Secure Marketing in the Gambling Business

27 june 2022
Author: James Burton
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The gambling sphere is one of the most regulated areas. iGaming advertising has certain measures and high standards.

Secure marketing in gambling: features

In this article, Casino Market specialists delved into the integration of safe communication in promotional campaigns.

Why Are Rules Important?

A responsible marketing approach is required to stimulate the fair conversion of the site.

Advertising is the centre regardless of the goal, whether it is:

  • attracting new customers to register;
  • encouraging existing players to earn extra bonuses.

Companies have a certain degree of responsibility to ensure that promotional efforts are not aimed at:

  • the wrong demographic sector;
  • people with game problems, etc.

In this way, brands can create attractive and exciting advertising and do not expose vulnerable audiences to risk by complying with established policies.

The Distinction Between Target Audiences

​​Brands face the difficult task of identifying players in danger because the habits and manners of this category of users are similar to VIP customers' behaviour. The resemblance of both types lies in the tendency to invest heavily. Only the reasons for such actions differ.

Dignitary customers do this because they strive to:

  • reach the threshold for status retention;
  • receive bigger payouts.

High stakes by the risk group are based on the hope of winning back the lost funds. This audience can play for money they do not own, while VIP users calculate the limits of their capabilities.

Distributors must be able to distinguish customers. Companies should provide advantageous offers to healthy gamers. However, deals must not be oriented toward vulnerable players. Promotions for this category should focus on delivering resources that can be used to solve gambling problems.

Secure Message Development

Entertainment brands should explore how to campaign for safer gambling on a case-by-case basis. In this way, promoters will use techniques with which they can stimulate risk-free amusement.

Companies and marketing agencies can use the new slogan «Take Time to Think» in their communications with the reference to BeGambleAware. A safer gaming environment should be formed to guide participants who may have problems with the right aid resources.

Promoting risk-free entertainment goes beyond the horizons of the brands themselves. Marketing professionals need to know and understand the goals of such campaigns. When creating advertising, agencies should position companies in an appropriate security policy manner.

British casinos in coalition with the Betting and Gaming Council have created strict obligations for the safety of gambling and checks. With such measures, marketers have every opportunity to create messages that inform and attract players without encouraging them to play with loan funds.

Correct Division of Demographics

Demographic factor in safe marketing

During the creation of the advertising offer, lots of aspects are taken into account. Demographics are one of the main factors.

Many distributors are concerned about the number of potentially vulnerable young users and teenagers who play on the Internet. Promoters should ensure their messages meet the established standards and are not directed to the youth.

A representative of Digital Footprints Sharon McFarlane notes that market participants can identify the template of ads that attract users and support safer gambling at the same time.

The main channel that has to be limited is YouTube. Companies should make all ads available only to adults in this media. This keeps the age limit even if the videos are built into other sites.

There is an actual question about equating marketing efforts in the gaming industry to alcohol advertising. In this case, the minimum age of the players is going to be 25. This will reduce the number of young people who see and engage in gaming promotions.

Covid-19 Influence

The pandemic has a significant impact on how gambling announcements are perceived. Key industry players indicate a notable increase in demand for their supply during the quarantine.

Despite the suspension of sporting events, the request for betting has been raised. Some organisations expressed concern about the sponsorship of leagues.

There is a tendency to restrict the broadcasting of industry promotions on television. Ads may only be displayed during certain hours on mass media. Even considering this, some people still call for a complete ban.

The generation of secure marketing communications for iGaming should be a priority for any distributor. It will prove sector participants safely advertise their products and services. This needs constant attention, as there are continuous changes as the industry responds to the wider audience and political landscape.

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