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Online Casino Marketing: Secrets and Instruments for Successful Promotion

Updated 26 august 2022
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Gaming site advertising is a multifaceted process. It affects the reputation of an operator and the overall success of a project.

The Casino Market team has prepared detailed instructions for organising a full-scale advertising program with maximum audience coverage. Find out more in our infographics.

The Goals of Internet Casino Promotion
Here are the objectives of the marketing program:
the creation of a competitive brand the increase in the recognition of a gambling operator the attraction of new users the motivation of clients to continue playing
Legal Marketing
Consider the promotion methods that do not violate the advertising standards of gambling jurisdictions:
website optimisation for search queries the promotion of online casinos in social networks context media marketing tools advertising through affiliate programs
SEO Optimisation
These steps will help you bring your website to the top positions of search results:
setting up indexation of an online casino the preparation of a sitemap and content obtaining external links to a gaming site the support and improvement of the achieved results
It is important to know: SEO optimisation is a specific marketing tool with a long-term perspective. The results of the work will be noticeable only after a few months. However, the achieved effect of the program can last for years.
Display Network (DN)
The list of the promotion program’s tasks includes the identification of the audience according to:
key queries locations age interests
Here are DN promotion tools:
Google AdWords is used to search the target audience for key queries Google Display Network is applied to capture the attention of a customer before entering a search query
Promotion in Social Networks
The goals and objectives of SMM are as follows:
quick search for the target audience the creation of a regular customer base constant live communication with the audience the increase in players’ loyalty
Customer Relationship Management Program (CRM)
This tool simplifies casino administration processes and performs the following tasks:
the systematisation of the client base according to the given filters the rationalisation and automation of relations with users the control over sales and performance of casino staff the provision of feedback to the audience and the increase in its satisfaction
Affiliate Marketing
The benefits of working with partner programs are as follows:
the payment only for a positive result the increase of brand prestige the precise control of results work with the interested audience
Loyalty Program
It is important to know: online casino bonuses and promotions allow an operator not only to promote a gaming site and increase traffic quickly. The main task of the loyalty program is to retain the audience.
Here are the most effective loyalty program tools:
welcome bonuses in-game rewards tournaments referral programs
Work with Reviews
The presence of a section with real player feedback allows entrepreneurs to:
monitor the mood and preferences of customers promptly provide a quick response from the audience constantly increase the awareness of a gaming brand receive additional traffic from search queries
An interesting fact: even the most successful and popular casinos cannot have only positive reviews. As a rule, the average percentage of loyal comments from a real audience is 75–82%.
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