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The Development of the iGaming Market in the Next 4 Years

07 october 2022
Author: James Burton
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The profitability and demand for entertainment projects are growing blazing fast.

iGaming business: forecasts

Casino Market experts analysed the prospects of the gaming industry and made forecasts for the next 4 years.

The Growth in Profitability

The volume of the global entertainment industry today is estimated at $ 747.9 billion. This figure is expected to grow by 3.6% in 2026 to reach $ 876 billion. The profitability of the casino niche in 2026 will be $ 153.1 billion. The average annual growth rate will reach 3.7%.

The increase in popularity of online gaming projects is observed both in emerging and lucrative markets. Consider the example of the USA. More than 80% of the country’s adult population used gambling services at least once in their lives.

The rapid pace of development of mobile technologies and cryptocurrencies contributes to the rise of the gambling industry’s lucrativeness.

Modern gadgets allow players to access any online portal in seconds. Therefore, operators are launching mobile versions of sites and applications for smartphones.

The following brands will hold the positions of the most successful operators in the coming years:

The Main Issues of the Coming Years

The attention of operators and suppliers will be focused on the following themes:

  1. Simultaneous work in several markets.
  2. Access to digital archives.
  3. The interconnection of the casino industry and tourism business.
  4. The development of cryptocurrency technologies.
  5. Mobile games of chance.
  6. The impact of 5G on the market’s development.
  7. Demographic specifics of the audience.
  8. Cyber attacks as a key problem of online casinos.
  9. The use of smartwatches for placing bets.
  10. Big data in the entertainment business.
  11. VR and AR solutions.

The Situation in Different Regions

Gambling business in different regions

Consider the forecasts for the most popular markets:


The American gambling business is valued at $ 267.5 billion today. The local industry has been hit hard by the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The gambling field in many states is directly related to the tourism and aviation business.

The closure of hotels and the cancellation of popular flights significantly affected the situation in a negative aspect. For example, according to experts, the profitability of the gambling niche in New Orleans fell by 60% during the lockdown period.

Nowadays, the situation in the industry is gradually stabilising. The biggest hopes of operators are assigned to the mobile segment. It is expected that the annual increase in profitability will reach 2.8%.

Asia-Pacific Region

According to analysts, the gambling industry’s profits in these territories will reach $ 322.4 billion in 2026. The average annual lucrativeness growth rate is 4.4%. This indicator makes the market the most promising in the world.

The region includes such promising countries:

Other Markets

It is also worth noting such profitable regions as Canada and Europe.

The expected annual earnings growth will be:

  • 3.1% in Canada;
  • 3.5% in Europe.

The Main Things about the Prospects for the Entertainment Industry

The profitability of the gaming business will grow in the coming years. The Asia-Pacific region will become the leading market. Its annual profit growth rate will reach more than 4%.

The main trends of the industry will be as follows:

  • the development of cryptocurrency projects;
  • work in the mobile segment;
  • simultaneous access to multiple markets;
  • big data processing;
  • VR and AR gambling, and others.

If you want to know more about the expected prospects of the gambling industry, please contact the Casino Market team.

We will acquaint you with current trends and help you find lucrative solutions for the business. Our studio cooperates with the leading suppliers in the market. Therefore, the high quality and reliability of products are guaranteed.

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