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Efficient Online Casino Design from Casino Market — Vital Aspects to Keep in Mind

Updated 27 january 2021
Online casino, Management
Author: James Burton
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The visual aspect of the website is responsible for the first impression and subsequent perception. When the design of an online casino is not adequately refined, players will not access it regularly even though they know about the availability of content. It underlines the importance of in-depth elaboration of visuals as well as the architecture of the site.

Online casino design: in-depth elaboration

The experts at Casino Market have successfully refined hundreds of sites and created unique designs for their owners. We are inspired by the modern trends and preferences of the target audience. So, to avoid the most common mistakes in casino design, order our best solutions that also include the elaboration of website architecture.

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The Image of the Online Casino

The project design should always seem to operators as a number one task in the development of internet gambling business. Some unacceptable stylish mistakes can discourage punters before they even access the first slot.

Here we present the preparation plan to ensure the online casino works smoothly.

Colour Scheme

An operator’s main task is to make website visitors excited as soon as they see the landing page. The perfect approach will be to adhere to straightforward shading with a blend of 3 or 4 tones and resort to those colours everywhere. While splendid tones are incredible, operators should not overwhelm visitors with obnoxious and acidic hues.

The visual aspect of the casino should be attractive, but another essential thing is not to run to extremes. The visitors of land-based gambling facilities might like blazing lights. However, such staggering brightness is annoying when it comes from a desktop or a smartphone or telephone screen.


Essential information on the website should be noticeable. There are three spots on the interface to make essential details particularly distinctive:

  • top bar;
  • central area;
  • right sidebar.

The big text size and a contrasting tone will ensure the relevant information is perceived by players timely. This is particularly essential on the stage of registration and depositing.

Games Search

The process of finding the right game usually involves looking through the list of titles with thumbnail icons to inform about the content. The problem here is that the game provider can enclose only one size of the picture while the website will require another. The result is a distorted image without the possibility to comprehend separate objects.

Operators should double-check the thumbnail size before posting it. It allows punters to pick the desired game quicker and avoid a long searching process.


The owners of online casinos should avoid any boisterous and blasting sounds. Undesirable audio accompaniment is going to provoke site visitors that will find it much easier just to quit rather than try to discover the source of the noise.

There is enough audio in slots and other gambling activities. So, players would rather appreciate them as opposed to unrecognisable effects in the menu or landing page.

Brand Emblem

The company’s distinctive sign is a fundamental piece of your image. The logo must convey what you need the punters to feel. Even inscribing your brand name with an italic font instead of a simple text will make your players sense a special attitude. Proceed with experiments that focus on your target audience and region. As a result, you will receive an appealing logo that attracts punters at the first sight.

Regardless of what style the operator opts for, modern trends require the emblem to be as minimalistic as possible. The logo should attempt to speak volumes and not make people struggle with interpreting a confounding image. Working with professional designers is an excellent idea. Experienced artists will always advise beginning operators on how to increase brand awareness.

Site Navigation

Navigation of the gambling website

Try to make your punters get what they are looking for as quickly as possible. Players visit your gambling project to spend high-quality pastime. They do not want to wander around a labyrinth, looking for a deposit button.

All key submenus of your online casino should be displayed in the most noticeable areas of the site. Usually, they are neatly organised on a bar at the highest point of the screen. The best user experience is achieved when players spend only two-three clicks to start their favourite gambling activity.

Casino visitors will find it advantageous to look through games delivered by certain manufacturers. Some punters may prefer the titles by specific developers due to favourable game design. The best way to help visitors filter the desired option is to create convenient submenus.

Apart from that, localisation is another key to a successful casino operation. The site ought to be accessible in the language of the targeted region. The relevance of the style should also correspond to the operational area.

Registration and First Steps

Players should experience no problems with the signup process. The first casino impression is always shaped from on the stage of registration. People should immediately notice the way to proceed to signup page with a subsequent explanation of particular benefits.

Main notions:

Structure of registration blanks

It must be clear and brief. The more time the player spends on filling out different forms, the less desire and motivation is left for deposit.

It is also helpful for people to see how many steps they still have to go through

Process prompts

Users find it convenient when the system hints them about the type of information to be filled in blanks. After each finished field, a player should be automatically sent to the next one, speeding up the registration process.

The lack of structural hierarchy and inability to figure out the correct sequence distract visitors and discourage them from playing

Relevant information

Registration fields must ask about the most essential data that is needed for verification of identity and additional safety aspects.

Players do not like when an unknown site inquires too much about their personal details

Mobile Support

The iGaming industry has been conquering portable devices year after year. It means that casino operators should take care of not only desktop versions of their sites. Mobile support is essential for a lot of players, so ensuring your browser-based version of the gambling portal is stable benefits your reputation a lot.

Applications are another way out of this situation. They are convenient when it comes to the gameplay and have a flexible configuration for a particular audience. In total, a self-respected online gambling operator must support three different versions of the online casino project:

  1. Desktop browser.
  2. Mobile browser.
  3. Application.

It will let users choose the best playing method or adjust according to the situation when they have time to access your gambling establishment.

The Main Things about Setting Up Efficient Casino Design

Casino design: setting up

The main advantage of the internet casino business is the possibility to develop a lucrative gambling environment even for beginning operators. It is all possible thanks to such professional guide companies as Casino Market. Our experts provide in-depth assistance for all separate stages of development as well as offer convenient turnkey casino solutions.

In order for the design of the gambling site to be well-structured and convenient, it is essential to keep in mind:

  • the pleasant nature of the general colour scheme as well as the usage of calm vibes for the design of the casino;
  • an average size of text, avoiding unnecessarily big inscriptions and small (hidden) information;
  • the importance of thumbnails for players during their search of particular titles;
  • the sound accompaniment in games and its absence (or unobtrusiveness) in the menu;
  • the minimalism of the brand logo and its significance for the gambling website;
  • portal navigation and its simplicity as an integral part of casino design, based on convenience;
  • the straightforward registration process with automated assistance in the signup form;
  • the support of the mobile platform, both in-browser and app-based versions of the online casino.

The professional design of the gambling platform is vital for the operator and his clients. Casino Market understands the importance of the website structure and offers its best services. Order our turnkey business solution for all-inclusive assistance from world’s renowned guide company.

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Reach our experts for additional information:

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