

  1. Built-in purchases. The user can buy access to closed levels, new characters, additional game time, etc.
  2. Character customisation. These can be paid avatars, equipment, new skills and other elements for pumping and improving the character.
  3. Buying bonuses. For example, in the game, you can buy boosters (amplifiers) to collect more profitable combinations, additional moves, a one-time function to cancel a wrong move, and more.
  4. Version without ads. Visitors can take advantage of a paid subscription and disable advertising messages that interrupt the session.

One of the main advantages of creating a turnkey online casino with social games is that there is no need to pay out cash winnings. Winning rewards are awarded in-game bonuses that motivate you to continue the session.

The Main Things about the Casino Content that Players Choose in 2022

The gambling industry is one of the most flexible business sectors, adapting almost instantly to the trends of the digital market.

  • One of the main modern trends is the full-scale mobilisation of the iGaming sector. In 2020, the share of mobile users exceeded desktop traffic for the first time. By 2025, the mobile segment will bring more than 58.2% of the industry's total turnover.
  • MD5 cryptographic algorithms have become an unprecedented game fairness control program. The system generates a numerical sequence of issuance results even before the start of the session. At the end of the game, the user can check the dropped values ​​on any independent resource. The casino administration cannot interfere with the procedure, which guarantees absolute transparency of the outcome.
  • Recently, social games have become one of the most popular areas of the gambling industry. This is a unique combination of traditional casino content with an innovative monetisation system. The manager can earn profit in several ways at once (for example, from the sale of VIP subscriptions without ads and places in closed events), and no cash prizes are paid to participants. All rewards are awarded in the form of in-game bonuses. They motivate players to continue the session.

With the Casino Market team, the question of how to open a new generation online casino can be solved in a matter of minutes. It is enough to contact our representative and describe your wishes regarding the programs you would like to purchase.

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