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Top 5 Countries for the Land-Based Casino Business: Choose Yours

26 august 2022
Land-based solutions
Author: James Burton
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Land-based gambling is a profitable enterprise idea. In a multitude of countries, this activity is supported at the legislative level. Local governments have developed a transparent registration and taxation system for the gambling industry, which attracts huge investments from all over the world.

Gambling business: land-based casinos

The Casino Market company has prepared information on the best jurisdictions for starting a business. We provide licensing services in selected countries, as well as legal and technical support.

At our company, you can buy a land-based casino with a licence, powerful equipment, and modern software.

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Features of Choosing a Jurisdiction for Offline Gaming

The major characteristics that make the country attractive for organising gambling activities are:

  • a simple procedure for registering a legal entity (non-residents of the country can open a land-based casino, with minimum requirements for the size of the authorised capital and the number of founders);
  • low cost and high speed of the registration procedure;
  • the opportunity to obtain a B2B licence to provide business services to partner operators or a comprehensive permit for several types of activities (for example, to open a casino and organise sports poker tournaments);
  • long term of the licence (from 5 years and more);
  • the loyal fiscal burden on business, taking into account tax holidays, discounts, reduced rates and other concessions;
  • huge tourism potential and interest in gambling among the local population;
  • comfortable operating activities (high-speed Internet in 4G format, modern data hubs for storing information, simple administration, electronic document management).

Types of Countries with Legalised Gambling

Jurisdictions, where offline activity is allowed, can be divided into two types:

Countries where the business launch is limited to gaming zones

The organisation of a casino in specially designated areas is regulated by law. Often such zones are the only place in the country where gambling is allowed.

There are:

  • tax incentives;
  • delays in payment of state fees;
  • free investment licences.

The concentration of working halls in the allocated territories has great tourism potential. Together with the casino, large hotel complexes and entertainment centres are being built.

Notable gambling zones:

Countries where entrepreneurs can open a casino in any location

Legislation and tax incentives function throughout the country, ensuring uniform revenues to the budget.

Entrepreneurs can open a gambling establishment in any location, but the most profitable are:

  • metropolitan areas;
  • resort towns.

Large casino complexes are often built on the borders with neighbouring countries where this type of pastime is prohibited. This develops gambling tourism: foreign citizens visit the country to relax and attend the hall with slot machines.

Casino operation is allowed in:

Where to Open a Profitable Land-Based Casino in 2022

Land-based casino: the best countries

The Casino Market company has prepared for you a list of the best countries for organising stationery gaming halls:


The world’s "Mecca of gambling" — the city of Las Vegas (Nevada) — is located in the United States. The first casinos there appeared in 1931, and in 2021 the number of licensed establishments reached 1.7 thousand. Every year, 40+ million tourists visit the “sin city”, both foreigners and Americans.

Key facts about gaming in the USA:

  1. Entrepreneurs can organise a land-based entertainment business in 3 large states — Nevada, Arkansas and New Jersey with the famous Atlantic City gambling zone. In addition, the country has 400+ gaming halls on Indian reservations and 150+ floating venues on the Mississippi River.
  2. Since 2015, the state has been actively supporting gambling. The operation of casinos was allowed in Arkansas, and the activity of bookmakers — in Nevada, Michigan, Iowa, Georgia, and New Jersey.
  3. Legal regulation of gambling, including the issuance of licences and advertising of services, falls within the competence of local authorities.


On the territory of this tiny European state, the oldest casino in the world, Monte Carlo, is located, which has been operating continuously for more than 120 years. The institution is distinguished by an extensive selection of entertainment and impeccable service.

Of particular interest is the architecture of the casino. The complex is made in the Beaux-Arts style, which is characterised by the symmetry of lines, rich decor and opulent finishes. The interior uses marble, ivory, columns, crystal vases, and heavy carpets.

Every day from 10.00 to 14.00 Monte Carlo operates as a tourist object.


The island European state is famous for its wonderfully warm climate and high interest among tourists.

The main reasons to open a casino in Malta:

  1. All types of gambling are allowed in the jurisdiction, including the offline and online sectors. You can issue a B2B permit to work with partner operators. It is allowed to produce and sell software for a land-based casino, and provide licensed support or hosting services.
  2. The gambling business makes up 11% of the country's GDP. The local government actively supports the industry by offering good tax incentives for all entrepreneurs. The maximum fiscal burden on business does not exceed 5–6%.
  3. Every year the country is visited by 5+ million tourists. Travellers enjoy playing slots and wagering at Dragonara Casino, Oracle Casino, Casino at Portomaso, Casino di Venezia and other modern complexes.

The United Kingdom

Gambling in the UK is traditionally very popular among residents. The first casinos appeared in the 17th century: people mostly played cards and bet on horse and dog racing.

At the beginning of 2021, there were 147 stationary casinos, 590 bingo halls, and 8.8 thousand sports betting outlets in the United Kingdom. The lucrative business can be organised throughout the country, including the capital, major cities and resort areas.

Playing in the UK is only allowed for cash. Famous casino complexes include Ritz, Mint Casino, Hippodrome Casino, and Clermont Club.


The British Overseas Territory, located in the EU, is distinguished by transparent legislation in the industry.

Advantages of offline activities in Gibraltar:

  1. Loyal taxation. Entrepreneurs pay 1% of the company's annual income, regardless of the profits made. Other taxes (on the property, withdrawn capital, VAT) are not provided.
  2. Simple licensing. The government offers a one-year deferral for the payment of the state fee. You can get a B2B permit by providing services for the online and offline segments.
  3. Good reputation. Casino in Gibraltar is a respectable business with high interest among tourists and stable support from local authorities.

The Main Things about the Organisation of Offline Gambling

Offline gambling business: key notions

The Casino Market company offers you to open a land-based casino or a hall with slot machines anywhere in the world. We operate in Europe and Asia and provide legal support to clients in North America.

Here you can buy reliable equipment, modern software, payment solutions, and beautiful furniture for gaming halls.

  • The main factors influencing the choice of jurisdiction are ease of obtaining and cost of a licence, fiscal burden, comfortable operating activities, and tourist value.
  • Some countries (USA, China, etc.) allow casinos to operate only in special gambling zones, while in other jurisdictions (the United Kingdom, Malta) you can open a hall with slot machines or lottery terminals throughout the territory.
  • The best countries where land-based casinos are allowed are the USA, Monaco, Malta, the United Kingdom, and Gibraltar.

Contact the Casino Market manager and get an individual offer for organising an enterprise.

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