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Michal Imiolek from Wazdan Explained Plans for 2023

02 february 2023
Author: James Burton
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Michal Imiolek, the CEO of Wazdan, gave a lengthy interview in which he talked about the brand’s plans for 2023. The expert also spoke about new trends in the entertainment field, gamblers' involvement, memorable events like the ICE London, and many other topics.

Changing Casino Amusement in the Years to Come

Wazdan’s business plans for 2023

Michal Imiolek said that more games will be created for electronic devices, which can get people involved in hundreds of titles being released practically every month. Therefore, companies as solid as Wazdan are willing to produce exclusive content that will stand out in a large, yet saturated market. The team will try to find the right balance to bring new products constantly and remain competitive.

The gambling public is always looking for something new that can go beyond the usual items. Therefore, the Wazdan team develops promotional tools, invents new bonuses, and much more. The goal of the work always remains the same: to keep people engaged in the play.

Similarly, Wazdan will try to introduce changes to the accessibility of its products, making them easier to play. Significant attention will be paid to detail, which has always distinguished an excellent game from a product of mediocre quality.

The aesthetic aspect of the title cannot be forgotten either. According to Mr Imiolek, the Wazdan development team will focus on the following aspects:

  • creation of new entertainment themes;
  • design of the original, fluid animations;
  • realisation of unique graphics.

In addition, there are soundtracks created to engage gamblers further. Also, the company will be looking for exclusive solutions, which slot operators can modify to offer clients a unique experience. This would further enhance the engagement factor and, thus, add value to the gaming atmosphere.

Wazdan will seek to increase revenues without giving up its customisable product offering. However, the company will provide only high-value propositions. Thus, not only will the number of games increase but also their quality.

Mr Imiolek said he is proud of the consistency with which releases appear on the market. The company's team will ensure each new product includes some original features that improve the game.

Other factors will also be added, such as using original images and more imaginative themes. All this is because Wazdan is continually looking for fresh solutions that will distinguish the company from the mass of providers on the market.

How Wazdan Will Engage New Gamblers

The company's success is due to its philosophy. The firm has been committing for many years to enhancing the work of partners and improving the user experience in the industry.

According to Michal Imiolek, the various titles provided by the company have been very well received by gamblers. Operators also took advantage of the solutions and improved their business results. This tendency was particularly noticeable following the launch of functions and essential game mechanics such as Cash Infinity in the 9 Coins slot.

The number of players who tried these features increased by 163%. Also, there were other improved parameters:

  • the number of sessions played;
  • the total amount wagered.

The punters' experience has been further perfected based on their personal preferences, which has also considerably improved the conversion rate. Therefore, when buying Wazdan's products, it is possible to take advantage of various tools for greater customisation. These include Volatility Levels, which represent a complete innovation in gambling.

Excellent results have also been seen with other instruments, including products such as Cash Drop, which are also helpful for improving KPIs.

About the Company’s Achievements in 2022

Wazdan's business achievements

Mr Imiolek expressed his happiness with the results gained in the previous year, as no less than 17 products were launched. Many new games were very successful. Extra features were also added in 2022, such as Magic Respin.

The company has been working hard to expand its presence in young markets and strengthen it in the global gambling sector. Over 60 new employees joined the team. Also, Wazdan entered 25+ cooperation agreements with providers in states such as the Netherlands, Michigan, Ontario, Italy, Spain, and more.

ICE 2023 and the Mystery Box Giveaway

To celebrate its presence at the exhibition, the company launched a massive promotion with a prize pool of over EUR 1 million. Therefore, all those invited to the memorable event could participate in the Mystery Box Giveaway.

People had to visit the Wazdan site to obtain a promotional code, giving them a chance to get a Mystery Box. Afterwards, winners went to the Wazdan stand at ICE 2023 to receive their gifts.

Among the prizes up for grabs were various one-of-a-kind presents, such as:

  • Apple AirPods;
  • a bottle of top-class whiskey;
  • travel coupons.

All visitors also had the chance to drink a delicious cocktail prepared by a professional and to attend the presentation of Wazdan's new products, such as 12 Coins, and many others.

At the event, guests better understood the features of various promotion tools offered by Wazdan, including Cash Drop and web promotion software. According to Mr Imiolek, the company's professionals spent a lot of time preparing for the London ICE, and the results were satisfying.

Projects for 2023

Wazdan's plans for 2023

Several of Wazdan's games have been nominated for prestigious prizes, most notably the Global Gaming Awards. The company started the year 2023 in the best possible way. However, the firm is also hiding many surprises for the months to come.

For instance, there will be special promotions with a prize pool whose total value will exceed EUR 1 million. Players will be offered numerous instant prizes, the winning of which is especially possible in the best-performing games.

All interested operators can join such a service free of charge, thanks to the various marketing solutions that Wazdan itself will provide. The new content will also feature industry-leading mechanics, including One Click for the Grand Jackpot.

The company is set to enter other markets, particularly Connecticut and Pennsylvania, where the gambling sector is gigantic and exciting. Wazdan will establish partnerships with more operators. The team is particularly optimistic and eager to reach new heights.

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