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White Label Program or Turnkey Online Casino: How to Choose the Best Option

Updated 13 january 2020
Online casino, Licensing, Management
Author: James Burton
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White Label and turnkey online casinos are popular gambling products. Learn more about their advantages and distinguishing features from this material.

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Turnkey online casino solution

White Label Program: Its Essential Features

White Label program is a solution, which implies the functioning of a casino based on a ready-made partnership agreement resembling a franchise agreement. The White Label scheme facilitates the work of the operator, especially at the start of the gaming platform operation.

As a rule, White Label casinos look patterned and resemble a maternal resource in many ways. This is one of the conditions for signing an agreement. On the other hand, the ready-made site has a license. This fact speeds up the launch of the project considerably. The operator does not need to deal with a number of legal formalities and prepare documentation.

The White Label concept was implemented for the first time in the USA in the early 2000s. Initially, large retailers used this scheme to scale their business and promote their own brands as fast and as profitable as possible.

Over time, this approach migrated to other sectors of the economy. Microgaming, together with the American operator Casino Share, were the first to use this concept in the iGaming field.

Today, opening White Label casinos is a common phenomenon in world practice. This model of interaction has been successfully working for over 15 years in highly developed countries. In addition, many companies, including Casino Market, provide this service in the CIS.

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The Benefits of White Label Program

  • Permissions from leading jurisdictions. The operator will obtain the right to open a business in such popular jurisdictions as Curacao, Malta, Alderney, and others. The region depends on the licensee company.
  • Good reputation. If a well-known company is engaged in the development of the platform, the future casino will be associated with this brand automatically. This is always a significant advantage for beginners.
  • Technical support. As a rule, developers provide free technical support to their customers. The operator does not need to spend his or her time and money to organize the work of this service.
  • Minimum paperwork. The interaction with regulatory authorities, banks, and commissions is minimized since all documents are prepared by the partner company.

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How to Buy a Turnkey Online Casino

As is the case with White Label platforms, turnkey online casinos can be opened using certified software providers, for example, Casino Market.

The turnkey online casino development service involves the creation of a completely ready-to-launch solution. It should be noted that its content depends on the cost and technical capabilities of the provider largely. The operator will receive high-quality software, a unique design, and original gambling content.

The Advantages of Turnkey Online Casinos

  1. The availability of personal settings. The customer is involved in the project at all stages of its development. He or she can adjust the site design and bonus program, as well as plan an advertising strategy.
  2. Originality. Given the high competition in the industry, the creation of a turnkey casino will allow the businessmen to enter the market with a unique and memorable product. The customer can develop with the name and logo of the brand independently.
  3. Freedom. Turnkey casinos can be customized for each client. Website owners will be able to change the design of their platforms or enter into agreements with new slot manufacturers in the future.

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Turnkey Online Casinos and White Label Products: Their Main Differences

These gaming solutions are very similar in many respects. Both of them can simplify and speed up the launch of a profitable platform significantly. Nevertheless, there are several fundamental differences between these products.

Aspect of activity

White Label program

Turnkey casino

Suitable for

Businessmen with little experience of working in the iGaming sector

Novice operators (without experience in this field)



Not provided (developers can provide this service for a fee)

Business registration

Included in a package

Not included (you can order such a service additionally)

Opening of commercial accounts


Not provided

Gaming content


Operators can add their own games

Marketing strategy


Entrepreneurs can promote their projects themselves

What Project to Choose

Opening an online casino: what model to choose

There is no clear answer to this question since a lot of things depend on the needs of the client and the specifics of his or her activities.

Buying a turnkey online casino is suitable for those customers who want to create unique resources with a modern design, an exclusive set of tools, and an original library of slot machines. Such a product will definitely be noticed by the solvent audience.

It is essential to understand that the operator will have to register a legal entity, obtain a license, and open a bank account independently. All these actions require a lot of time and additional financial costs. Of course, you can ask professional programmers for help, but their services will increase the initial price of the project.

The purchase of a White Label casino is recommended for those entrepreneurs who want to launch a gambling resource as quickly as possible. Standard equipment will be sufficient for them. Moreover, the provider will eliminate the need to go through the licensing process.

The payout system deserves special attention in this case. The seller of the White Label project is responsible for jackpots, while the operator must think only about small wins and bonuses. Such an approach will protect the young company from bankruptcy, especially in the first months of its operating. Turnkey casino development implies that all payments are the responsibility of the operator.


We reviewed the features and advantages of each gaming product. This information will help you choose the most suitable variant.

Each solution has a lot of benefits. Therefore, you can order both turnkey online casinos and White Label products from Casino Market.

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