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Uruguay Presents New Regulatory Gambling Measures

30 august 2022
Author: James Burton
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The Casino Market team offers a first-hand account of Uruguay's objectives and internal challenges in formalising the iGaming sphere.

Uruguay presents gambling regulatory measures

The Latest Implementations

A recently presented project for an online gambling policy was accepted by the Finance Commission of the Chamber of Senators.

  1. The Chamber of Deputies will now examine a plan that would establish a web entertainment industry before sending it to the Senate for a final vote.
  2. The opposing party succeeded in adding a supplementary resolution to address the funding of problem gambling programmes during the debate.
  3. The DGC would be responsible for allocating 5% of its gross income to ongoing initiatives if it would be accepted.

Senator Alejandro Sánchez noted that at first, he criticised the legislation because online wagering approvement in other countries resulted in a rise in addiction around the world.

Disputes Between Officials

The political party Frente Amplio demanded that the State get engaged in establishing laws governing responsible gaming. However, the company's officials claimed that no plans for a compensation policy or a restriction had been made.

The amended strategy was accepted by a Senate committee, but it is anticipated that it would encounter some opposition in the Chamber of Deputies.

A representative Sebastián Cal told that additional advertising limitations will be needed since the safer gambling policies included in the law are not adequate.

Regulatory Measures

Uruguay has advanced with market legislation since the fourth quarter of 2021 thanks to a decree created by the Ministry of Economy.

The plan would enable the DGC to manage the segment and grant permission for businesses with terrestrial operating licences to conduct businesses online.

To elaborate on regulations, the initiative examines the growth and relevance that digital gambling currently has and will undoubtedly have in the future.

Existing Opposition

The Uruguayan media claims that a crucial component of the internet gaming policy is necessary for the Cipriani project in Punta del Este to proceed. In compliance with the law, the Executive power may grant or cancel a digital permit to existing land-based vendors or other legal organisations who may in the future be eligible.

One of the demands the Italian business made while building its facility in the former San Rafael hotel was the ability for Cipriani to also operate online.

Officials of the association have challenged the regulation's strategy and dubbed the plan incomplete.

Expert Input

According to Pablo Monsuárez, Cipriani's legal counsel, the rules do not cover the entirety of the online gambling market. Casino games fall under the DGC's purview and the remaining products are under the National Directorate of Lotteries, which power lacks the resources to handle the niche.

According to the expert, if things stay the same, there would be an unfair system that will produce competitors with obvious economic advantages but no substantial facilities to assist them.

He asserted that it is essential to be transparent about the requirements for participants, something that is not taking place in this situation.

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