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Online gambling license: top 5 offshores for the registration of an Internet casino

10 november 2018
Author: James Burton
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Internet casinos are very popular nowadays. Nevertheless, due to the expansion of the number of new casinos, rules for business operation became stricter. Under current conditions, an online casino license is extremely important, since without it casino owners can be imprisoned.

Online gambling license

Luckily, today an online gambling license is issued by many countries, which makes it possible for businessmen to provide their services legally.

All the beauty of an online gambling establishment is that it can be executed in any jurisdiction, and thus make its activity lawful. Besides, the gambling license allows brands to gain loyalty and trust of the audience, as it shows the honesty of a gambling establishment.

Unfortunately, it can be quite time-consuming to receive a license, especially if you do not know the finer points.

The casino licensing procedure takes place in several stages. Any permit provides its own personal requirements to the licensee.

We have made a list the best jurisdictions that allow operators to carry out gambling business on a worldwide basis and create optimal conditions for business operations.

So, let's move it!

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Malta: Casino Gaming License

This state is small and independent, and it joined the EU in 2004. Today it is considered to be one of the most influential jurisdictions, which is recognized all over the world and is held in great respect of gamblers. The existence of a Maltese online gambling license helps to big up the status of a gambling establishment in the eyes of users.

This republic was the first that had started to regulate online gambling in terms of legislation. At the moment, a gambling license has already been issued to more than 500 legal entities. Gambling is regulated by a special state committee (LGA).

Malta has been dealing with casino licensing since 2000, and since 2004 there have appeared some new rules that have divided online casino license into four classes:

  • Class I. Full-fledged license, which allows operators to create online casinos, lotteries, slots and any games that work driven by a random number generator.
  • Class II. License for the betting business.
  • Class III. Permit for those wishful to promote the gambling business.
  • Class IV. Permit for the provision of hosting, gambling software, platforms, etc.

The registration of a firm can be conducted only by a Maltese legal entity. A license is issued for a period of five years with the possibility of renewal. An equipment inspection is carried out on a periodic basis. In case the results are disappointing, the gambling license can be stemmed or revoked.

Costa Rica: Casino Offshore

Costa Rica is a really unique country that has already issued more than two hundred licenses. However, it has not yet drafted legislation that would somehow control Internet gambling. The only restriction here is a ban on the operation in the country's territory.

This is a casino offshore zone with a sustained economy and favorable political climate. Spanish legislation is used as a constitutional framework. Companies here are not controlled, not regulated or tested.

The described country is not exactly a world-class offshore, therefore, gambling establishments with a permit of such a jurisdiction can work even in the US and EU countries.

In case you are planning to get an online casino license, you should have a presence in the state, i.e. to have an office and employees. But do not worry, there will not be any difficulties, you will not need to fly anywhere. As a matter of fact, you can quickly rent an «office» and find a representative through intermediary firms.

Advantages of the jurisdiction:

  • lack of necessity for registering a legal entity in the country's territory;
  • adequate package of documents for registration;
  • quick drawing up of documents;
  • low cost of a license;
  • ability to work worldwide;
  • no need for opening a bank account in Costa Rica;
  • no taxes;
  • lack of necessity for provision of reports.

Turnkey casino with license

How to Get a Casino License in Curacao

As we have already mentioned, for being able to obtain a permit, you must pass the incorporation procedure. Only after this an application can be filed, and then it will be considered by the Department of Justice. If everything is fine, within six weeks a document with several conditions will be issued:

  • pass the gambling company registration procedure within the country;
  • prepare documents for the acquisition of e-Zone status;
  • gather detailed information on incorporators;
  • send a demand for casino licensing;
  • prepare and file documents for a banking account opening;
  • prepare and file documents for obtaining a merchant account, through which all payments will be made.

You probably wonder what is the e-Zone? It can be described as a zone with stable tax rates. It guarantees protection against changes in taxation with duration of validity until 2026. The only tax is 2% of net profit.

What advantages do the Curacao jurisdiction offer operators:

  • low cost unlike other licensing authorities;
  • reasonable and profitable fiscal policy towards entrepreneurs;
  • simplified and clear registration procedure;
  • single casino gaming license for all types of gambling;
  • quick consideration of an application and registration procedure;
  • adequate requirements for software.

Kahnawake Gambling License

Kahnawake is an official regulator of the gambling business from the Canadian province of Quebec. It has been issued casino licenses since 1996, and from that moment on over two hundred casinos have been registered here. Casino licensing in Kahnawake is based on the principle of fairness of the game process and its purpose is consumer rights protection.

A committee consists of 3 experts, who run for office again every 2 years.

This jurisdiction offers four licenses:

  1. Interactive permit (IGC). It was created for the ability for businessmen to register hosting. A company can receive only one license.
  2. Authorization of the provider (CPA). Such licensees can work with video slots, poker, roulette, sports betting, etc.
  3. IJA — a secondary permit received by businessmen who registered companies in other jurisdictions, but who wish to work in the described country’s territory.
  4. KPL. A license for management behaviour that is granted to owners of online casinos, who have already obtained a CPA license.

A separate permission is needed for the opening of a poker room.

A regulative body has the following standards for licensees:

  • transparent, conscientious and honest conduct of business;
  • condoning attitude towards gamblers and on time repayment of money they have won;
  • maximal data confidentiality;
  • abidance by all rules referring to under-age gamblers from a risk group.

The license from Kahnawake requires the casino site to adhere to the following conditions:

  • availability of mechanisms for limitation of the gamblers' access to casinos at the request of their relatives;
  • feedback option and 24/7 technical support;
  • gaming site must have security systems to avoid data leakage. Casinos are obliged to do everything possible to protect users' personal information;
  • detailed description of rules for each game.

Casino licensing

Isle Of Man

This is a Crown Estate. For being able to control the casino business, a special committee was created, which introduced the concept of «online casino» in 2001.

There are two kinds of permits:

  • Basic license. It allows operators to create Internet casinos and provide services to users worldwide. It also for possible granting sublicenses on the basis of the White Label.
  • Sublicense. The best option for burgeoning entrepreneurs who get an opportunity to work under a well-known and respected brand. After a while, operators will have a chance to get a personal license. And it is important for you to keep in mind that if a casino offers its own unique games, you need first to receive a basic casino gaming license.

A separate permit should be received of the network service, in case you are interested in installing a server outside the national territory.

Requirements of the jurisdiction for licensees:

  • incorporation should take place in the government’s territory;
  • two directors based in the city;
  • appointment of at least one authorized official, who is a resident of the island. If he can not permanently present on the Isle of Man, you should hire an operative manager, who will always be on the island;
  • registration of users on the country’s server or work under a network service permit;
  • opening of a merchant account in a local bank;
  • drawing up a business plan with complete information on financial status, ownership structure, rules of games, internal control systems, technical inspections, etc.

A price of a standard license is 45 thousand dollars annually. In case you want privileges of the network service, it will be necessary to pay 64.4 thousand dollars. Nevertheless, favorable conditions for business dealing and the regulator's wide experience completely pay off such costs, so it would be definitely a wise decision to buy casino license from authorities of Isle Of Man.

In case you have the lack of knowledge on how to obtain casino license, what to do and where to start — address Casino Market. Experts of this firm have first-hand knowledge of casino licensing in all known jurisdictions.

If you are interested in the purchase of a permit and you want to be sure that you will succeed, it's better to use professional assistance. For burgeoning entrepreneurs, Casino Market offers an opportunity to buy turnkey casino with license, thus saving both time and money.

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