Nevada Approves Remote Verification for Cashless Accounts

26 january 2022
Author: James Burton
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The news broke out that the frequent casino attendees from Nevada have acquired some new opportunities. They are set to make wagering more comfortable. Starting from now, gamers will be able to open their accounts, go through the verification process and fund them on a remote basis.

This decision was made by Nevada’s officials on a suggestion by Sightline Payments. Originally, authorities were concerned about the necessity of registering remotely. However, eventually, they came to an agreement that the enhanced usage of technological advancements and deposits without cash poses a challenge.

Nevada approves remote verification for cashless accounts

Ben Kieckhefer, the official representative of the gaming commission, mentioned that the main priority of the industry is to remain up-to-date with the technologies and keep their customers satisfied and fulfilled. The goal is to provide clients with everything they need as they visit Nevada.

What Does It Mean?

The new development foresees that the regulars of Nevada-based casinos will be able to enter their data on an application, put funds on a cashless account and finish the procedure online. They will also have a chance to verify their details in a quick and simple way.

Before this, there was a rule that every client had to complete the verification by demonstrating their identification in person. The customers were supposed to show the ID to an establishment employee. As the commissioners state, this was often problematic and caused some delays.

Nowadays, with the approval of online identification and registration, it will be easier for the visitors to become official clients of the establishment. The executives stated that the outcome will only influence the account making in the casino industry, not the sports betting processes which will remain unaffected.

Sightline CEO Provides Comments

The representative of Sightline, Omer Sattar, gave his insight into the situation. He said that the new process will positively influence the security aspect of account creation. When asked about the launch date of the brand, he told new regulations are expected in March.

The executive commented on the new system, calling it secure and reliable. He believes that it would be easier for the customers to use it than come to the casino face-to-face and bring documents.

History of Changes to Nevada Regulations

The very first step towards changes by Sightline was at the end of 2020 when experts pushed for modifying the existing regulations. The next year, this petition was submitted again after some progress was made in this field.

Nevada’s officials held a few meetings where they discussed whether the change would be beneficial. In the end, they approved the new rules. Eventually, more new regulations are expected regarding cashless gaming in the establishments of Nevada.

More Comments from Officials

Back in December, Michael Somps stated that there were no clashes with federal legislation regarding the new change. He expressed his gratitude to the commissioners for being supportive of the improvements. In his words, the major priority for everyone involved is to make sure that Nevada’s gambling industry develops organically and remains highly profitable.

Another official, Jennifer Carleton, said shifting to digitalisation sets the state on the right path towards developing the gaming business of Nevada. In her opinion, both old and new practices can be implemented in the state, and the government is looking forward to cooperating with regulators in various territories of the United States. She concluded by saying how important it is to promote innovation everywhere.

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