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Pragmatic Play Latin America Attended ICE London 2023

08 february 2023
Author: James Burton
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The Pragmatic Play company, one of the largest suppliers of products for the gambling industry, has formalised its participation in the ICE London event in 2023. The conference took place on February 7−9.

Pragmatic Play at ICE London 2023

During the fair, the brand exhibited its products for the Latin American region. These were solutions characterised by such advantages:

  • an excellent design;
  • originality;
  • ease of use.

Before the event, the company emphasised the desire to remain a leading corporation for the iGaming industry in Latin America, striving to give clients gambling products of the highest quality. Hence, the event in London was attended by over 100 Pragmatic Play representatives from branches across the globe.

Words of Pragmatic Play Latin America Representatives

Marco Pequeno, the spokesman for Pragmatic Play's Brazilian branch, said the ICE has always been a great industry stage. Here, each company tries to offer only the best of its products to interested customers. So, firms need to:

  • show their seriousness;
  • present new solutions to the public;
  • confirm the position as the top-rated corporation in the sector.

Javier Samel, the CD of the Argentinian branch, said the ICE festival is a significant event for personal purposes as well. Attending this event is always a privilege but also a way to build new partnerships in an industry that is in a phase of rapid evolution.

The CD of Mexico, Enrique Romero, noted that leading positions in Latin America entail representing proprietary products at the world's largest trade fair. The expert is 100% sure that the various events of this kind will help to understand the peculiarities of the domestic market better.

This is not only because participation in conferences such as ICE also helps to find out the direction in which the industry is moving and what its peculiarities are. In the words of Mr Romero, the company strives to be at the forefront as it tries to write the future of the iGaming sphere.

Pragmatic Play's New Possibilities

According to Marcos Ford, another prominent member of the brand, attending ICE is always a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable experience. It allows one to meet new cultures while also benefiting from new perspectives on the market's potential development. This is precisely the reason why ICE is an event that should not be ignored, given its worldwide popularity.

Mr Ford said one can grow and evolve by taking part in such conferences as ICE. It is a matter of:

  • showcasing completed products;
  • making great connections;
  • exploring the potential of new market branches with partners.

These factors can lead to the emergence of critical initiatives, which eventually have a beneficial influence on the development of the entire industry.

Participation in such essential fairs implies the presence of various challenges that one must be able to face with the utmost professionalism. Pragmatic Play Latin America's marketing manager, Andriéle Dias, said this. For him, taking part in an event like the ICE is an absolute dream. However, it also implies a big challenge: continuing to evolve in an industry with enormous potential presents several obstacles that one has to be good at overcoming.

Why Is ICE So Significant?

Another essential group member, Victor Arias, said that participating in a world-famous fair represents a vital milestone for specialists in this field. Its critical importance cannot be underestimated and is second to none among those events held in the industry. Not to mention the great potential it offers, thanks to which any company operating in the field of iGaming can forge valuable partnerships with many other businesses.

According to Mr Arias, ICE London means a lot and returning there after a year is one of his most significant and vital experiences. To see the greatness of this fair together with other members of the team makes him happy and proud.

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