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Launch an Online Sportsbook: Statistics, Odds and Data Feed

Updated 09 february 2023
Betting, Tutorial / Guide
Author: James Burton
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The betting world is mathematical since it is based on calculations. There are various ways of making odds for bookmakers, as well as different types of bids to satisfy any taste.

Sports betting business: statistics and odds

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Use of Statistics in Sports Betting

Both punters and bookmakers build strategies for betting with analytical information.

Sportsbooks collect and use real-time data feeds to analyse statistics. Based on this, owners of bookmaker businesses do not only post predictions. Operators should make accurate forecasts for outcomes to increase their chances of favour as much as possible to avoid bankruptcy.

Bettors analyse the statistics in diverse sports differently, from team performance to a horse's age and traumas.

For instance, in football, punters take into account such parameters:

  • goals;
  • discipline (red or yellow cards);
  • shots per match;
  • possession value;
  • the number of successful passes;
  • tackles;
  • offsides, etc.

Bookmaker Business: Systems of Odds

There are various ways of calculating coefficients which do not differ in terms of payouts.

Let us review the 3 main systems that modern bookmakers use:

  • fractional (popular in Ireland and the UK);
  • decimal (common for European countries and the rest of the world);
  • American (used in the United States).

Decimal and fractional odds are the most favoured for online sportsbooks and bettors. The first one is formed as a total return for every banknote used. Tournament scores above 2.0 mean a win, and below the given number — a loss. The player will have to return interest for every dollar wagered to the opponent.

Fractional odds are most often used in horse racing. Everything is quite straightforward: punters divide the fraction into a number, then multiply by the bid amount.

American odds are aimed at winning, and during the tournament, the chances of earning prizes increase depending on the bid amount.

Online Sportsbook: Types of Bets

Online sportsbook elements: odds and bets types

Here are well-known ways for gamblers to lay down cash:

Win bet (moneyline)

This is the simplest type of bid in the sports betting industry. If the favoured team wins, the gambler receives the money multiplied by the percentage, and vice versa.Bookmakers adjust the odds depending on the abilities of the player or team. Therefore, the final prize amount may vary depending on the event

Point spreads (handicaps)

This type of bid is similar to a moneyline, but a little more complicated. The strongest team must win to a certain margin of victory in a sports competition (for example, the number of runs, goals, and points).Point spreads are most often used in football and basketball, and in the American system of coefficients, they are represented by a +/-

Total bets (over/under)

This type of bid means betting on the total number of points in the tournament. The bettor must predict if the final score of the 2 teams goes over or under a certain amount established by the bookmaker office.Totals do not mean guessing the exact number but forecasting an increase or decrease

Prop bets (special)

These bids aren't related to the game outcome or final score. Props are made on particular situations that may occur during matches or seasons. For instance:

  • a certain player's performance;
  • injury;
  • a conflict with a referee;
  • the number of player’s passes;
  • the result of a coin toss;
  • the first one to score a goal, etc.
Parlays (accumulators)

This is an unusual and complex type of bidding, where the bettor makes several predictions for a match, all of which must come true. This also applies to adding more entertainment. The more games and bets on them, the higher payouts due to a low probability of winning.Punters can combine bids, for example, over/unders and props

Progressive parlays

These bets are similar to the previous one, however, they make things easier for the gambler. The client is allowed to make a few mistakes but still win money


This type of online sports betting involves participation long before the match begins. Usually, this applies to large tournaments and seasonal competitions

Sports Betting Data Feeds: Key Notions

Bookmaker software: data feeds

Information is highly important for the bookie industry. Operators should collect and analyse real-time data to offer accurate statistics. Leagues and club sports teams often publish fresh and official records that bettors can use.

Leading bookmakers develop their algorithms for collecting and analysing information. And the most common solution is a powerful sports betting API.

An application programming interface for bookies contains:

  • live scores;
  • odds of winnings;
  • line-ups;
  • game forecasts;
  • team statistics and much more.

A sports betting API also includes algorithms for the formation of calculations and simplifies coding for obtaining data in betting applications. It helps operators save time to calculate ratios or money for hiring professional analysts.

The Main Things about Online Sportsbook Creation

The betting market is actively expanding and increasing competition among operators. Bookmakers need to offer more sports, different bids and odds, as well as provide access to statistics. All this helps to run an effective sportsbook.

You can start an online betting office with Casino Market. Our team helps the owners of bookmaker projects to attract more visitors and receive large incomes.

From our company, you can purchase such options:

Together with Casino Market, you can speed up the process of opening a sportsbook or improve the efficiency of an existing bookmaker office. Contact our manager to order components for gambling projects offline and online.

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