Novomatic and Zitro Join Exodus from ICE 2022

30 january 2022
Author: James Burton
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A crucial decision to drop out of this year’s ICE exhibition lineup was made by the prominent provider Novomatic. In the previous editions of the event, this company has been one of the leading participants and presented their products in a stable manner.

Novomatic and Zitro join the exodus from ICE 2022

Why Did Novomatic Withdraw?

Following a multitude of fellow partner businesses pulling out of the event, mainly because of the COVID-19 new wave concerns, Novomatic also decided not to participate this year. Furthermore, there was also an announcement from the developing company Zitro Games, which is not planning on attending the exhibition either.

The companies named a variety of reasons why the executives have changed their minds when it came to attending. Among these causes, the representatives listed the severity of the global pandemic, the logistical issues, and the dates that are not quite fitting for the firms. The situation overall has led to an uneasy decision to drop out of the global forum.

Additional Challenges

Apart from everything else, there are certain obstacles when it comes to legal ramifications in Austrian and German jurisdictions. The laws in these countries are rather firm when it comes to pandemic-related restrictions.

The Novomatic statement confessed that the officials did not take such an important decision lightly, yet in the end, they had to do what seemed like the right outcome. The company concluded by expressing their hopes for representing branded products at the biggest gambling event the next year.

Will the Conference Take Place?

Even though the organisers of the event assured the attendees that it will take place as normal just a few days ago, the recent turn instilled some doubt. In light of both Novomatic and Zitro pulling out of the exhibition, the event planners are currently in a state of uncertainty.

Zitro addressed the public by saying how the business was initially excited about being a part of this global conference, but there were some deal-breakers that stopped them from attending. Naturally, one of the main reasons was the new COVID-19 variant and its fast spread. The other ones were the anticipated low number of visitors compared to previous years, as well as inconvenient dates.

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