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Hot Gaming Topics for 2023 in Asian Countries

20 october 2022
Author: James Burton
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The gambling consulting group Spectrum, which specialises in legal matters of the casino industry, has released a list of Asian trends that are likely to take place in 2023.

Asian gambling industry: predictions for 2023

The tendencies of the sector are tied to user preferences and possible predictions in the following regions:

Japanese Checks

In the analysis, the possible investigations on the subject of honesty are mentioned. They were brought up in Japanese casino resorts. These arrangements are yet to be greenlighted by the authorities of the country, following the submissions in April this year.

The Japanese correspondents report that the checks will be conducted for the companies that hold a share of about 5 per cent or more in the resorts. Additionally, the management of the establishments will be examined. These operations will be carried out by the respective commissions that take care of the regulatory aspects.

Upon the approval of the development strategies of the IR District, the inspections will start taking place, according to the national law.

Other Information

The comments from the Japanese government representatives who are responsible for investigations were expected. However, the minister refrained from giving insight to the journalists about the official address regarding the bids from Nagasaki and Osaka.

Generally, the opening of casino resorts in Japan will not be very likely until 2030, according to various factors.

Affairs in Other Asian Countries

In Thailand, there are predictions that casinos will soon become legal. However, there could be some problems and disruptions with the regulations, which could be an ongoing issue.

Macau was also remembered in the report, as it was told that the attitude to regulating gaming establishments will likely be changed. The Chinese borders seem to open again at the beginning of 2023. This refers to the possibility of travelling from the land to other areas, such as Taiwan and Hong Kong. Speaking of the latter, it provided about 15% of the GGR in the region.

Macau and China currently have a free travel mode without quarantine restrictions. However, the government of Macau stated that visitors that come through Hong Kong will likely need to abide by new rules.

More Details

The consultants of Spectrum suggested that the Chinese state borders could be available for crossing again at the start of 2023. Nonetheless, it is unknown whether many gamblers from China will come back to the country's markets. The reason for this uncertainty is the recent problems with the land’s economic state.

Since 2019, ground establishments in the region of Asia and the Pacific Ocean have lost 80% of their revenue.

This happened because of:

  • the worldwide economic circumstances;
  • the lack of high rollers from China.

No matter what, the gaming sector will very likely still grow and regain some stability. For example, it is anticipated that the process of online gambling legalisation in the United States will continue, as the business is widely seen as something that can bring a lot of profit.

The regulations could be harsh on the enterprises that have obtained licences in the areas like the Philippines or Malta.

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