Nevada Reports Year-on-Year Revenue Increase for January

10 march 2022
Author: James Burton
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Recently, the local gambling industry representatives in Nevada have reported the revenue that the state has amassed lately. It turned out that the territory has gained 41.6% more than it did this time last year. The exact figure is 1.08 billion USD throughout the month of January.

Nevada reports year-on-year gaming revenue increase

Popular Means of Gambling

This year, Nevada’s gambling profits were mostly caused by people’s interest in slot machines. They have largely contributed to the general revenue by amassing 731.5 million USD, which is a 39.0% increase from last year. Table gambling, in turn, has gathered 347.3 million USD.

Out of all the slot games, people were most attracted to the multi-denomination ones. These slots have gathered 358.1 million USD of profits, while their penny equivalents trailed behind with 279.6 million USD.

Blackjack was the most popular representative of table games, as its players have invested a whopping 106 million USD. Meanwhile, the baccarat players have given 64.8 million USD to the state’s economy.

Sports Revenue Specifics

Although betting on sports was not as prominent as slot machines, it still added a significant number to the general earnings of the territory. Overall, bettors managed to contribute 67.7 million USD to the overall sum, which was 4.6% less than they gave last year.

A part of these profits, namely 15.2 million USD, came from users who preferred to bet on their favourite games using mobile applications. The overall amount of money for sports wagering is 1.11 billion USD, which was a 71.8% rise from this period in 2021.

People’s clear preference is football, which they mostly place their predictions on. The football betting industry has amassed 36.6 million USD of profits, raising the bar of the former month by 42.9%. The next in line was basketball, which gathered 11.3 million USD, and the rest of sports brought in an additional 2.9 million USD.

Territorial Data

Unsurprisingly, Nevada mostly benefitted from the region of Clark County, where the famous Las Vegas is situated. This territory gathered 928.7 million USD and was ahead of its competitors by a landslide. The next geographic location was Washoe County, which added 74.3 million USD to the overall sum, while Elko County’s contribution was 31.7 million USD.

Nevada is known for breaking records, as it came out recently that its players have generated a revenue of 13.40 billion USD throughout the entirety of 2021. Additionally, it emerged that the sports wagering part was 445.1 million USD, also a record. Finally, the bettors managed to contribute 179.8 million USD to the Super Bowl predictions last month.

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