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Who Plays in Bitcoin Casinos: A Target Customer Profile

11 january 2020
Online casino, Marketing, Management
Author: James Burton
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The iGaming sphere is growing and developing. New interesting trends are appearing every year. Bitcoin casinos will become the primary trend of the coming years. This promising niche of the gambling market is just gaining momentum today.

Bitcoin casino business

To start such a gaming project, you need to understand who plays in Bitcoin casinos. The Casino Market experts have prepared interesting material about users of online cryptocurrency platforms, their preferences, and financial well-being.

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The Audience of Bitcoin Casinos: Basic Aspects

Central Asia is closely connected with people who use cryptocurrency in everyday life. They use Bitcoin when paying in cafes and stores, make purchases through special applications on the Internet and are engaged in mining of digital currency.

Replenishing a deposit account in an online casino using Bitcoin is as common for them as paying for a telecommunication service using a plastic card.


According to statistical reports, the audience of Bitcoin casinos is located in economically developed and politically stable countries.


The spread of the target audience

North and South America




Asia, Africa, CIS


It is worth noting that the residents of the United States, Britain, and Singapore pay particular interest to cryptocurrencies. The top ten list also includes Malta, Germany, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, and Finland. The lion's share of GDP in these states is associated with innovative technologies and the financial sector.

About 60% of users belong to the English-speaking audience. The remaining 40% of players speak Chinese, Spanish, German, Russian, and other languages.

Financial Well-Being 

According to the polls, the audience of Bitcoin casinos consists of wealthy people. About 43% of users have a permanent job. At the same time, 24% of users receive $50-100 thousand per year, another 15% of gamblers earn more than $200 thousand.

About 20% of respondents keep more than 50 Bitcoins on their accounts. The same part of users owns less than one Bitcoin.

The high income of gamblers plays into the hands of casino owners, operators, and investors. In practice, this means that such customers will spend more money, having fun on a gambling resource.

Age and Gender

The audience of a Bitcoin casino is characterised by the following figures:

  • 39% — users aged 25-34 years;
  • 32% — gamers who are 18-24 years old;
  • 15% — users aged 35-54 years old;
  • 8% — persons under 18 years of age;
  • 6% — persons over 55 years old.

About 90% of all cryptocurrency owners are men. Consequently, the female target audience of Bitcoin casinos is about 10%.

Analysts predict that the balance between the sexes will change dramatically soon. Women are actively interested in cryptocurrency technologies today. Lots of special forums aimed at such an audience were created recently.

Field of Activities

The bulk of the Bitcoin casino players are working in the field of information technology.

Consider this percentage:

  • IT — 36%;
  • Marketing — 12%;
  • Private entrepreneurship — 10%;
  • Banking and insurance sector — 8%;
  • Retail — 6%;
  • ICO — 6%
  • Consulting and analytics — 4%;
  • others — 18%.

In addition to IT workers, the advantages of cryptocurrency casinos were appreciated by marketers, employees of banks and insurance companies, as well as private entrepreneurs.

Who Invests in Bitcoin Casinos

Investing in bitcoin casinos is a right decision

The profile of a potential investor of a gaming resource almost coincides with the characteristics of a typical user. This is a young man aged 25 to 34 years, an employee of the IT industry, who receives $100-150 thousand a year.

People invest in iGaming area following such goals:

  • to save and increase their finances;
  • to distribute investments for different projects.

However, there is one more group of crypto investors, “For Fun”. This is a layer of competent office workers from developing regions. They have small savings. It is difficult to invest in a traditional business (sales, construction) for them. Therefore, they prefer to make investments in ICO projects, including Bitcoin casinos.

First of all, investors are interested in the legality and profitability of projects. Cryptocurrencies, like gambling, are legalized in many jurisdictions, so this business is considered legal.

The gambling industry belongs to industries with high self-sufficiency. According to statistics, investors can return the amount spent on project launching in the first 3 months of the casino’s operation. Further, all funds will be directed exclusively to the formation of profit and the payment of dividends.


Bitcoin casinos are a promising business direction. Answering the question, “What is the target audience of Bitcoin casinos,” it is essential to remember that it consists primarily of young and solvent people. They are interested in informational technologies and do not mind investing in a profitable ICO project.

Casino Market offers a turnkey Bitcoin casino development for its customers. This is a full-fledged and ready-to-launch product. In addition to the possibility of depositing or withdrawing funds using ICO currency, the resource has a stylish design, reliable software, and a vast library of slot machines.

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