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Why is it Worth Opening a Gambling Business in 2022?

15 january 2020
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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Gambling business trends are discussed by everyone today. However, this niche is still not filled. Experts predict that the volume of investments in iGaming projects will triple in five years. It is essential to invest in the gambling industry today to get a decent income tomorrow.

The Casino Market team has prepared the material about the prospects for launching gaming projects in 2022.

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The Advantages of Online Casinos

Internet casino advantages

The decision to open a gambling business can bring significant profit. This area is characterised by several advantages:

Quick Payback

The return period of the project is of great importance for investors. Fortunately, the casino gambling business is marked by high profitability.

As a rule, the virtual establishment reaches self-sufficiency in 2-6 months after launching. The terms depend on the number of investments, marketing strategy, the library of games, and other characteristics of the platform. Nevertheless, the operator may receive a net profit after six months of operation.

High Profitability

The IGaming industry is one of the most promising areas when speaking about financial revenues. A new, unknown project will bring $500-600 per month. This is a minimum possible sum, but you can get a lot more money, particularly when investing in advertising.

Quick Launching

It is difficult not to note the instant launch of the platform among the main online casino advantages. Many companies, including Casino Market, offer turnkey gambling products today. The customer will receive a full-fledged, ready-for-launch solution. 

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Cost Optimization

Unlike other activities, the gambling business will allow you to save significant sums on running costs. For example, you can optimize the staff, leaving only the administrator and customer support team.

Modern platforms are automated. The operator can cope with financial reporting, program settings, and other tasks easily. Hiring a huge staff is unprofitable.

Financial Benefit 

You need to have a considerable start-up capital to open a gambling business on your own. When turning to professionals, you can save your money without compromising on the quality of the product. Casino Market provides high-quality services for gambling projects development.

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Active Market Growth

Gambling market growth

When considering the advantages of online casinos, it is essential to understand that the iGaming sphere is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. Analysts predict that in 2023, the industry’s revenue may make up about $74 billion. In 2026, this figure will increase to $123.5 billion.

The average annual industry growth rate is 11.4%. Thanks to this indicator, the gaming area can be compared with such significant spheres of the global economy as IT, biotechnology, and construction.

Active development is also associated with new markets. In 2022, the casino gambling business will become available in the following regions:

Eastern Europe

  • This year you can get a license for gambling activities in Ukraine. The country legalized the industry, allowing players to visit not only virtual resources but also land-based establishments.
  • Legislation changes were also adopted in Poland and Romania (especially for the online segment).
  • Bulgaria went even further. Since 2020, all revenues are subject to only 10 percent tax in the country, which makes this territory extremely attractive for investors.

South America

This region is called one of the most promising areas for the coming years. The main advantages of online casinos include such features of the market as low competition and a huge target audience.

Analysts advise to invest in Chile and Argentina, especially if your firm is engaged in sports betting, which is incredibly popular among the locals. That is why the bookmakers will definitely get good profits here.


This is one of the most undervalued markets. However, a lot of things will change over the next 5 years. The absence of strict financial monitoring is one of the main advantages of online casinos in this region. To start a project, you just need to obtain a license from one of the international jurisdictions (for example, Alderney, the Isle of Man, Malta, and Kahnawake).

Advanced Technologies

Advanced Internet casino technologies

You should pay your attention to the iGaming area because of the use of the latest technologies in this field. The gaming business demonstrates excellent dynamics, thanks to applying the best practices from the IT and financial sectors. This area is suitable for those entrepreneurs who strive to develop in the modern informational industry.

An online casino is unlikely to surprise anyone because such a service has already been implemented in the everyday life of many people.

The future of the iGaming field is associated with such technologies:

  1. AR, and VR. Thanks to augmented and virtual reality, the gameplay can become more comfortable and fun. AR and VR are attracting a new audience (especially millennials and zoomers). Moreover, these developments are used in medicine to combat gambling addiction.
  2. Artificial intelligence. Its application is associated with the formation of personalized offers for gamers. An individual approach is provided for each client. Such an approach attracts a considerable target audience.
  3. Blockchain. Novice businessmen wanting to open their own gaming business should focus on Bitcoin casinos. This new, promising niche will bring high profitability of the project. You can order a Bitcoin platform from Casino Market.


The launch of a gaming project in 2022 is a simple and very profitable activity. The gambling industry provides a high return on investment and offers excellent opportunities for the introduction of advanced technologies.

An entrepreneur can optimize the costs of organizing his or her business by ordering a ready-made product from Casino Market.

You can buy a turnkey online casino, a White Label solution, as well as a Bitcoin resource from us. We recommend you to pay attention to the bookmaker and gambling software, which will simplify the start of your project.

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