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Game of Bingo: Classic Entertainment for Casinos

Updated 18 january 2023
Online casino, Lottery business, Tutorial / Guide
Author: James Burton
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Lotteries are a legal and popular form of gambling. Classic raffles, keno, and bingo are played by all generations and never go out of fashion.

Bingo is in demand in all regions, even where traditional gambling is not allowed. Almost all the leading operators are adding lotto entertainment to their assortment to attract more customers.

Bingo: general info

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Game of Bingo: Basic Information

This traditional entertainment has been played for centuries by different generations of people: men in a bar, old people when they get together, as well as professional gamblers who adore progressive online bingo.

The key facts about this convenient entertainment:

  1. This amusement is based on luck and is classified as a type of lottery. It is essentially a combination of a raffle and a game.
  2. The action starts when a host (organiser, banker, or caller) selects and announces several winning numbers. Each participant has to mark off the called figures on the playing card. The one who finds the announced combination must shout "Bingo!" and take the prize.
  3. The name of the game has an interesting origin. Several centuries ago, North Americans used beans and shouted “beano!” upon winning. In the early 20th century, the salesman Edwin S. Lowe misheard the word and printed the first playing cards with the word “bingo”, which was accepted and later used.

Origins of the Draws

The game has a long history, and it is worth highlighting it with milestones:


Bingo appeared over 5 centuries ago. The first session was played in Italy in the 1530s and was called Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia


The entertainment grew in popularity and spread throughout Europe. In France, for example, Le Lotto became the most famous leisure activity for wealthy people. In Germany, bingo was used for educational purposes


Edwin S. Lowe created his version of the game, which became popular in North America in the early 20th century. The salesman collaborated with Carl Leffler, a Columbia University professor, to create cards with 6,000 unique combinations


The Lowe's company was the most successful in producing playing grids for bingo. In 1973, the firm released a highly popular dice game Yahtzee


In the advent of the Internet, bingo appeared online, with interesting alternative versions, and started making high profits


The popularity of lotto games is only increasing. No casino can avoid this type of draws, as it features large winnings and simple rules. Bingo can be played both offline and online, but the latter is more diverse and profitable

Types and Variations of the Game

Bingo games: types and variations

There are the following versions of bingo:

  1. Classic. In most cases, this entertainment includes 75 numbered balls. The fewer figures are used, the higher the probability of winning prizes. 75-ball bingo is popular all over the world and has a 5x5 game grid and 24 cells (the central one is empty).
  2. 30-ball. This type features only 30 numbers and 3×3 playing cards. Entertainment sessions have a reduced duration.
  3. 80-ball. The main characteristics of the game are 4x4 grids and 80 balls, as well as accelerated mechanics. It also includes vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines.
  4. 90-ball. Such entertainment is highly popular in the United Kingdom. In this version, punters play with 3x5 cards with 15 numbers. There are some additional winning combinations — 2 lines, full house, and 4 corners.

The development of bingo entertainment and mass distribution around the world led to the creation of alternative forms.

Here is a list of the most well-known options:

  • U-Pick-Em bingo. It is as similar as possible to the Italian lottery or Chinese keno, where instead of printed playing cards, participants choose numbers by themselves before the session begins.
  • Bingo Bonanza. In the lotto game, punters receive 43 numbers at the start, which speeds up the action.
  • Death bingo. This is an unusual variation, where the winner is the one who collected all the numbers last.
  • Blackout bingo. Here, punters need to fill in all gaming cells to receive prizes, and jackpots grow with each round.
  • Horse racing bingo. This one has a unique feature: the number of participants is limited to 15.
  • Math bingo. It is widely used for school students since they solve tasks according to given formulas.
  • Facebook bingo. This variant means classic entertainment available on the popular social network, where participants can utilise huge bonuses to win.

Benefits of Bingo Games

We have highlighted the reasons to offer such options for casino customers:

  1. High commitment to the game. People of different origins, ages, and financial statuses enjoy the entertainment for its simplicity and huge jackpots. It is also considered an exciting social game and is even perceived as recreational therapy in hospitals, nursing homes, charity organisations, and schools.
  2. Diverse variations. Bingo has many forms and versions. Gambling operators can integrate classic and alternative types to capture more solvent customers.
  3. Simplicity. The game has easy rules and requirements for participants. Players rely on their luck and watch for matching combinations on the cards or online boards.
  4. Accessibility. Punters can play bingo both in land-based venues and on gambling sites.
  5. Additional promotion. Integrating such entertainment into a web casino platform increases player engagement. Also, it can become an excellent tool for cross-selling.
  6. Encouraging useful skills. Bingo is a great game that allows punters to develop stress resistance, patience, and concentration. In addition, participants communicate with each other and train in social skills. This is a great base for preventing ludomania.

The Main Things about Bingo Amusement

Bingo for casinos: key notions

The classic game of chance has been popular for centuries. It is an almost mandatory element of both land-based and online casinos.

  • The first entertainment was created in Italy in the 1530s, and the classic version was developed by the salesman Edwin S. Lowe at the beginning of the 20th century.
  • There are lots of traditional forms of bingo (entertainment with 75, 30, 80, and 90 balls), and some alternative versions, which differ by country of origin and rules.
  • Its main advantages are simplicity, high popularity in the world, and diverse opportunities for the iGaming industry.

Installing bingo will help you quickly attract a wide audience to your project. Casino Market can assist you in opening a web lottery business and connecting bingo entertainment on favourable terms.

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