Novomatic: “In 2021, Online Gaming Was Again the Vertical that Benefited from the General Conditions”

11 january 2022
Author: James Burton
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Two members of Novomatic’s Board of Directors summed up the gaming industry’s evolution of the last year, including its recuperation after the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, they shared some plans and expectations for the next year.

Gaming industry’s evolution of 2021 and plans for 2022

Year-End Assessment

The executives assessed the work of the company in the last year and its functioning in difficult circumstances. They admitted that the first half of the year was severely influenced by the spread of the virus, and the company’s partners had to go into lockdowns or switch to the online mode. Sometimes, it could last for a few months, and all the primary operations of the company were closed, which led to the decrease in revenue.

However, there was a light at the end of the tunnel, which came in a form of mandatory vaccination. The state of events became more hopeful in the middle of the year, and the business finally gained a chance to return to its usual way of operating. By the end of the first half of 2021, in-person gambling was back. Still, there were restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus, for instance, shorter hours and the limitations of customers per venue.


Ryszard Presch believes that Novomatic was no less affected by the sudden change than their clients. Nonetheless, in his words, the group assisted its consumers in adapting to the new lockdown reality. Additionally, the company was focused on producing new solutions that would be beneficial when things go back to usual and the level of investments will increase again.

The director stated that the current conditions had a positive influence on the business after all because the lockdown presented some new opportunities to gamers and bettors. To add to that, the industry became more prominent in certain countries, some examples being Germany and the Netherlands. The United States also introduced regulated gambling in multiple areas, which contributed to the overall growth of the field.

New Directions

Ryszard Presch voices presumptions that the spread of the disease will be stopped in 2022, and interpersonal contact will become a part of our lives again. He expressed hopes that the team will be able to get together in London for the conference, as the Novomatic executives are excited to meet their clients and partners, as well as introduce their cutting-edge production. No matter what, the current prime concern is everyone’s health and protecting workers from the virus.

Another 2022 focal point of the business will be meeting all the client requirements, particularly maintaining the excellent customer assistance. For this, the company will have to pay extra attention to the quality of its products. The executive understands that the clients are extra careful with their financial investments in such an uncertain time, so the group will have to rely more on their feedback and experiences.

Johannes Gratzl adds that expanding the market in various countries is a goal for 2022. He hopes that the company will strengthen its relationships with existing partners and gain authority in the new growing markets, out of which, he singles out the American one.

Expectations for the New Year

In Johannes Gratzl’s words, the in-person meetings between the company and its partners are long overdue. He remains optimistic that it can happen in 2022, even despite some of the new alterations of the virus, one example of it being Omicron. According to him, vaccines are now globally available, and the rates of vaccinated people keep rising, which promises bright things for the line of work.

To conclude, Ryszard Presch states that the company will deal with all the challenging aspects of the business in the new year, continue coming up with new technologies, and provide ventures to gambling markets.

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