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Start the Social Casino Business on Lucrative Conditions with Casino Market

25 january 2021
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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Online gambling industry is profitable due to numerous internet casinos functioning around the world. At the same time, operators also invented a way to earn money on free-to-play activities.

Social gaming has recently become demanded entertainment in different countries. While players enjoy various gambling activities, operators receive profit from advertising, affiliates, and paid content.

Social casino business: launching

Casino Market understands the notion of variety in the online casino industry. Our social gaming solutions are similarly popular as regular turnkey gambling offers. So, we provide amazing opportunities to found a completely new establishment with the latest functionality and start making a decent profit. Order turnkey social casino solutions from Casino Market and join the ranks of successful representatives on the market.

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Definition of Social Gaming

Usually, this type of gambling entertainment can be accessed through Facebook and other social networks. Neither fiat nor digital currency is vital since the focal point of social entertainment is to generate a feeling of unity with other participants.

Such products as Zuma Blitz, Clash of Clans, Animal Crossing, Candy Crush have taken their audiences by the storm. The emphasis of social games on working with other players reflects the nature of unity for such games and networks in general.

Meanwhile, social gambling content (basically free casino games) also appeal to people. They offer a similar UE and ongoing interaction as traditional ones.

Here is the main principle of their work:

  • Social casino games offer punters free resources every day.
  • As soon as the player does not have any in-game credits, they can not continue playing unless they purchase additional chips.
  • People can grind the needed resources (or just wait in some cases) to enjoy the content for free.
  • Social casinos provide paid offers to receive instant access to the necessary item or replenish some resources.
  • Interaction with other players keeps people active and eventually makes them pay for more features.

Another part of social gambling that makes punters continue participating is the rivalry. For example, leaderboards that include the most successful identities give a motivation to deposit more. Open ratings evoke the essential human mental need to contend and beat others.

The key distinction between the social casino and classic gambling portals is simple:

  1. Online gaming websites offer roulette, blackjack, poker, or slots that require depositing real funds in return for a probable victory and earnings.
  2. Social casinos are different when it comes to donating money. It is not obligatory but rather advantageous. Premium content, in-game boosters — everything that makes players’ activity more enjoyable.

It means that the participants of social content pay for their entertainment and pleasant pastime while traditional casino players receive a chance to win more than they deposit.

Organisations that create social content monetise it by implementing paid features inside the application. For instance, social poker games usually offer punters a certain number of chips as a free limit for a day. Once there are no more chips left, they can be bought additionally for real deposits. The possibility to skip the waiting time and much lower prices than in regular poker attract a lot of people to visit social gambling establishments.

The Casino Market team specialises in the sphere of online gambling, keeping the importance of social casinos in mind. We have been providing efficient offers on this type of business for already several years. Order our best turnkey social casino solutions to start earning decent profit from a legal gambling occupation.

Attraction Principles of Social Gambling

Social gambling: attraction principles

Social gaming portals make it possible for players to engage in exciting communication that is extremely integral in the era of progressive digital technologies. People like to compete with their friends and beat their competitors on leaderboards. The absence of obligatory money games allows focusing on building effective strategies and enjoying the process.

The social component is the most sought-after element of modern online existence. This type of entertainment ruins all stereotypes that the Internet is a lonely place of isolation. Instead, with such locations as social casinos, it becomes an enjoyable destination with numerous soulmates and friends.

Casino Market wants to focus on the key advantages of social games and show the realities of the entertainment appeal:

Enhanced sociability

While competitiveness is still present in social games, the main goal of the majority of players is to show off their achievements.

Traditional online casinos are more about real earnings. Players there tend to be more cautious and concentrated over their deposits and focus more on money instead of enjoyment

Bridge to online casinos

No doubts, social gambling establishments are not as profitable as traditional gambling websites. However, new players can find it intimidating to deposit real money to online casinos.

Social games create a transition between these two aspects. They allow operators to set up their audience and ensure complete safety and trust from the side of gambling websites

Special regulation

Unlike online casino games, social content is not subjected to any kind of regulation from the governmental side.

Reports made in 2015 and 2019 by the UK Gaming Commission concluded no harmful influence on people’ mental condition

Healthy rivalry

Operators who build social casinos should not worry about dishonest competitors. The fact is that people enjoy the variety. The more different offers are there on the market, the more interested the audience is.

Moreover, with the absence of a black market, social casinos can afford low prices on premium content and extra resources that attract punters even more

Casino Market has helped clients with various requests. Social casinos are at the top of solutions that our customers inquire about and purchase. Order reliable turnkey projects from Casino Market and start offering your clients enjoyable social content.

Market Prospects of Social Casinos

The social casino market is large and continues expanding. Worldwide GGR for this sphere in 2019 hit $5.4 billion stated by BV1sion. This is anticipated to ascend consistently over the following decade, reaching $7.3 billion by 2024. Additionally, an expected 69% of GGR was produced by the North American region. The next area, Oceania and Australia, are even not close enough with just 4.4% of GGR throughout 2019.

Apart from that, social entertainment is exceptionally demanded in Asia. BV1sion allegedly reported the second-biggest boost in GGR over 2019 in this region (around 10% after Africa’s 15%). Inside the domain, Korea hits almost 19% of income expansion.

The social gaming industry bears two crucial aspects when it comes to the prospects of the sphere:

  1. Individual customisation.
  2. Innovative techs.

Managers of social gambling websites receive the most profit by providing customised solutions empowered by advanced digital marketing instruments.

Similarly to other business projects, there is a developing assumption among clients and stating that all offers should be customised to be advantageous. An increased customisation level is turning into the norm. It serves as a key to client commitment and boosted retention.

To maintain high profitability, managers of social casinos should remain flexible and consider the rivalry they withstand from other types of internet gambling portals. The client of a social establishment does not fully match the online casino player. So, operators should keep in mind the changes in both industries and adjust to their target audience in accordance with the latest trends.

The Main Things about Social Gaming Possibilities

Turnkey social casino: main possibilities

The online gambling industry does not stop impressing with its variety. Apart from regular internet casinos, virtual poker rooms, live dealers, betting portals, and other similar entertainment, social gaming seems like a perfect candidate for some operators.

Casino Market offers the most efficient solutions on the market with the focus on social casinos.

Our experts will be extremely detailed when it comes to:

  • how social gaming works and what its main differences with traditional online casinos are;
  • the main advantages of launching a social gambling project, including enhanced sociability feature, an excellent transition to online casinos, special regulation, and healthy rivalry;
  • a detailed statistical overview of the main audience of this type of entertainment (almost 70% Northern Americans);
  • upcoming prospects of social casino development in the nearest future.

Casino Market has already been a social entertainment guide for dozens of operators. We implement our best solutions into every project and receive a profitable gambling environment that is completely legal in its operation. Order a turnkey social casino from our company and enrol into the world of successful operators.

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