BetTech Ecosystem 2022: European versus South American Regions

04 july 2022
Author: James Burton
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Spotlight Sports Group released a review of the betting sphere in the Bettech Ecosystem 2022. The company focused on regulated sector rates in Europe and Latin America.

BetTech Ecosystem: Europe and South America

The Casino Market team presents the main research insights.

New Measurements in the EU

SSG pointed to the tightening of the regulatory framework in Europe. The agency focused on restricting and prohibiting the promotion of virtual products in Italy and Spain. The Netherlands has also introduced deposit limitations and obligation rules.

According to the EGBA, earnings from online gambling across the continent will increase by 10% to 36.4 billion euros by the end of 2022.

The report clarifies that with the development of the sector in Western Europe, and in other parts of the region, the industry has also been actively evolving.

Raising Continent

SSG pointed out that Latin American markets are drawing more attention from global gambling businesses when considering other regions of the world. For instance, Brazil's betting sphere is anticipated to be greater than that of the US if online sports wagering is legalised nationwide.

The document also highlighted existing obstacles to opportunities on the continent. According to the organisation, not all gaming enterprises are fit for Latin American nations. The necessary familiarity with local officials necessitates assembling the best team and locating the most suitable partners.

Best Countries in Latin America

The agency ranked the markets with the greatest potential:

The latter 2 are already set while the first 4 are either being considered or are currently having their rules adjusted.

Sports betting is becoming more popular in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It has also been authorised in 14 other provinces.

According to SSG, the 5 biggest nations account for almost 450 million of the region's population. The authority, however, emphasises that all of them had long-existing, uncontrolled markets with established operators that still have strong local brand recognition.

Further Considerations

Among the growing trends, the research agency notes mergers and acquisitions are key to businesses' drive to expand their menu of services.

The company clarifies that the focus for brands should be retention because it requires a lot of effort to position among competitors. This is needed to compensate for the efforts that emphasise customer loyalty more when a bigger number of users enter different markets.

Final Rate

Betting business: operational sectors

The paper provided information about the main operational sectors of the betting industry:

  • platform suppliers;
  • trading;
  • content;
  • e-commerce;
  • data;
  • internet gambling.

Based on SSG statistics for 2022, the number of providers increased by 75% compared with last year's statistics.

The number of iGaming suppliers increased by 56%, and the other directions were enhanced by:

  • 27% — platform providers;
  • 32% — e-commerce;
  • 13% — trading, etc.

Expert Input

SSG’s spokesman Alan Davis notes that their team saw a demand for last year’s analysis, which was the impetus for the latest reports.

He says that version 2022 is larger and more detailed because it contains extended visual effects and has sphere commentary. The representative adds that the gambling segment does not experience a lack of innovation now.

Mr Davis observes that visualisation is developing. According to him, this is a chance to evaluate industry leaders in both regions.

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