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Estonia Gambling License: The Reliable Harbor For A Prosperous Business

An online casino license bears the same authorization power as the company's charter or registration certificate for a gambling company giving the status of legality and officiality. There is quite a deal of effort to made to buy Estonia casino license because the licensing commissions lay down special demands.

Estonia online gambling license

The Casino Market agency, a known provider in the online casino industry offers to purchase Estonia online gambling license. The company managers are competent in matters of casino licensing and are ever willing to help you with this. They will answer the questions, advise and consult on how to get a gambling license for casino the best way, and offer to buy turnkey casino with license.

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Internet Casino License In Offshore Zones

For offshore states casino licensing is a truly favorable thing to engage in because a casino owner pays for the application processing and  annually pays for a license to the state budget in each of the offshore zones. The economies of such countries are often not well-developed, because they occupy a small territory and do not have their own industrial facilities producing machines, machinery, etc. The money received from a casino helps to replenish the treasury.

Legislation in offshore countries is loyal to the registration of new gambling companies in their countries and regards gambling as an additional source of investment in the budget. Therefore, the offshore authorities fully support the casino business.

For casino owners, this situation guarantees new possibilities, the main ones being:

  • granting them the status of international companies,
  • including in the Register of the European Union,
  • possibility to conduct a legitimate and independent business,
  • a better reputation on the world stage,
  • opportunity to attract new European partners,
  • political stability, guarantee of the support from local authorities,
  • possibility to work without sending financial reports to the tax authorities and paying the minimum taxes (or even without those),
  • purchase of a license within a short period of time.

Among the countries in which the registration commissions work are: Gibraltar, Curacao, Estonia, Malta and others. Each jurisdiction provides the future licensees with its own rules, prices for licenses and other services. Moreover, a company looking for an online casino license will find many offshore countries unsuitable for one reason or another: the target audience, the license price, amount of the fees, the region, and so on.

Online casino license can be differently priced, and this difference may be large enough. Everything depends on the requirements of a particular offshore Commission. So it is not appropriate to send an application to any particular jurisdiction without the market analysis.

Therefore, experts advise to study the gambling market, users, geographical location, competitors (working on a license) first. One of the gambling website pages should contain the scan of this document, the full information about the Commission that issued it including the phone numbers and the e-mail address.

In this article we will speak on how to buy Estonia casino license.

Estonia As A Place With Rapid Gambling Development: Use The Chance To Capture The Promising Market

Estonia became one of the most promising countries demonstrating the intensive development of gambling: new companies are registered, extensive opportunities for attracting large European partners show up.

Having experienced the collapse of the economy in 2008, the Estonian authorities decided to lift the ban on gambling, and in 2010 there were striking changes in the economy and legislation. The Government made every effort to attract foreign investment to the country, and repealed restrictions on international hosting.

In the same 2010, gambling facilities were opened in Estonia, which quickly began to replenish the treasury by paying the taxes. Since that time, the country's gambling industry has been moving swiftly, involving all the new casino owners who wish to enter new promising markets and develop using the new opportunities.

Today in this country with only 1.5 million of residents, there are over 170 successfully functioning gaming facilities, which have already hosted more than 80 per cent of the citizens. It is clear that there is a large number of casino establishments striving for Estonia not to miss such favorable environment for gambling activities.

Gambling club administrators are prohibited to receive visitors who have not reached the age of 21, although citizens 18 years of age are allowed to play games without the random number generator.

What Does the Estonia Online Gambling License Guarantee?

Number one thing to mention is the necessity to acquire not a single but two licenses if you want to conduct the casino business in this country:

  1. Operational license allowing working (operating) with gaming machines, totalizers and lotteries (valid for ten years),
  2. Online casino license (valid for five years).

Estonia online gambling license allows a citizen of any country (non-resident) to conduct and develop your businesses legally and freely, without being subject to prohibitions and enjoying the benefits due to the loyal legislation.

To buy Estonia casino license means to:

  • acquire international European status,
  • receive an opportunity to work on the European market,
  • do business without paying huge taxes,
  • have access to attracting foreign investors,
  • expand the geography of your business.

Gambling license for casino

Requirements For Obtaining An Online Casino License

Those operators eager to buy Estonia casino license have to comply with the demands imposed by the Estonian government. The main requirement is the success of a gambling organization and fair market performance. You will obtain the document for sure if you present the evidence that you have the means you are willing to invest in the business in that country. Licenses are granted by the taxation bodies and the Customs Department of Estonia.

Estonia online gambling license can only be acquired under certain conditions.

  • An applicant has to register a corporate body in Estonia.
  • The new company must comply with all the demands imposed by the laws of Estonia.
  • The establishers, shareholders and other employees of the organization are required to provide a certificate of no criminal record and non-infringement in the gambling.
  • Casino owners have to guarantee their involvement only in one gaming business.
  • Documentation proving that the organization owns funds (at least 2 million Estonian kroons) should be sent to the jurisdiction.
  • A business owner has to warrant that no one will work under his license.

An applicant has to pay the state duty for the gambling business in the amount of 50 000 ESK, while the Estonia online gambling license costs 700 thousand kroons, which sum can be transferred to the Commission as soon as it informs that the application was accepted.

Interestingly, natural persons can receive an online casino license as well, but there is a remark to mind: they should have a special permission of the game on skill (without random number generator).

Documents required to obtain an online casino license:

  • Names of all establishers and shareholders of the organization (scans or copies of passports).
  • Scans of registration documents, Charter and decisions on senior managing body
  • The title of the company (the date of the meeting on which it was approved and a copy of the decision).
  • The address of the office and documents confirming it is real (rental and telephone receipts).
  • Notarized certificate from the bank that the settlement account is registered and has funds.
  • Descriptions of all games integrated to the casino website (titles, rules and principles of the game).
  • Evidence of casino's payment systems operating fairly and the transactions passing transparently.
  • Evidences of the full security maintained by an establishment.
  • The business plan for the nearest period of time featuring the estimations on profit and expense sides.
  • Two applications for a casino license acquisition: for the taxation and customs authority of Estonia.

How Much Does Gambling License Cost In Estonia

Casino licensing in Estonia involves the acquisition not of a single document, but several of them depending on the number of objects that will be opened for operation.

  • Processing a request for operational gambling license will cost you 48 000 Euros.
  • Processing a request for gambling games organization will cost you 32 000 Euros.
  • If you wish to open a totalizator it will cost you 3 000 Euros for such application to get reviewed.

With regard to taxes, there is a fixed rate for casinos: 5% from the net revenue, 18% for the organization of the lottery business, a tax on slot machines may vary, and depends on their quantity and brand of the manufacturer.

Gambling company registration in Estonia also presupposes the licensing of the land-based casinos and gambling establishments working on marine vessels, meaning here not only Estonian ships but also those under the flag of Estonia.

What else is necessary for acquiring Estonia online gambling license? Casinos operating in Estonia are allowed to have a title, which contains the name of a casino company. That is, for example, not simply Admiral, but Admiral Novomatik, because the agency is called Novomatik.

Each online club has to present a page dedicated to the information on how to play, how to withdraw the win, and how to contact an administrator.

Due to its extensive experience Casino Market knows well how to obtain casino license and will help you to buy Estonia casino license. Thus, you will really save a lot of time and effort, you will not have to think where and how to find the documentation and how to formalize it right. Generally speaking you will yourself from the whole trouble of how to get a casino license. It is even possible to buy turnkey casino with license from this famous company, which provides an opportunity to launch your casino in Estonia immediately.

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