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iGB Live! and iGB Affiliate Amsterdam up for Best Trade Show Prize

18 february 2022
Author: James Burton
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The famous iGB brand was nominated for a prestigious award that recognises its great input in the grand comeback of the in-person exhibition. Such an honour went to the 2 main shows organised by the brand, iGB Live! and iGB Affiliate, the recent yearly edition of which took place in the capital of the Netherlands.

iGB Live! and iGB Affiliate Amsterdam up for trade show prize

What is Known about the Nomination?

The 2 exhibitions that were planned by iGB received a chance to get an award for the most impressive trade show. They are up against other international showcases of industry talents from other sectors, such as manufacturing and hospitality.

The ceremony will take place on March 18, which is a month away from the new edition of iGB Affiliate that is set to occur in London this April.

Comments from Executives

As stated by Naomi Barton, who represents the iGB company, this award nomination is a great motivation in light of the famous show’s comeback in London. She said it was a massive honour for the business to be in this shortlist along with other key events in their respective industries.

The executive noted how important it was for the team of organisers that stood behind all the iGB events, including Clarion Gaming and RAI Amsterdam. She said it was great news for the community that actively participates in the exhibition’s success every year, including attendees, showcasing businesses, and those who provide money for the event.

In her words, everyone has put incredible effort into making sure the event goes as smoothly as possible, and it ended up breaking all the records. She also made it understood to the public that the judges were measuring the success of the show by how satisfied the visitors and participants were.

According to the statistics that were measured by Explori after the show, the iGB-organised events entered the top 10% for visitors and 2% for participants. Barton says that it is already a significant acknowledgement to be on the shortlist for the most iconic shows of the past year. If the team manages to secure a victory, it would boost the upcoming April show’s significance and become an additional reason to attend it.

About This Year’s iGB

The newest edition of iGB Affiliate, which will be based in the capital of the United Kingdom, is set to become a big return of this forum after 2 pandemic-affected years. It will take place on April 13−14 through 3 large event spaces at the ExCeL Centre in the UK capital. 159 big-name participants and sponsors from 29 jurisdictions are expected to attend the big event, some of whom will be debuting their products and services.

A lot of exhibitors have registered to attend before the show, which is closely connected to the fact that the UK has lifted its travel-related restrictions. Particularly, many companies from the United States expressed their interest in participating, given the fact that the local market has grown majorly in the last couple of years.

Barton said that the preliminary feedback from trusted partners that evaluated the current situation showed that the attendees feel secure in coming back to the exhibition. They demonstrate a lot of readiness to showcase their business, which could potentially lead to a huge success of the event’s new edition.

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