The Innovative Trends in the Gaming Industry in 2022 and Subsequent Years

25 march 2022
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Author: James Burton
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Advanced technologies make our lives more convenient. New methods are developing at lightning speed. Innovations penetrate all spheres of human activity.

The gambling industry is an ideal foundation for experiments and the introduction of advanced technologies. They make it easier to use entertainment resources and bring a better gaming experience to users. New instruments also help operators run their businesses more efficiently.

Innovative trends in the iGaming industry

Casino Market experts analysed the current trends in the field of innovative gambling technologies and determined which tendencies will be leading in the coming years.

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The Opinions of the Gaming Business Representatives

The authoritative organisation YouGov, which specialises in sociological research, surveyed representatives of the entertainment sphere. The purpose of the study was to identify current trends and to study the views of the industry’s leaders on the development of these directions in 2022 and beyond. Representatives of the B2B and B2C sectors, as well as independent consultants working in the gambling field, took part in the survey.

The experts presented the results of the poll. Check out some key points:

  1. About 45% of respondents believe that machine learning is one of the most immediately applied trends in the iGaming industry. In addition, 38% of participants find this technology extremely useful for growing the entertainment business in the coming years.
  2. Many operators noted the importance of introducing crypto payments into projects. About 42% of survey participants believe that this technology needs to be implemented and developed today. At the same time, 29% of respondents consider the introduction of cryptocurrencies into the gaming environment useful for both operators and players.
  3. Virtual and augmented reality technologies are also considered by entrepreneurs as the most immediately applied trend (the opinion of 29% of respondents). About 18% of industry representatives find the trend useful for the development of the sphere.
  4. According to the owners and employees of entertainment companies, the best approach to the introduction of advanced technologies is properly organised in-house activities. This is the position of many respondents (44%). However, a significant number of participants (about 40%) also believe that cooperation with external suppliers is the optimal way to implement new trends.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Modern Online Gaming

The majority of respondents identified AI and machine learning as the top trends for 2022. These technologies allow maximum computerisation of many processes. As a result, gaming project management becomes easier and more efficient.

The use of AI allows operators to solve numerous issues in the following areas:

  • automation;
  • data collection;
  • reporting and analysing;
  • regulatory compliance;
  • personalisation;
  • work with chatbots, etc.

Despite the proven effectiveness of machine learning in the entertainment industry, artificial intelligence cannot completely replace the knowledge and skills of real professionals. The capabilities of AI tools are somewhat limited today. For example, communicating in a chatbot allow players to get answers only to common, frequently asked questions. If a user needs to clarify some special nuance, he or she needs to consult a manager.

Operators may also face some difficulties in verifying customers. Sometimes systems block access to online resources for fair and solvent players. At the same time, there are frequent cases when AI instruments do not recognise potential scammers.

The novelty of the technology causes distrust among some older consumers. Nevertheless, this problem will disappear by itself over time. Machine learning is rapidly penetrating many areas of public life. Soon, AI will become quite a familiar thing for most people.

Crypto Payments in the Entertainment Industry

Crypto payments in the gambling business

The use of digital currencies has become quite popular in the gambling business. According to experts' forecasts, this tendency will not lose its relevance in the coming years. The introduction of the innovative payment method has been a big advantage for operators during the pandemic. The absence of commissions and the high security of transactions allowed entrepreneurs to attract new customers who were not able to visit land-based entertainment establishments.

Blockchain technologies are constantly improving and becoming more secure and faster. In addition, the use of cryptocurrencies is already allowed in many countries at the legislative level:

The Benefits of Implementing Advanced Technologies for Operators

The adherence to cutting-edge trends has a positive effect on the image of entertainment companies and their revenues.

Consider the advantages of introducing the latest technologies into the gambling field:

Standing out from competitors

Being ahead of other projects in terms of using up-to-date tools will let you constantly involve more potential customers from local and foreign markets

The increase in audience outreach

The convenience and simplicity of the online format have attracted many regular clients of land-based establishments.

Mobile technologies and cross-platform solutions allow operators to cover new, previously unreachable markets in Africa, Asia, and Latin America

The growth in profitability

The rapid extension of the audience through the application of innovations will enable the owner of an online casino or betting project to get significantly higher revenues

Following the rules of responsible gambling

The use of effective security software and user verification instruments will make it possible to make gaming sessions safer and more deliberate, both on the part of operators and players

The Main Thing about Advanced Technologies in the Gambling Field

Advanced technologies in the gambling field

Innovative trends are shaping the future of the entertainment industry. New concepts quickly turn into efficient tools. They help businessmen increase their customer base and create optimal conditions for users.

According to the reviewed survey, the most relevant trends in 2022 are AI, cryptocurrencies, VR and AR. These technologies are already successfully applied by many online projects. Their demand will grow rapidly in the coming years.

The introduction of new methods in an online casino or a betting project will allow an operator to solve the following essential tasks:

  • the increase in the outreach of the potential audience;
  • the occupation of a worthy position in the market;
  • stable online traffic and profit growth;
  • responsible gambling and legal compliance.

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