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Nadiya Attard Speaks about the Record-Breaking Year for Relax Gaming

03 february 2023
Author: James Burton
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The high-ranking official Nadiya Attard, who represents Relax Gaming, has spoken out about the successful 12 months which became groundbreaking for the company. She also shared her way of thinking from the perspective of an influential executive and discussed the group’s plans.

Relax Gaming business success

Secrets behind Success

In the representative's words, Relax has had an extraordinary year in 2022 and surpassed all expectations.

The official has attempted to put all the achievements into a couple of key characteristics that made the success possible:

  • technical advancements that influence the platform's stability;
  • responsibility with deadlines;
  • unusual ideas;
  • service integrity and high product standards;
  • a talented team behind everything, etc.

Ms Attard’s Leader Style

The expert described herself as an enthusiastic person with a lot of ambition. In 20 years of involvement with the business, she has developed a broad arrangement of completed agreements and expert accomplishments. Personality-wise, Ms Attard generally goes against the flow in multiple parts of life, including company leadership.

She finds joy in both being a supervisor and working together with a team, as it helps her influence the motivation and inspiration of coworkers. There is some rearranging every once in a while in the sales group, as the leader is certain that jobs should be aligned towards people's interests.

Additionally, Ms Attard believes in putting resources towards gifted employees before hiring people from the outside.

Plans of the Provider

The executive noted this year's ICE London was her company's debut with a physical pop-up hub as opposed to a meeting room. She mentioned how eager the employees were to meet up with customers and make new arrangements for these few days.

In addition, Ms Attard said that the schedule for 2023 is almost full now and the company is looking forward to teasing its customers.

Book of Power is a game that has come out in 2023 from the group. It was made in a joint effort with CasinoGrounds and is already provoking the curiosity of numerous distributors.

The company also intends to enhance its standings in multiple licensed markets, such as:

  • Ontario;
  • Spain;
  • Italy;
  • Greece.

Additionally, the representative teased the launch of new content with Dream Drop mechanics, which is set to come out sometime in the summer, and urged customers to wait for the release.

Breakthrough Jackpot Products

Dream Drop has been an outstanding accomplishment since it was presented in 2022. Many distributors who have incorporated this mechanic into their platforms have reported great outcomes. This is why the provider will continue to focus on this product with new promotion tools that will be accessible on its platforms.

As Ms Attard said, jackpots overall proved to be a successful venture, with fresh accomplishments every month. Repeating this accomplishment would not be easy for any provider since it requires a powerful operational framework. That is why the group is proud of this achievement.

Casino Market offers plenty of software from Relax and other top brands for enriching your amusement assortment. Contact our managers for more information and software integration assistance.

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