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How to Launch an Offline Casino: Features of Owning a Gambling Club in 2021

21 april 2021
Land-based solutions
Author: James Burton
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Land-based casinos are a promising investment sector, even despite the global economic crisis and quarantine restrictions. The main thing is to conduct an in-depth analysis of the market and develop a detailed performance strategy.

Offline casino: features of gambling clubs in 2021

From the Casino Market team, you will learn what to look for when implementing a project and how to enter the legal market with minimal financial risks.

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A Well-Thought-Out Strategy: Key Points

To establish a business, entrepreneurs must perform several preparatory tasks. Depending on the jurisdiction, the rules for launching a project may differ but there are some requirements that are common for all regions:

  1. Registration of a company. Most countries oblige operators to register companies in those territories where they are planning to work. It is recommended that you prepare a list of the necessary documents in advance and create a brand, corporate identity, etc.
  2. Geolocation of the establishment. As a rule, land-based casinos closely cooperate with the tourism market, so the best option would be to provide services in resort areas. Moreover, a gambling club can be both an independent object and a complex infrastructure, including hotels and restaurants, cinemas, conference rooms, etc.
  3. Requirements for the premises. For casinos, the requirements for the minimum number of units of equipment and tables are known in advance. The real estate object must contain a full set of necessary equipment, working premises, etc. Regardless of the chosen region, it is important to make sure that a casino is located far from educational establishments, medical centres, and other social facilities.
  4. Founding members and staff. All project participants must meet several requirements (for example, have an impeccable reputation and vast experience ― at least 2 years in the position of a chief executive officer).
  5. Financial reserves. The company should be able to buy or rent premises, order the necessary equipment and organise its maintenance, pay salaries to the staff, think through a marketing program, and much more. A mandatory requirement is to have a reserve fund to pay jackpots.
An important nuance is that entrepreneurs should not only open bank accounts in the chosen jurisdiction but also prove the honesty and transparency of their financial resources.

How to Choose a Region for Launching a Gambling Project

Casino licence: how to choose a jurisdiction

To implement a successful project, you need to carefully select the country.

The following factors may influence the profitability of an offline casino:

  • the territory on which the country is located;
  • availability of the tourist infrastructure;
  • economic and political stability;
  • availability of a legal framework that controls the operation of projects;
  • the number of rules for the applicants, and much more.

The list of jurisdictions where it is recommended to open land-based casinos in 2021


Gambling in Ukraine was legalised in the summer of 2020. The local regulator has already issued 2 licences for working in the land-based sector, and in late spring 2021, several casinos were opened in Odesa and Lviv.

The country has established a fluctuating price for the licence (it depends on the size of the minimum wage) and cancelled taxes on winnings the amount of which is less than 50 thousand hryvnias


The country issues licences for all types of gambling services. Moreover, an online platform can be launched only after a full-fledged land-based business is established.

In Georgia, there is no more corruption or bureaucratic acrimony, so operators can get a local permit by filing an electronic application. This is a free service.

An interesting feature is that if entrepreneurs open a land-based casino in the resort area, it will be exempt from several types of taxes

Baltic countries

Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia attract investors with a stable economic environment and tax conditions. Moreover, the region has a well-developed tourism sector and many foreign gamblers.

To implement a gambling project in Estonia, you will need to obtain a local licence. As for the offshore companies, they can operate in Lithuania and Latvia

Great Britain

The country has tightened control over the gambling industry during the quarantine period but continues to actively develop the market and attract external investment.

Annual revenues from the land-based sector exceeded 13 billion pounds. In the described region, all types of gambling services are allowed, including sweepstakes, horse racing, and lotteries.

Operators can open a small casino with an area of 1,500 square metres.

A feature of land-based clubs is that clients can only play for cash


This offshore zone attracts investors due to the following characteristics:

  • minimum tax burden (1% of total revenues but not more than 425 thousand pounds per year);
  • convenient tourist infrastructure;
  • stable political environment.

Due to the favourable geographic location of the country, entrepreneurs can open a traditional land-based club or launch a floating casino

Technical Basis of Land-Based Casinos

The offline business is not only about card tables and slot machines.

The infrastructure of the facility should include:

  • checkpoints;
  • video surveillance systems;
  • premises for staff;
  • administrative and technical premises;
  • VIP rooms;
  • recreation areas, etc.

Given the quarantine restrictions, in gambling halls, a distance between objects must be at least 2 metres.

The Nuances of Choosing of Gambling Equipment

Gambling equipment: nuances of choosing

High-quality software for a land-based casino is the key to a successful business and a good reputation. The Casino Market studio recommends operators to work only with trusted providers.

Our catalogue contains equipment of such famous brands as:


It is a well-known Austrian concern founded in 1993.

The company is extremely popular in the European market. It offers:

  • compact terminals for small establishments;
  • devices with additional monitors for broadcasting advertising and branding;
  • systems with 3 displays;
  • multi-game slots for several users;
  • a wide range of modular components (the bill validator, built-in terminals for cashless payments, etc.).


The brand entered the international market in the early 60s.

Among the new products of the developer, we can name:

  • ultramodern solutions with frameless displays and a 3D highlight bar;
  • curved monitors and dual screens with 4K UHD quality of broadcasting;
  • hardware devices of an unusual shape (such equipment often has recognisable elements that can be found in popular films and comics).


This Italian brand has conquered the market with a wide range of high-technology products with a unique design.

The company's portfolio includes:

  • a line of devices with 3D effects;
  • terminals with curved 4K screens;
  • slot machines with several touch screens, which can be used to play multiple slots at the same time or as an additional advertising element.

The Main Things about the Nuances of Launching an Offline Casino in 2021

The land-based gambling club is a very attractive investment option.

The main factors that affect the success of the casino project:

  • Geolocation. The gambling industry closely cooperates with the tourism sector. The best option is to launch a project in a resort area.
  • Legal regulation. It is worth choosing a jurisdiction that not only considers gambling legal but also provides investors with a reliable environment. For example, in Georgia, you can remotely file an application, and in Britain, it is allowed to open small casinos.
  • The tax burden. In Ukraine, there are no taxes on winnings of less than 50 thousand hryvnias. Georgian casinos in resort areas do not pay commission on profits, and in the jurisdiction of Gibraltar, there is a fixed rate ― 1% of the annual revenue.
The Casino Market studio offers a wide range of solutions for opening an offline establishment.

From us, you can buy a land-based location with software from the world’s leading vendors, choose suitable furniture, and order branding and promotion services.

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