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How Players Usually Choose Online Casinos: Useful Info for Operators

08 january 2020
Online casino, Marketing, Management
Author: James Burton
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Focusing on the needs of customers is the best strategy that can be used in the gambling industry. That is why all operators need to know what players expect of gaming portals.

Casino Market specialists have carefully studied the issue and are ready to tell you about the basic nuances of the selection of gaming sites and the most typical mistakes made by business owners.

Why and How Do Players Choose Online Casinos: Advantages of the Web Market

Online casino: advantages

Online casino selection criteria may vary depending on the country, its culture, and some other factors. For example, an ordinary consumer may use the search query “how to easily win in an online casino”, while a potential VIP client is only looking for new experiences.

The latter will be more likely attracted by the variety of bets and content than by the large selection of typical fruit-themed slots with a high RTP percentage.

Why do players choose to visit online-based casinos, refusing to attend offline locations? After all, land-based establishments were and still are an attribute of luxury and are associated with cult blockbusters.

Reasons for the Popularity of Virtual Solutions

  1. Confidentiality. There is no need for users to enter their passport data and go through the identification procedure.
  2. Availability of platforms. If to get to the offline location, players still need to spend some time, then visitors of web platforms will be able to play at any time of the day — it is enough to have a mobile gadget or a personal device with access to the Internet.
  3. Online casino’s reliability. In offline establishments, the human factor plays an important role, and on websites, all processes are automated as much as possible. Moreover, clients’ data is encrypted and transferred for storage to remote servers.
  4. Non-stop play. When visiting an offline location, it is necessary to take into account its operation mode. At the same time, the availability of online casinos allows users to enjoy games for real money 24/7. Besides, players can count not only on a large selection of content but also on prompt customer support.
  5. Multicurrency. Bets are placed in almost any money through a wide variety of services (including the use of cryptocurrency wallets). In an offline location, there are only cash or bank transfers in the currency of the country the establishment which players visit.

Online Casino Selection Criteria: How a Lucrative Platform Should Look Like

Online casino selection criteria: lucrative platforms

What options should be installed in an online-oriented casino to make sure that it brings maximum income to its owner? Our experts have prepared a list of the main components of a profitable start-up:

Reliability of Platforms

Apart from high-quality software, a reliable website should also have several nuances:

  • Feedback. Those services that account for about 75% of positive feedback from real customers are considered trustworthy. If the indicator is higher, it will probably seem suspicious. It also is not right to trust resources with less than 50% of positive responses.
  • Rating. A powerful incentive for choosing a particular website is its participation in various ratings and reviews. Moreover, the opinion of independent analysts will not be superfluous.
  • Support. Each player must receive good advice and security assurance. All problems must be promptly solved at any time of the day.

Payments at Online Casinos

Financial services integrated into the platform are very important. Punters always appreciate such characteristics as:

Features of the high-quality payment module

Evaluation criterion

Brief description

The number of financial systems

The necessary minimum for each location is 3–4 methods. It is recommended to support bank transfers, operations via virtual wallets, and international electronic systems.

Also, pay attention to the possibility of connecting bitcoin wallets (according to analysts, by 2022, every second platform in the world will accept cryptocurrency settlements)


All settlements must be made in the most popular currencies in the world (and there should be a few special offers for certain regions where business owners propose most of their services)

Wide variety of bets

The range of gaming limits should vary from one to several hundred dollars, covering both average users and the VIP audience who prefers high stakes

Withdrawal limits

Such limits are appropriate only in those cases when it is necessary to provide financial security for the project

The speed of transactions

Users will not want to come back to a casino if the cash reward cannot be withdrawn or they have to wait for the transfer for several days.

Ideally, the duration of settlements with users should not exceed 3 days (the standard period for banking transactions)

Commission fees

We recommend that operators give up on the commission for making deposits. As for deductions for withdrawals, they should be minimal


A partial return of lost funds is a great opportunity to inspire users to play more and attract a loyal audience

Good Navigation

A profitable gambling platform must meet the following criteria:

  • The optimal ratio of promotional materials and useful content. According to statistics, gamblers are most annoyed by banners and videos that interrupt the game session, as well as screen savers that cannot be skipped.
  • The clear structure of the website with logical sections. The platform’s navigation panel needs to combine the main options and access to the relevant data (online casino’s privacy, user agreement, payment methods, player’s status, the FAQ section, etc.).
  • Pleasant visual design. Operators should not use too bright colours. At the same time, business owners are offered to take into account the “rule of 5 seconds”: during this time, customers must have access to the most important data and offers of the website.
  • Personal settings. These can be such options as automatic saving of parameters of games, the website's internal currency, individual statistics, cashbacks, and much more.

The Main Things about the Selection of Gaming Sites

Selection of casino websites: key notions

One of the ways not to worry about how players choose online-based casinos is to have an almost ready-made strategy for a start-up. The decision to focus on the audience will bring the owner of the resource maximum profits, and will also become the key to a loyal attitude of both the target audience and potential partners.

Casino Market employees will help you to find out about the main nuances of the creation and promotion of gambling start-ups. Our team of experts will be glad to help you to resolve technical and legal issues and provide a guarantee of payback in 2–6 months.

From us, you can order a wide range of licensed games, international payment instruments, plenty of analytical options, comprehensive back-office solutions, a variety of marketing campaigns, etc.

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