Features of a Good Online Casino: How to Launch Profitable Gambling Projects

15 june 2021
Online casino
Author: James Burton
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The COVID-19 epidemic has significantly affected all areas of the entertainment industry. While the land-based sector suffered heavy losses, the online market instantly adapted to the situation and actively increased traffic volumes. At the beginning of 2021 alone, the income of virtual playgrounds grew by 7%.

Now is the most convenient time to start your gambling project.

Online casino: profitable gambling project

In the Casino Market studio, you can buy a new generation of online casinos and enter the international market in the shortest possible time. We guarantee comprehensive support and a wide range of services for business customisation.

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Game Project Launch: Step-by-Step Strategy from Casino Market

Starting an online casino on your own is a long process that requires specific skills and experience in the industry.

An entrepreneur needs a detailed business plan that includes the following items:

  • analysis of the global market and competitors' offers;
  • determination of the target audience and a detailed study of user requests;
  • preparation and structuring of the financial assets of the enterprise;
  • purchase of a gambling licence;
  • search for suppliers and conclusion of contracts for the purchase, integration of game content;
  • website and mobile application development;
  • integration into the platform of high-quality payment instruments;
  • development and implementation of a marketing strategy, including affiliate networks, bonuses, loyalty programs and other services to attract/retain traffic.

Alternative Ways to Enter the Market

Independent development of an online casino will take from six months to several years. Moreover, the operator will face a lot of operating expenses — from searching for experienced developers to hiring/training full-time project administrators.

The Casino Market team offers practical and effective solutions for organising a gaming business:

Options for launching a slot machine site from Casino Market

Turnkey online casino

There is a large selection of adaptive platforms with excellent functionality. You just need to choose one of the site design options and voice your preferences for filling the project. All other organisational and technical issues will be solved by our employees

White Label business

You get access to the gaming platform in its entirety: games, payment modules, security systems, bonus programs, etc.

All you need to launch is to design the project and prepare a marketing strategy

Free website builder

Create your turnkey casino business in just a couple of hours without involving a staff of developers and completely free of charge.

A unique configurator program allows you to assemble a project like a puzzle. You just need to add the necessary online casino software solutions to the selected template and save the settings

Signs of a Quality Gaming System

Turnkey online casino: signs of a quality gaming system

When ordering a turnkey online casino, you need to carefully approach the choice of an intermediary and be sure to pay attention to the following project components:

Gaming Licence

A licenсe is the main document confirming the legitimacy of a gambling project and its operation within the legal framework.

The presence of a gambling certificate gives the operator the following benefits:

  • legal support in case of disputes with clients;
  • low tax burden and benefits;
  • a simplified scheme for obtaining a residence permit in the selected offshore;
  • the opportunity to work in the international market;
  • improving brand reputation.

List of leading gambling offshores in 2021:

  1. Malta. One of the largest certification bodies for gaming projects, which automatically gives online casinos international status. The jurisdiction has a unique tax refund system with reimbursement to businesses of about 6/7 of the volume of annual fees paid.
  2. Curacao. More than 450 branch enterprises are registered in the country. Offshore attracts gambling operators by the speed of issuing permits (up to 1 month) and the absence of tax fees.
  3. Kahnawake. The jurisdiction has been licensing game projects for 11 years. The regulator takes the principles of responsible gaming very seriously, strictly monitors the activities of operators and immediately responds to any violations. The authorised body can either suspend the operation of the institution for the duration of the proceedings, or completely revoke the licence with the operator blacklisted. In return, operators are guaranteed untimely tax holidays (offshore, a zero rate is set on all gross profits from games).
  4. The Isle of Man. The offshore has an impeccable reputation and is included in the OECD white list. The jurisdiction was the first in the world to create a regulatory framework to control the gambling industry and began issuing permits back in 2001. Having decided to buy an online casino with an Isle of Man licence, the operator is exempt from corporate tax and pays only 0.1–1.5% of the gross business income.
  5. Panama. The offshore issues licences to operators for 7 years and allows them to work without restrictions on the types of rates. Companies registered in the jurisdiction are exempt from taxes on external revenue.

Licence information must be publicly available so that users of the site can personally verify its authenticity. As a rule, the number and validity period of the certificate are published at the bottom of the site or in a separate section.

Content Assortment

The creation of the best turnkey online business includes the integration of turnkey casino software. Moreover, the operator independently generates a list of products from the proposed range. It can be a project with the development of one specific vendor or a large-scale startup with a combined catalogue of games from several developers.

In the Casino Market studio, you can order the connection of content from:

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Payment Modules

The more financial instruments presented on the site, the wider the reach of the project audience.

The most popular payment systems in 2021:

  1. PayPal. An international financial service that provides customers not only with the ability to make payments in fiat tokens, but also options for selling/buying, storing and converting cryptocurrencies.
  2. Visa and MasterCard. The world's largest banking systems support all types of online payments, cash and contactless payments. Branded plastic cards can be issued in 178 countries of the world and used for any financial transactions, including betting and withdrawing winnings in cryptocurrency.
  3. WebMoney. The system allows you to perform any monetary transactions, while it is not considered a payment instrument, because it uses unique internal characters. The platform stands out from the competition with a unique verification system that guarantees user privacy and absolute security of transactions. Since 2019, the brand has been cooperating with the INDX crypto exchange and allows you to perform operations with digital money.
  4. Skrill. The project was originally developed to receive and process payments from online casinos and betting sites. Later, the system was customised and supplemented with new functionality. Since 2020, the platform has started supporting cryptocurrency transactions.
  5. Neteller. The platform is available in 200 countries and provides both online transactions and cashless payments from physical cards. The system is based on a special loyalty program and an affiliate network, which includes the largest international bookmakers and casinos.


According to H2 Gambling Capital forecasts, mobile traffic will exceed 50.8% of total visits by the end of 2021.

Having an adaptive version of a website or a branded mobile app is one of the key success factors for a business. Moreover, mobile products give operators a greater variety of tools for project customisation, including:

  • the ability to connect chatbots;
  • integration of unique mobile games from rating providers;
  • access to social networking applications;
  • the ability to promote mobile products through Google Play stores.

Bonuses and Loyalty Programs

When searching for a ready-made turnkey casino website for sale, you need to make sure that there is a well-thought-out and effective customer acquisition program.

The best option is to buy a gaming platform with a built-in CRM system. This is a multifunctional software module that allows you to:

  • control user activity;
  • conduct an in-depth analysis of customer preferences;
  • organise tournaments and other events;
  • form partner networks;
  • personalise the bonus program;
  • organise newsletters and notifications about promotions, etc.

The Main Things about Choosing a Quality Casino Project

There has long been an answer to the question of how to open an online casino — all you need to do is order a ready-made business on a turnkey basis.

  • A turnkey casino solution is the best alternative to starting from scratch. To enter the market, the operator just needs to choose the current template, the design and content of the platform. All other issues will be solved by Casino Market specialists.
  • A gambling licence is the key to successful and safe work. The turnkey casino service may include the legalisation of the project in the selected offshore. We cooperate with the most respected jurisdictions and offer the best options for obtaining an international status for a project.
  • A quality casino must be mobile. At the end of 2020, the volume of mobile traffic exceeded the number of desktop users for the first time. The largest industry suppliers and IT brands are aimed at supporting and developing the mobile industry.

Learn more about the features of the development of gaming startups from the specialists of Casino Market. We have a wide range of solutions for the gambling business of any format:

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