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Slotegrator: Face New Challenges and Respect Client Expectations

09 february 2023
Author: James Burton
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Dmytro Kryvorchuk is the head of Slotegrator's sales team. The expert gave an interview in which he summarised the brand’s development in 2022. In addition, the prominent Slotegrator member made several predictions for 2023.

Reflections on 2022

Slotegrator's business plans for 2023

Mr Kryvorchuk spent a large part of the interview talking about the year that just ended, pointing out that it was not an easy time but that Slotegrator still managed to adapt to the situation.

The company's development team innovated by creating industry-leading products during the previous year. Furthermore, the proprietary platform and the Telegram Casino have been improved.

In this way, the company strengthened its presence and entered many new territories. Now, the firm is represented in the following territories:

All this has enabled the group to expand turnover and develop its gaming portfolio. Slotegrator works with over 100 partners. Also, the branded platform secured a Business-to-Business licence issued by the Romanian regulator ONJN.

According to Dmytro Kryvorchuk, the current period is characterised by constant moving toward transformation and innovation. The market is becoming increasingly digitalised.

More companies are opening their business on the Web. They look for solutions like live entertainment or the Metaverse, which extensively uses virtual reality technologies, opening new possibilities. These are, however, only several of the first innovations. Within a short time, there could be many futuristic options to take advantage of.

Markets with the Most Significant Potential for 2023

The biggest opportunities in the field of gambling are offered by:

  • Asia;
  • Africa;
  • Latin America.

These are new business sectors that are undergoing rapid development. Many South American countries have attracted a great deal of interest, mainly due to the popularity of gambling among the residents.

Brazil is one of the world's biggest entertainment markets, and its growth forecasts are fascinating. It is assumed that the iGaming sector in Brazil will surpass the $ 1.6 billion mark before 2026.

A very similar argument applies to Asia, another massive and promising market. The economies of the local countries are in a phase of rapid improvement. These are highly populated regions where people develop a great deal of interest in gambling, which is strictly controlled (the reason why it is one of the safest on the planet).

The Indian market, which remains rich in possibilities, was not ignored in the interview either. This is despite a complex regulatory framework: many normatives change from one state to another, and India itself tries to control gambling strictly. Nonetheless, projections are optimistic, with total gambling revenue in India expected to exceed $ 1 billion within a few years.

Africa is also considered a very promising continent. Here, the most significant states are:

The last one is the biggest market in the region, with an expected turnover of more than $ 2.3 billion soon.

Finally, the CIS stands out, including countries such as Armenia and Georgia. Thanks to the masses of tourists, the local gambling field is growing slowly but steadily. However, there are still some difficulties to overcome.

For example, a gaming site can only be opened by having a ground business licence. Meanwhile, Armenia has 6 times more players than the United Kingdom, one of the most popular gambling sectors worldwide.

Advice from Mr Kryvorchuk on How to Succeed in 2023

Online casino: ways to success

The most important thing will be to do everything possible to meet customers' expectations and to succeed in facing new challenges. The amusement industry is incredibly innovative. It requires imaginative approaches. Corporations, therefore, must adapt to market demands.

Studios like Slotegrator have a massive and varied partner base, which also helps to increase the offer further. Therefore, creating solid cooperation with firms that can assist develop the company remains crucial.

Which Game Format Will Be the Most Popular

Digitalisation is crucial, but offline products cannot be forgotten. On the other hand, the mixed format is a novelty that gamers have already appreciated when enjoying unusual experiences.

The popularity of the various types of content changes greatly depending on the geographical area. For instance, live games are most famous in Asia and remained so even during the pandemic. Players particularly appreciated the possibility of talking to the operator's staff and making live human connections.

The Asian iGaming sector is one of the biggest on Earth, and plenty of local people participate in entertainment with real dealers. This criterion grants the region immense possibilities for developing gambling.

There are other reasons why it makes sense to invest in the Asian market:

  • the great interest in iGaming;
  • the growth of the entertainment sector;
  • the production of new software for the local market.

Mr Kryvorchuk was keen to emphasise that the web gambling industry has no boundaries, and even the smallest online casinos can attract the attention of millions of players worldwide. All that is needed is to know the rules of the market in which one operates.

What to Expect in 2023

The entire Slotegrator team is confident that 2023 will turn out to be a year of significant changes, especially in the digital field. The firm has already developed many incredible projects. The main focus is on a possible doubling of the results achieved. The company also has another goal: to explore markets in which it has not operated yet.

During 2023, the studio will present customers with a large selection of exclusive products, which its competitors do not have. Numerous innovative possibilities in other markets will also complement this. Not to mention brand-new games produced by Slotegrator's partners. The solutions developed will then be integrated into the APIgrator system.

Slotegrator's Strategy

Slotegrator business strategy for 2023

The plan for 2023 has a clear purpose: to improve existing products and create new ones that will interest customers. The firm's focus will be on the multifunctionality of the software developed. Another goal will be to evolve thanks to innovative products, which will give better results.

In particular, Slotegrator will announce a casino platform called P2 and perfect the modules included in the system. In addition, the firm’s team will create new e-books for various markets.

The corporation will also:

  • expand its gaming portfolio;
  • participate in live and online events;
  • focus on improving services.

All this could lead to more growth in 2023, together with partners and customers.

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