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James Everett Talks About BetGames’ Expansion Plans in Africa

03 october 2023
Author: James Burton

The African gambling market proceeds to develop and extend. That is why many casino and betting companies decided to start and deepen their operations in the region. BetGames is one of those studios.

James Everett, the corporation’s Vice President of Sales in Africa, talked about the expansion plans for the continent. The expert revealed some strategic details and intentions of his brand.

James Everett from BetGames: interview

Casino Market professionals have analysed the words of Mr Everett to present you the most significant notions from his interview. From this article, you will learn about the importance of branded, new and diversified content, the state of the African amusement segment, the popularity of crash games, and much more.

Benefits of the Gambling Region

The specialist has always seen the area as a good-performing market. Now, the sphere is expected to become even larger and more lucrative, so BetGames is set to double its business efforts and cement a leading position here.

Mr Everett named 2 core reasons for Africa to be a top destination for further growth:

  1. Tech advancements. The Financial Times listed the region as one of the fastest-developing worldwide regarding web and mobile penetration. Thus, more international groups see new great opportunities for themselves here and start expanding their activities.
  2. Cross sales. BetGames offers products that intertwine the betting and casino niches. The continent has a perfect base for the distribution of such a hybrid offering. Although the bookmaker segment has a bigger share in the entertainment industry, casinos are also levelling up. The provider delivers unique wagering with fixed odds, and many operators use this solution to cover a wider audience and more market niches.

The expert considers the RSA one of the most interesting and appealing countries for his brand. It has a great base for the manufacturer to fulfil its goals and ambitions to the maximum. Yet, the region is not as saturated as other parts of the world. However, the VP also names several other states in the area that deserve special attention.

These are the following destinations:

  • Kenya;
  • Nigeria;
  • Ghana, etc.

The countries attract different operators, providers, affiliates, etc. The gambling sector in those territories demonstrated amazing performance results. The appearance of more amusement corporations on the land is expected.

Over 10 years of BetGames' experience brought the manufacturer a precise understanding of client needs and regulation peculiarities in South Africa. Mr Everett highlighted that the industry’s analysts forecasted the local market’s 25% rise in the following decade. Thus, it is logical to expect more frontrunners to enter the region.

Besides the RSA, the supplier also plans to expand in such states:

  • Ethiopia;
  • Mozambique;
  • the SADC area, etc.

Additionally, the Vice President named Africa’s Francophone region as it became a popular topic in discussions. These territories cannot boast a widely spread online gaming but ground casinos are extremely demanded.

Mr Everett expressed his worries regarding increasing taxes that create obstacles to businesses' development. When authorities of emerging and developing regions see a boost in the entertainment sphere, many of them start to impose unfair fees. These contributions are so high that significantly eat into the profits of companies. Instead of helping new businesses, governments just worsen the problems that already exist on the continent.

Significance of Branding

Branded games in Africa: significance

Recently, BetGames extended the terms of its deal with the Betway Africa operator, which is one of the leading brands in the locality. The business decision helped the provider consolidate its standing in the regional market. The new option within the agreement is branded content.

James Everett said that African players had no specific preferred type of such tailored products. However, the addition of branding elements from operators gains the trust of many bettors. As a result, participants place stakes more willingly and confidently.

Betway is one of the studios that apply such an approach. Mr Everett praised the partner’s unique promotion and branding strategies.

The operator has signed contracts with such industry members:

  • best affiliates;
  • outstanding athletes;
  • top-performing sports teams, etc.

The company is known everywhere around the region. Its logos and other attributes can be seen almost during every match on the TV. Mr Everett said that partnering with Betway was a great honour, considering its continuous growth, expansion and financial achievements.

African players enjoy entertainment with fixed odds and numbers according to BetGames' research. Local people tend to believe in superstitions about different digits and their combinations or sequences. Amusement shows are also among the favourites.

The provider’s content works very well in the territory, especially in its Southern parts. The VP mentioned the differences between the acceptance of the proprietary games in Europe and Africa. If the first region offers wide casino opportunities, the second one is more about sports wagering. This is the result of the local audiences' preferences. However, for BetGames, both areas are suitable thanks to its cross-selling offering.

Popularity of Crash Content

This gaming type is becoming more prominent and in demand around the planet. African countries are no exception. The launch of Spribe’s Aviator is considered to be the beginning of this boom. The popularity growth is so intense that the industry’s analysts cannot predict where it may slow down. Thus, BetGames' team decided to join the competition and create its first crash entertainment title called Skyward.

Mr Everett noted that his brand’s existing products are performing great in the area. However, the company needs to consider the new preferences of players and learn about changes in their interests.

The VP explained that crash games are so popular due to such characteristics:

  • simple mechanics;
  • instant result revealing;
  • low information requirements;
  • combination of small bets and big prizes.

These solutions are perfect for enjoying on smartphones, even on old versions. Many Africans have portable devices but no computers or laptops, so the appearance of such low-requiring products is good news for them. Crash games are becoming much more accessible than amusements from other verticals. This fact explains the popularity of the content.

In the Vice President’s opinion, every operator should connect those solutions to their gambling platforms to successfully move forward and keep up with the times. The executive also said that his company can incorporate branded elements into Skyward. The studio has already inked several contracts with operators who wanted to order the game and put their logos on it. The supplier also works on presenting some grand promo instruments.

Fresh Content Deliveries from the Provider

BetGames’ gambling software: novelties

The corporation has prepared more gambling novelties for partners and clients for the end of 2023. For instance, the developer plans to integrate its fun-favourite Roulette into the proprietary iFrame system. This means that players will no longer need to go through multiple operators in search of their bellowed entertainment title.

The game has been a classic for a long time, so it may be difficult for the manufacturer to make it different. Mr Everett said the team is going to elevate and modernise user experiences. The decision will allow participants to stay in the same lobby and find everything they want to enjoy within that space alone.

The VP emphasised that the studio is trying to ring-face the client base and create even more thrilling solutions within the area.

In the updated iFrame aggregator, punters will be able to explore various types of content, including:

  • crash titles;
  • fixed-odds solutions;
  • live gambling products, etc.

Another novelty from the developer is Lucky Kicks, an exciting game dedicated to a soccer theme. This is a very popular discipline in Africa and beyond, so the provider has all the chances to attract the audience of sports fans both globally and locally.

Lucky Kicks promises to conquer the region from the very start, and here is why:

  1. Mr Everett said that his organisation tried to unite football and the market’s demand for quick-pace and instant-result content.
  2. With this, the users can enjoy the games with different levels of risks, getting an opportunity to bet less and win more.
  3. The software is also part of the iFrame offering, which the specialist calls «a one-stop shop'.

Bettors prefer quick entertainment solutions without any delays and long-processing operations. This is the reason behind the lower popularity of horse races since such a betting category requires pauses between playing rounds, decreasing the excitement.

James Everett highlights the importance of speed and sports for modern African punters. The expert is glad to expand his company’s operations on the continent and is certain that the new soccer-themed solution will take the local segment by storm.

At the Casino Market studio, you can order software from BetGames and other prominent providers, such as:

We help operators at every stage of their business journey from licensing and drafting a plan to protection and promotion. Feel free to contact our managers if you have any questions regarding your order. Start a fruitful partnership with us today to prosper in the industry in the coming months.

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