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Washington DC Sports Betting Handle Hits Six-Month Low in January

01 march 2022
Author: James Burton
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The information about how much customers spend on sports betting in the Washington area has come to light. It turns out that in January, the numbers have been rather low compared to the previous months, as the general number was 18.6 million USD.

Washington DC sports betting handle hits 6-Month low


In comparison to the statistics released in January 2021, the overall contributions from the players rose by 18.5%. However, it went down by 3.6% since December of the last year, making it the lowest number since August, when the stats showed 12.4 million USD.

The sports wagering business has gained 2 million USD in revenue in the past month, which rose by 5.3% compared to last year. It also had significant growth since December by a whopping 42.9%.

Bookmaker Rating

Speaking of the Washington-based bookmaker establishments, Gambet has become the most successful out of them all in January by amassing 5.7 million USD from the bettors. It also paid 4.8 million USD to the victorious players. There have been 952,919 USD of the revenue.

Caesars, the owner of a famous internet and retail bookmaker business, became the runner-up among all the operators in January. The profits gathered by this enterprise was 694,095 USD, even though the handle was higher than its competitor’s.

Another highly profitable group is BetMGM, which is known for partnering up with the local baseball team. It managed to acquire 243,695 USD of revenue with the general number of 3.1 million USD.

As for the gambling business of Grand Central Restaurant, which cooperates with the local group Elys Game Technology, it has amassed 70,738 USD in profit and 597,353 USD in total.

Fiscal Year Data

In the period of the last 4 months, which ended in late January of this year, a total of 85.6 million USD was wagered on sports events, and the companies have earned profits of 9.4 million USD.

Caesars became the highest-earning company throughout this time by gaining 5.2 million USD of revenue out of the general 53.5 million USD handle. It has surpassed the statistics of Gambet, which earned 3.3 million USD out of 21.5 million USD overall.

The next group in line is BetMGM, which currently can boast 537,807 USD of profits out of the overall 8.6 million USD of bets made by its customers. Grand Central has amassed over 272 thousand USD after the general number was revealed to be 2 million USD.

Washington DC is one of a few regions that is going through a low-earning period as of lately. It is reported that multiple other states of the US have hit their highest numbers in a while and broken records lately.

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