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New Jersey and Illinois Join Nevada in Top, Record Super Bowl Betting

18 february 2022
Author: James Burton
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A few of the US states made their betting statistics on the recent Super Bowl public. The leader was Nevada, which wagered a whole 180 million USD on the big event competitors. The next became New Jersey, where the players spent 144 million USD, and Illinois, where they left 60.5 million USD in the hands of operating businesses. Mississippi and Montana reported 6.4 million and 700 thousand USD respectively.

New Jersey, Illinois, Nevada in top, record Super Bowl betting

Predictions and Comments

According to the predictions of AGA, 31.4 million people were set to bet a whopping sum of 7.61 billion USD on the Super Bowl’s grand event. This would be a large improvement from the past year by 78%, as a lot of states have just recently introduced legal wagering to their players.

As stated by David Forman, the representative of AGA, the early statistics are very promising in relation to the preliminary predictions. He listed the growth percentage of particular states, saying that Nevada’s wagering number grew by 30% from 2020, and the New Jersey numbers increased by 20%. To him, it was an achievement, taken into account that there has been legal betting in New York since recently.

State Numbers

The state of New York has been breaking records since its recent introduction of the betting business. The first months of this state going live gave a 2 billion USD profit to the country, and the jurisdiction is planning to announce its numbers soon.

As for New Jersey, the territory has amassed 7.8 million USD due to the largest sports event, which was a step up from last year’s 11.3 million USD. The general number of 117.4 million USD has risen by 22.4% since the 2021 Super Bowl experience.

More States

The bookmaker spaces in Illinois worked best on the Web, with such giants as DraftKings, FanDuel gaining 21.5 million and 17 million USD respectively. The profits from each company were 2.5 and 5 million USD.

Ever since the wagering business was officially launched in the state of Illinois 2 years earlier, the locals have spent over 7 billion USD on betting. Last December was the month when the betting enthusiasts brought in a record sum of 840 million USD. There are lucrative plans of opening wagering spaces on the stadiums.

In Montana, the betting volume grew by 41% since the previous year. The revenue of this state stands at 267,971 USD. Regarding the business in Mississippi, betting has been legal there for 4 years, but the sports lovers could only place their predictions at in-person portals.

According to the data from GeoComply, over 80.1 million financial transactions that concerned the Super Bowl 2022 match came through. It was twice as much as in 2021. Since the show, 5.6 million accounts have been registered to go on bookmaker sites, which is 95% more than in the previous year.

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