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Internet Gambling Security — Reliable Assistance from Casino Market Experts

Updated 07 june 2021
Online casino, Security
Author: James Burton
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While ground gambling establishments have special monitoring departments with dozens of security guards and hundreds of cameras, online casinos have to rely just on software.

Operators of gaming websites must elaborate a highly efficient safety system to ensure their clients’ data and financial information. In the modern world of advanced digital technologies, there is nothing complicated with it — the main thing is to find a reliable security software supplier.

Internet gambling security: casino protection

Casino Market has been ensuring gambling safety for operators all over the world. Our cooperation with the top-notch software providers has resulted in fruitful security systems, protecting against simple bonus abusers as well as from organised criminal groups.

If you are looking for reliable casino protection, you are welcome to get acquainted with our possibilities. Order our best security solutions and ensure your players’ safety and quality pastime.

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Common Online Casino Disturbances

For players to receive a calm entertainment environment, an operator should think of various directions in virtual casino security. Today, hackers and criminals tend to be extremely inventing, so it is worth getting ready for different scenarios.

These are the most common types of illegal activities that are aimed at online casinos:

  1. DDoS attacks. As a result of these unsanctioned actions, the web resource loses its ability to serve users. The most common form of attack congests networks bandwidth by flooding it with false requests. By filling ports with various data, the device endlessly checks for malicious data requests, while losing the real traffic.
  2. Fishing. Its main purpose is to obtain confidential information from online casino users. For example, hackers can work towards finding out players’ passwords or credit card numbers. Attackers, like real anglers, use email or text messages where they impersonate a specific representative of the organisation. It contains links to third-party resources, which the user forwards and passes personal information.
  3. Underage gambling. Some jurisdictions that issue licences do not allow individuals under 18 (in some countries under 21) to engage in gambling activities. The punishment for this can be the elimination of an operational permit for improper age verification procedures.
  4. Money laundering. Online gambling establishments often become victims of illegal funds clearance. It means that criminals deposit large sums of money (usually through small transactions), make a few small bets, and withdraw the funds as if those have been obtained through gambling activities.

These common illegal activities are the main problem of online gambling establishments. An unprotected internet casino can experience severe consequences if criminals decide to target it.

Casino Market wants to help you eliminate the chance of any illegal activity. Our software partners have highly efficient tools to ensure maximum safety for an operator and his clients. Order the best security solutions from Casino Market and make your online casino a protected gambling destination.

Efficient Solutions to Popular Problems

Casino security software: efficient solutions

Online casino operators always work hard to make their gambling environment an enjoyable and safe place for playing. That is why it is so important for them to come up with reliable solutions to prevent and eliminate common hackers’ and criminals’ activities.

Here is what safety tricks operators usually resort to:




DDoS attack

The key signs of the attack are site slowdown, unstable connection, or complete failure of response

It is suggested to minimise the size of the potential attack zone by locating computing resources behind load balancers and content distribution networks.

It is also wise to use a web app firewall that blocks bad traffic, reducing the risk of DDoS attacks on a web resource


Similar or mirror sites appear on the Internet.

Players may complain about a poor experience

Educational work with casino employees should be organised to notice any alerting signs.

From the user point of view, it is important to conduct regular announcements and post awareness articles about the potential deceiving scenarios

Underage gambling

Failed attempts to register accounts with real age that proceed with another account but allowed age

Identity verification systems eradicate the problem with underage gambling. For registering an account, a player will have to provide a legal document that certifies his identity, age, and absence in the ban lists.

It can be conducted by the casino managers as well as automated check-up frameworks

Money laundering

Big deposits are made by newly registered accounts (usually with small transactions) and withdrawn shortly afterwards

Increasing awareness of casino managers is the best way to protect the establishment of illegal whitewashing.

Effective player monitoring systems will notify the staff about any suspicious activity and can even automatically block an impending transaction

These widespread illegal activities connected with online casinos have to be dealt with if an operator wants calm gaming experience for his players. Moreover, increased trust from punters can be earned as a result of efficient safety insurance. Casino Market offers incredible opportunities for new and experienced operators to guarantee their website security. Order our best solutions from the world-renowned software manufacturers.

Online Casino Security Systems

Online casino security systems: popular programs

Internet gambling establishments find it complicated to ensure website safety without proactive security solutions. It becomes even more difficult in modern times when cybercrime is hitting new heights every few months.

In this context, responsible gambling operators are wise enough to stay tuned about the latest data protection technologies. Casino Market offers to learn from the experienced representatives of the sector.

So, below are a few powerful solutions to help secure online casino operations:

  • Usually, smart contacts are checked before the launch. Unfortunately, this does not guarantee 100% protection against hacker attacks. The Safeblocks tool is used as a real-time firewall to ensure complete block from potential intruders.
  • Incapsula is another leading cybersecurity tool that offers high-quality protection of website and cloud security services. The casino gets safety, integral content delivery, and loading balancing services.
  • PerimeterX is a great instrument to resist bot attacks. The tool utilises a system with machine learning to identify behaviours that least resemble a real-person activity.
  • Cloud Management Suite uses automated and pre-assembled patch requests in the most common software. It significantly reduces the administrative intensity of management systems.
  • Hackers have a subtle sense not only about the shortcomings of software but also human weaknesses. Sometimes, criminals work through company employees to get the information they need. Therefore, it is important for an operator to reward the efforts of his subordinates to boost their loyalty. The HoxHunt tool perfectly helps with this.

Casino Market analyses the requests of all our clients individually. As a result, each security system is equipped with unique tools according to the necessities of the gambling establishment. Order our proficient solutions from experienced software companies.

The Main Things about Online Casino Security

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Gambling website operators have two core duties — protect their gaming environments and ensure the safety of players’ data. Up-to-date information is important for this. But on top of that, high-quality security software is essential for reaching this ultimate goal.

New and even some experienced operators can find it hard to keep up with the modern trends of casino protection. That is why Casino Market offers its knowledgeable help in ensuring complete safety for gaming establishments.

Cooperation with our company is a guarantee of:

  • an extensive and regularly updating database of common casino disturbances such as DDoS attacks, fishing, underage gambling, money laundering, etc.;
  • advanced solutions to popular issues in a form of identification, prevention, and elimination on different stages of the problem;
  • integration of top security utilities and instruments for making the gambling website a comfortable place for punters and casino administration.

If you are looking forward to achieving all these goals, Casino Market will gladly offer you its helping hand in any of gambling-related queries. Order our best solutions and make your gaming website a safe and trusted destination for your target audience.

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