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Top 10 Most Effective Coupon and Bonuses Marketing Strategies

12 january 2022
Author: James Burton
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Marketing strategies and bonuses are a necessary part of every promising gambling house. They help create a competitive business and sell your products to the customers. Of course, every casino uses a different strategy to lure players in, but the incentives are a usual practice for each enterprise.

Below, you can see the 10 best strategies that gambling businesses successfully utilise to attract new customers or motivate the current ones.

Top 10 most effective bonuses marketing strategies

Free Spins

A lot of times, the gamer can register on an internet casino website and receive a couple of free spins to start his experience. This practice is implemented by the operators in order to boost the spirit of the gamers, as they can sometimes be hesitant to start playing with real money right away. In addition, it can help punters to decide between two websites and figure out which one has more attractive propositions.

Sign-Up Bonus

A deposit match is one more type of welcome bonus. This is one of the most effective ways to get new gamblers to use your website. With this promotion, the player will have to deposit some cash into his account, and then get an offer for this amount to be mirrored fully or partly.

However, most of the time, there are some restrictions to this bonus — for instance, it can only be matched to a certain percentage.

Calendar Bonus

Once a gamer registers at a casino operator, he will need to be on the lookout for bonuses that the operator offers every week, every month, or on holidays. These are usually some discounts, promo codes, and various freebies that can assist the punter in his gambling adventure.

Loyalty Bonus

This type of promotion is given to the players who either have been with a casino for a certain period of time or those who gamble often. The client will need to check out the conditions of the particular operator to see what can be done for earning a loyalty bonus.

Often, there are a few tiers of such a program, and the higher the customer is, the better the incentive will be.

Reload Bonus

Basically, the reload bonus bears many similarities to a deposit one that is given to new customers. This one, however, is for the gamblers that have already been with the operator for some time. It aims to motivate players to top off their account balance again and again so that they can continue gambling with this casino and not seek luck anywhere else.

Cashback Bonus

This promotion is for people who particularly dislike losing their money and would like to have some guarantee that they are not going to lose too much. With this bonus, the player will have a certain percentage of the cash he lost back.

The catch is that usually, the percentage will not be too large — the majority of the time, it is around 20%. Nonetheless, a lot of players still like using it, because the less money they lose, the more probable it is that they will try their luck again.

High Roller Bonus

There is a separate form of encouragement for people who often spend a lot of savings on wagering. If the player is one of the people who invests a lot of finances in a casino, he might be eligible for this promotion.

Punters can find the conditions for such an incentive on their usual websites. It can also be closely connected with loyalty bonuses.

Featured Game Bonus

The main peculiarity of this promotion is that a particular game will be heavily advertised, and the player will only be able to use some kind of incentive on it. Usually, these can come in the form of free spinning opportunities or bonus cash.

A lot of the time, this game is heavily advertised by the operator because it is either a big popular one that brings the business a lot of revenue or, alternatively, a brand new one that was just introduced.

Referral Bonus

This type of free prize is probably the most common one not only in the casino business but in all enterprises. The rules are simple: the player refers a friend to the website, and they get a welcome bonus, which ranges from a free spin to a deposit match.

The purpose of this incentive is rewarding players for advertising the business to their acquaintances, and thus, expanding the customer base of the platform.

Cryptocurrency Bonus

In the age of cryptocurrency being a subject of many conversations, some casinos made a decision to reward people who deposit crypto money and wager with them. The rewards that are given to such users often correlate with a welcome bonus.

The incentives for newcomers and existing customers are a common way of keeping their clientele among many casino businesses. A lot of players make good use out of these promotions and consider them to be an efficient way to start winning. This approach is beneficial for the operator since it increases profits and makes the casino a place of high demand.

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