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Konami’s Fantastic Success across Land-Based Verticals

15 june 2022
Author: James Burton
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Analytical software is in great demand among gambling distributors. Casino Market specialists have decided to consider the work of the world-famous Konami Gaming Inc. supplier to analyse:

  • core market trends;
  • the latest industry technologies;
  • innovative management systems;
  • top products, etc.

Konami’s success in land-based casino verticals

Plans for 2022

There has been a steady improvement and gradual development of the market in different countries.

Konami has started to actively distribute its products to such states:

The company expanded its borders and signed a contract with its former ally Atlantic Venture to boost growth.

The developer’s team is fully prepared to show the best performance in 2022, distributing its high-quality DIMENSION solutions to Latin America.

Konami looks forward to actively developing in the region and providing its best innovative entertainment, such as the Triple Sparkle series on DIMENSION 49, to players.

The CMS Role

The latest casino management systems provide the following features:

  • player tracking;
  • communication with participants;
  • user reward;
  • content management;
  • reporting, etc.

Konami’s SYNKROS combines all of the above characteristics. That is the reason for the record demand for the system among operators.

The development supports a large mix of cashless solutions. The Money Klip technology, which was presented 7 years ago and still supports proven results, is integrated into SYNKROS.

The organisation is constantly on the way to improving its development of non-cash settlements.

The company also presents such technologies specifically for board games:

  • TITO support;
  • non-cash bets.

Business' Demands

SYNKROS offers a reliable data ecosystem for distributors through which companies can use information in real-time.

Over the past few years, a trend has emerged to increase the depth and breadth of data that casinos manage. Such information can be used to provide targeted rewards. Reliable analytics are needed to maintain the platform’s quality. Distributors have a request for tools with which businesses can get and understand their information with high accuracy and flexible integration.

The ability to analyse and act based on different data becomes critical to maintaining competitiveness. The need for information unrelated to games is gaining momentum.

Analytical software is in great demand among businesses. This is facilitated by their desire to know and understand what is happening throughout the enterprise. Developers rapidly input different analytic technologies in SYNKROS to meet the needs of operators.

Slot Machines' Boom

Konami slot machines: success, releases, novelties

Konami has an insanely popular line of ground-based entertainment automates that never stops collecting positive reviews.

Reasons for Dazzling Success

In October 2021, Konami took first place at GGB Gaming & Technology Awards. The winning product was the DIMENSION 49J slot machine, which has been cited as an example of progress in technology.

The first thing, that sets the product apart, is the incredible fan love for this series of games.

The company’s customers saw a great degree of success with the latest DIMENSION developments, namely:

  • Ocean Spin;
  • All Aboard;
  • Fortune Mint, etc.

The above series is extremely productive and very strong, which is one of the reasons for its success.

DIMENSION has another aspect that distinguishes it from the rest, namely:

  • high equipment performance;
  • reliability.

The machines operate perfectly, which attracts players. The organisation is grateful for the recognition of its product and is ready to provide it to players around the world.

Latest Releases

The company introduced 4 new DIMENSION machines on the G2E in October 2021.

All cabinets have interesting components:

  • elegant design;
  • double spin buttons;
  • smartphone chargers, etc.

Among European and Latin American consumers, the release of DIMENSION 27 and DIMENSION 49 is considered one of the most important.

Number 27 is considered an especially good investment, with a high degree of flexibility and many amusement options:

  • the SeleXion library;
  • Mystical Pearl;
  • Patrick O’Potts, etc.

Upcoming Novelties

The organisation continues to amaze its watchers as the brand unveils the world’s first BattleBots slots at Caesars Entertainment Studios. This development will be released in 2022.

Entertainment will be based on robot battles and the reality show famous in 150 countries of the world. This will allow participants to enjoy the stunning shots and cars, with a chance of monetary reward.

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