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Affiliate Programs from Casino Market — Top-Level Online Gambling Advertising

Updated 03 june 2021
Online casino, Marketing
Author: James Burton
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Affiliate marketing is the key advertising method for gambling websites in the markets that are not regulated by the local government. While regulated areas have a lot of other efficient promotional opportunities, affiliates can also establish a steady flow of players to the online casino. The main advantage of this advertising method is the possibility to target narrow groups of people that are more likely to be appealed by gambling.

Casino Market advertising department is a team of professionals that works days and nights to configure efficient promotional conditions for our clients. We have successfully brought dozens of internet gaming portals to the top ratings in their regions. Order our finest advertising solutions and benefit from one of the most effective ways of promotion — affiliate marketing.

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The Essence of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing: essence

The majority of operational areas in the world provide favourable conditions for working with affiliates. Those can be huge companies with multimillion capitals and unique technologies on the market. At the same time, affiliates can also be one-man sites with minimum monetisation. The effectiveness of the partner depends only on how much relevant traffic goes through it.

Affiliates are basically market participants that attract potential punters and make them use special backlinks. It is the main object that helps portal owners declare themselves when it comes to remuneration. An operator receives information about each attracted client and provides compensation to the portal owner.

The generated traffic from affiliates is usually precisely targeted. The websites that attract potential clients filter away people who are not interested in the gambling activity. As a result, users who use backlinks and forward to online casinos at least register and usually make the first deposit.

Casino Market has an extensive database of the most efficient affiliate partners and does not stop to replenish it with new market representatives. Order our advertising assistance and receive access to the best partners with the focus on your operational region.

Functional Models of Affiliates

The referral link is the main tool for affiliates. As soon as it is traceable, it is possible to receive remuneration for it. The links can be integrated into keywords and phrases, banners, and videos. Together with the commercial offer, operational conditions, and agreed rules, these aspects make up the affiliate program.

Operators usually distinguish two functional models for affiliates:

  • Internal. The online casino utilises its brand and advertising articles, banners, and promo videos to attract players to the platform.
  • External. An operator concludes affiliate agreements with other portals and supplies them with the necessary instruments for creating ads to the casino website.

Small and beginning gambling portals have no experience and hardly any resources for internal models. Most of the time, they resort to external possibilities. Casino Market understands it and offers efficient affiliate assistance with a wide selection of partners for different working regions around the world.

Remuneration Packages for Affiliates

Remuneration packages for affiliates

The main goal of the affiliate is to receive compensation for all players who conduct a certain action on the designated website. For online casinos, it is usually a registration or the first deposit. At the same time, other remuneration possibilities can provide an affiliate with a shared part of the income from players’ losses.

Casino Market specialists introduce the three most popular remuneration packages used for affiliates:

Cost per acquisition

This compensation method ensures payment to an affiliate for each player that registered or brought in his first deposit. It is a single-time remuneration that has an installed rate as per agreement of the casino owner and a partner

Revenue share

Unlike the previous method, revenue share considers the volume of funds lost by players. According to the agreement between an affiliate and a website owner, the sides usually come up for a rate of around 40-60%.

It is a long-term payment option that tracks players’ activity for as long as they remain on the website


This method is a mixture of two previous ones. It can consider both, the registration (deposit) of a brought player as well as a part of the income received from that person

The choice of remuneration package depends mainly on operators’ traffic. If the number of registrations/first deposits is high but the players’ activity is low, a quantity method is more beneficial (CPA). At the same time, the quality method (revenue share) may bring fewer players but they will remain on the website longer.

Casino Market receives a lot of requests connected with the affiliate system. Our experts configure efficient partner programs and help the clients choose the right methods for the profitability of their establishment. Order our convenient advertising solutions to ensure stable traffic to your online casinos.

Advantages of Affiliate Programs

While it is worth promoting an online casino via as many advertising means as possible, affiliate marketing has a few undeniable benefits in comparison to other types.

Casino Market experts gladly present to you a list of the biggest advantages of working with us and our affiliates:

  1. A wide range of offers. Dozens and even hundreds of casino affiliate programs are waiting for operators in a single interface. There is no need to register in every affiliate program and communicate with a new manager.
  2. Support manager. An experienced marketer can recommend a casino that works best in a particular region. They provide in-depth statistics on all connected offers. Operators can compare their profitability in separate periods. Also, the manager will support in controversial situations with the advertiser (for example, if the quality of traffic is low).
  3. Basic conditions. If an operator purchases traffic, the frequency of payouts and the deposit rate are extremely important. They directly influence casino turnover. For beginners, aggregators can provide more loyal conditions.
  4. Individual conditions. Apart from general conditions, operators can also agree on personal terms. This applies to both the frequency of payments and the hold. Depending on your project goals, you can communicate with an affiliate to match the expectations.
  5. Guarantee of reliability. Some casino affiliate programs have been operating on the market for years with a few holding leading positions for more than a decade. It means that the chances they will close and not complete the agreement are minimal.

The experts at Casino Market have established lucrative affiliate networks for online gambling establishments from all over the world. The newest digital technologies facilitate the efficiency of such promotion. So, order the finest affiliate assistance from Casino Market — a leading aggregator and a services provider in several regions.

The Main Things about Efficient Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing for online casinos

The popularisation of an online casino is a complex task that requires wise preparation. Affiliate marketing has firmly become an indispensable part of it. The effectiveness of this method is backed up by simplicity in use and configuration. Casino Market promotional department offers a wide range of advertising offers.

We assure that working towards increasing player acquisition levels is impossible without a proficient affiliate program since it:

  • generates highly-targeted traffic of people who are interested in online gambling activities;
  • has two functional models (internal and external) that are interrelated and benefit the online casino in different ways;
  • bears three common compensation packages, such as cost per acquisition, revenue share, and hybrid;
  • includes a wide range of offers, provides a personal support manager, ensures custom conditions, and guarantees reliability.

The cooperation with such professionals as Casino Market is an amazing opportunity to bring your gambling website to the next level with an increased flow of quality traffic. Order our first-rated advertising solutions that include a personal elaboration of an efficient advertising campaign.

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