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What Casino Operators Should Never Do: Top 10 Mistakes

20 november 2019
Online casino, Tutorial / Guide
Author: James Burton
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The gambling industry is growing rapidly: the creation of online casinos is considered to be the fastest and most effective way to generate a high income.

Open an online casino to earn more

In recent years, the query “How to open an online casino” has been taken the first place in search engine rankings. There is enough information in the public domain: you can find everything from detailed step-by-step strategies to interesting tips on how to introduce stylistic or technological innovations and courses for staff training. But few people can give and systematise information on what mistakes do entrepreneurs make when they are opening casinos.

The Casino Market team has prepared the top 10 most common mistakes that people make when they are implementing gambling projects and some recommendations on how to correct them.

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Unreliable Partners and Low-Quality Software

As a rule, the acquisition of low-quality software components has one reason — an attempt to save money. When answering the question of how to open a casino, it is worth remembering that reliable and functional software simply cannot be cheap.

A solution that is selected only because it is financially beneficial may cause the following problems:

  • failings in the operation of a website;
  • inability to launch the selected game;
  • errors and failings in the process of carrying out financial transactions;
  • lack of communication with customer support services;
  • loss of loyalty of the audience and partners.


The main rule is to cooperate only with trusted and reliable suppliers and intermediaries. If you do not have the desire or ability to be engaged in the purchase of each software component individually, you will always be able to order a turnkey project.

With the Casino Market team, the question of how to open an online casino will simply lose its relevance. After the conclusion of the contract, you will become the owner of a proven platform with a full range of components for profit earning. Moreover, we provide the technical and legal support of the startup.

Boring Content of the Same Type

How to open a casino with the right game content? Fruit-themed “one-armed bandits” have always been and still are a symbol of the gambling industry. But progress is on the go, and over time, the monotonous rotation of lemons and red sevens annoys even the most devoted gamblers.

Correction of an Error When Opening a Casino

The solution to this problem is elementary — maximum variability. The most popular forms of games for money include several types of products.

The best content for a gambling startup


Brief description

Games with storylines

The traditional spinning of the reels turns into an exciting full-length animation with original themes and colourful characters. Each slot is a separate world with unusual background image and subplots

Card simulators

Poker in all its many-sided diversity, blackjack, baccarat, and other card games will be excellent additions to the collection of familiar slot machines.

Unusual gambling products occupy an intermediate position between traditional casino slot machines and the cutting-edge live content


It is not so much the winnings that are important for players as the emotions from game sessions and unique experience. The competitive spirit combined with the opportunity to find likeminded people and good chances of winning make tournaments a more and more attractive format of the entertainment for money

Live broadcasts

Technology forges ahead. Now, a real casino can be “visited” at any time. An extended range of bets, a sense of presence and absolute honesty of the game (the session is conducted without the use of a random number generator) guarantee an unforgettable experience

Work in the Shade

Gambling, like any other type of entrepreneurial activity, should be registered and licensed.

Operation without a permit will have unpleasant consequences:

  • unwanted attention from the state apparatus;
  • penalties and criminal prosecution;
  • the impossibility of concluding agreements with major suppliers;
  • problems with the search for partners and investors;
  • low level of trust and a constant outflow of the audience.

How to Avoid a Mistake

A license for a gambling project is the only opportunity to work legally in domestic markets and the international arena. Moreover, the issue of purchasing a special document should be resolved at the initial stages of the project implementation.

The most famous and popular jurisdictions for the registration of a gambling license are:

  • Costa Rica;
  • Curacao;
  • Malta;
  • the Isle Of Man;
  • Kahnawake.

Problems With Financial Flows

Investing in an online casino: financial issues

One of the most common mistakes is the lack of secure payment systems. Operators can offer their customers an innumerable variety of entertainment, work under a license, and provide prompt customer support but the first failure in the transaction will cause negative feedback and outflow of customers.

How to Solve a Financial Problem

Entrepreneurs should choose proven and safe services that have managed to establish themselves in the domestic and global markets. The more solutions will be presented on the gaming site, the higher traffic indicators will be. Services should include support for bank transfers and access to electronic wallets and international online systems.

We strongly recommend you to pay attention to the service of the connection of bitcoin wallets. Cryptocurrency casinos are a steady trend, which gains more and more popularity every day. If you believe the forecasts, by the end of 2022, every second gambling establishment in the world will accept the virtual currency.

Problems With the Design

Imagine the situation: an operator offered unique slot machines, a lot of bonuses, a guarantee of security and confidentiality but potential customers stay on the website for no more than a couple of minutes. In this case, the problem is the wrong design and complicated navigation.

Correction of the Error

Our advice is to find a team of professional developers and designers before opening a casino. Templates for the future platform should be a part of the main project and business strategy since the design is a key pillar in forming the first impression of players.

The website should not be too colourful. It is also better not to play with fonts and give preference to elegant classics and simple shapes.

As for navigation, each control element should be on its place, making the time users spend on the gaming site as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Another useful recommendation: add identification buttons to the page through the pages of social networks.

Unqualified Customer Support

To pay no regard for players is the fastest and the easiest way to ruin a business. A platform that is not able to provide its clients with prompt and qualified support can very quickly lose even the most devoted users.

How to Achieve Full Understanding With Gamblers

All marketing and internal casino support systems should be aimed only at increasing the lifetime customer value. By using simple and affordable tools, operators can distinguish VIP users at the initial stages of the project and provide the most active customers with comfortable playing conditions.

Basic rules for communicating with visitors to a casino:

  • quick recovery of possible failures of the system;
  • bonuses and special offers;
  • round-the-clock support service via several communication channels (e-mail, telephony, chat on the website and in social networks);
  • the constant renewal of the product range;
  • individual offers and services of a personal manager;
  • additional options and extended limits for bet for VIP players.

Problems With Security

The website hacking is only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, casino operators and visitors face several security problems. This may be the identity fraud, attempts to calculate the results of the game and hit the jackpot, the attack of bots, interruptions in financial flows, and much more.

How to Ensure the Safety of Customers

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Owners of gaming sites should pay attention to the following solutions and opportunities:

  1. The use of LSI encryption technology.
  2. Storage of the information on remote foreign servers.
  3. Implementation of systems that automatically detect fraud on the website.
  4. The using of an option of blocking the accounts of clients.

For more information on the methods and technical solutions that ensure the safety of an online casino website, please contact managers of Casino Market. We are ready to offer you complex turnkey projects and services for already existing platforms.

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No Individuality

Online casino business mistakes

In the face of severe competition, the traditional site with slot machines has every chance of “getting lost” against the background of thousands of similar offers.

Escaping the Established Standards

You can stand out against the background of competitors in the following ways:

  1. Exclusive content (for the development of unique products on the basis of your own sketches, you can contact the Casino Supermarket team).
  2. Bonuses and loyalty programs.
  3. Services for VIP players.
  4. Relevant newsletter and the personalisation of offers.

Wrong Time and Financial Management

Some operators create additional problems for themselves by concluding contracts for the purchase of each device or other thematic product.

How to Save Money on Running a Gambling Business

Use complex turnkey solutions. As a result of cooperation with an intermediary, you will receive a ready-made project with the integrated content and internal management systems at a reasonable price. This approach not only reduces financial costs but also allows you to enter the market in a short time.

Inappropriate Marketing

Even the most luxurious and safe casino in the world will instantly be out of business without the influx of a new audience and a reliable base of loyal gamblers. A few announcements on the themed boards are clearly not enough for the development of the platform.

Professional Promotion of an Online Casino

An operator whose aim is to achieve success should be prepared for the fact that the marketing program will cost about half of the estimated revenue of the website. At the same time, rational strategies should cover not only the sphere of the attraction of the audience (advertising banners, groups in social networks, one-time special offers, and greeting programs) but also the determination of the most effective ways to retain players.

We recommend you to turn to professionals at the initial stages of the project development. With a competent approach, all the money invested in the creation and advertising of the gaming site will return to the investor in 2-6 months, after which the startup will start bringing a net profit.

Conclusion: How to Open an Online Casino With Casino Market

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The Casino Market team described the most common mistakes of beginning operators and investors who do not have experience in the gambling industry. And these are not all the problems that entrepreneurs may face. Therefore, the best way out of the situation is the cooperation with a qualified intermediary.

The gambling platform from Casino Market is a convenient and secure solution that combines the following advantages:

  • exclusive design and logo;
  • total freedom of choosing a marketing strategy;
  • technical support;
  • the largest selection of content;
  • fast integration of proven payment services;
  • prompt resolution of legal issues and disputes (registration of legal status, assistance in purchasing a gambling license);
  • free updates of the system;
  • guarantee of security.

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